Prova på yoga : med tre bra youtube lärare

Yoga with youtube Yes you can do it !

Everyone knows about Yoga and all obviously have an opinion about it. If you have never tried yoga, it is easy to believe that it is only fuzzy vegan types who practice it. Yoga has been in recent years has grown exponentially and the classic real Hatha yoga has competition of all possible forms of yoga that have popped up like mushrooms.

I myself really cant stand the rave disco yoga in all of the gyms out there. I think they completely missed the basic purpose of yoga as it is so much for the soul as for the body. It is about finding true inner peace and slowly even finding back to yourself and to the once playful uncritical child we all carry inside.

I practice yoga every morning to some wonderful yoga teacher through Youtube. I now felt that I wanted to share with me about their amazing personalities. So here I have gathered my three Best of teacher YY alias YouTube Yoga… ..enjoy :)


Yoga with Melissa West – Real yoga for real people

This is the first youtube yoga teacher caught me. Melissa West is from Toronto and is practicing yoga in a way that everyone can handle even the sick people. She calls her classes Real Yoga for real people ie not trained contortionists to yoga teachers doing yoga positions we beginners can only dream (or have nightmares ) about.

Melissa is doing yoga real simple and she speaks very much in her videos so beginners to can understand what they are doing. A must for all those of you who do not dare doing yoga because any physical obstacles.

Yoga with Adriene

This is absolutely the funniest Yoga teacher ever. Adriene is from Texas and is also an actor and it shows. Her way of being is uplifting and a girl full of simple joy. But she is still down to earth and friendly so one feels a direct contact with her. She says all the time that yoga should be fun not a must and that one should feel for where you are every day to make movements that suits your mood.

Do try her classes for digestion and Yoga Beat the winter blues they’re awesome :)

Yoga girl-Rachel Brathen

She calls herself Yoga girl this Swedish girl Rachel Brathén. It was just a moment ago I discovered this media sensation. Rachel is a beautiful and warm person who just can not dismiss (if one is not jealous of her) Rachel myself was born with severe scoliosis but can still make the most advanced yoga positions ever. This is feelgood yoga in gorgeous environments, and easy to absorb most of the clip. The plus is that she do yoga more than talking about it bothers anyone :) Rachel has also now married and released a book called precisely Yoga Girl.

Yoga Girl has over a million followers on Instagram and living the dream of magic Aruba with her boyfriend and their dogs as they surf with :)


Why does Maria at Inredningsvis do yoga ???

I myself practice yoga to become healthier when I have been chronically ill for many years. Is now on the mend and much because yoga affects the entire body and my mind at the same time. To all of you who have not tried yoga, I say just do it and start preferably via Youtube where you can find your favolärare easily at home.

For more advanced yoga movements I just say DO NOT self before they can do more harm than do good. Turn around when ist. to a yoga studio where a teacher in place can adjust what is being done wrong. I make himself king of all yoga exercises every morning ie I stand on my head for ten minutes against a wall :) you feel incredibly cleansed and whole body clears old toxic crap. This ancient practice must have personal guide to get to the real.

There you have it my best Yoga Tips and Yoga Youtube  even the laziest of people can manage ……believe me :)

What is your experience of Yoga do tell ???

Namaste Maria

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