Garderob inspiration och smarta tips

Wardrobe Inspiration and tips

Whether its in your halway, the kid’s room or your master bedroom, well-decorated wardrobes have a way of stealing the limelight. They are also static fixtures compared to other furniture pieces that can be changed when you get bored. Another important thing to note about wardrobes is that they increase your property’s resale value.

So, how do you go about sprucing up things in your wardrobe? Here are some useful tips:

Wardrobe Inspiration

Experiment With Wallpaper

If you find an attractive wallpaper that you love but do not want the hassle of covering your bedroom walls with it, you could hang it on your closet doors instead. Fortunately for you, modern-day wallpapers are easy to hang and can also be removed easily to make adjustments. In addition, with several stunning wallpapers on the market, you can be sure of finding ones that give your room the desired vibe.

Incorporate a Savvy Stencil

What is preventing you from giving your closet an artistic flair? Stenciled designs will come in handy. You could be as simple or detailed as you want as you can find stencils that suit your specific needs. For your kid’s room, you could go for a design with sports images or whimsical woodland creatures. For that primary bedroom, consider adding an aura of elegance with bamboo images in metallic paint.

You can easily find a wide variety of stencils in paint stores and craft stores. Before beginning, draw your doors on graph paper and plan your stencil design until you achieve a pleasing layout.

Murals Never Lie

Come to think of it, murals don’t just belong to walls. A mural could significantly transform your wardrobe doors. Customizing with murals is even easier if you can comfortably create your own designs working freehand. You might find inspiration in photographs and pictures if you aren’t as artsy. After you’ve found the perfect picture, enlarge it before printing it. You will use it to create a rough outline on your wardrobe doors before painting. Alternatively, you could just paint a simple scene or experiment with geometric shapes. After all, it doesn’t have to be so hard!

Use Dry-Erase Paint

If you have little artists in your home that are ever writing and doodling on your walls, you might want to offer them a whiteboard-like working surface. You can do this by covering the whole or a part of the wardrobe doors with dry-erase paint to turn them into functional whiteboards. However, you should ensure your kids only draw and write using dry-erase pens. Afterward, you can easily wipe away the marks using a rag or paper towel.

Add Functionality With Chalkboard Paint

Did you know you can easily convert wardrobe doors into a chalkboard with special chalkboard paint? Now you know. This idea is perfect for your younger kids’ rooms. Using chalkboard paint beats using dry-erase paint, as you can use a wide array of colors. All you need to do is paint on it and leave it to dry out before rubbing the surface with chalk. After that, erase, and your kid’s canvas will be ready. You can select to cover the whole surface of the doors or use the chalkboard only at the centers.

Create a Paneled Look

Are you looking to give those flat closet doors dimensional interest? You could use canvas frames and stretchers. Just remember that the idea is only ideal for folding doors or single-door closets. Therefore, it may not work on siding doors.

The first step is painting the door with the desired base color. Consider using glossy paint as it is easy to clean. Next, paint your canvas frames or stretchers the same color as the base. However, you can always choose to go bolder with alternating hues or contrasting colors. When all is done, attach the frames to the door with adhesive. This way, you can easily remove them. Before securing the frames, lay out the pattern on the wardrobe door using pencil marks.

Tips on Organizing Your Wardrobe

While decluttering and organizing your wardrobe is tedious, nothing beats the peace that comes with neat and perfect wardrobe space. The good news? You can always work a way around your mess. Here are some tips to help bring order to your bedroom:

  1. Start by clearing out: It is advisable to try out all your fits and establish which will stay and which ones to toss away.
  2. Continuously edit your wardrobe: every time you buy a new outfit, ensure you take an old one out. This prevents cluttering and gives you an easier time when you’re dressing.
  3. Organize your wardrobe by category and color: Doing so gives your closet a neater appearance and saves you time when you are in a hurry.
  4. Get the right equipment: Invest in some good hangers with rounded hangers. Also, use boxes to ensure organization in the drawers.
  5. Group in seasons: You can divide your items into winter and summer clothing. This way, you can pack away clothes for the other season and create more space in the wardrobe.
  6. Remember the shoes: If your shoes are packed in boxes, tape their pictures on the outside to avoid the mess of looking through several boxes. According to stylists, storing your shoes in boxes is ideal as boxes can prevent dust. Also, the cardboard lets your shoes breathe.

How to Get a Fab Walk in Closet on a Small Space

Whoever said you must have big dreamy bedrooms to create a stylish walk-in closet lies. The secret lies in being space-savvy and bringing in essential organizational systems.

Bring to life your small walk-in closet ideas with these brilliant ideas:

Utilize the Single Wall

If your room has a single free-standing wall, that is enough space for your walk-in closet. Start by positioning shoe storage and additional cupboards or shelves along the wall perimeter. Ensure the main clothing storage area stays at the center.

For Small Spaces, Use Floating Shelves

If the space is too constrained, your only chance is with floating shelves. You may have to install floating shelves and a rail. This minimizes your closet area footprint. Besides offering functionality, floating shelves improve the aesthetic appearance of your space.

Use a Mirrored Door

Walk-in closets could still have doors to hide away tour clothing. However, mirrored doors are an even better choice because mirrors enhance the appearance of small spaces.

Use a Bedroom Corner

Utilizing the bedroom corner could help you utilize the available space. All you need to do is use the two corner sides differently. For instance, one side could have open shelving and the other drawers.

How to Make a Small Closet/Wardrobe Look Bigger

Here are easy ways to make your closet appear bigger:

  • Open up the doors
  • Utilize vertical space
  • Use matching hangers
  • Neatly organize your shoes
  • Use the top shelf
  • Use matching bins or baskets

Should You Have Sliding Doors or Regular Doors on the Closet?

Each of these door types has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before settling for any of them, ensure you weigh their ups and downs. As you do so, also factor in your personal needs and preferences. For example, while sliding doors are a more contemporary solution, it is an excellent choice that works well in different room types. The biggest benefit of using sliding doors is that they do not need much space in front of them, owing to the sliding nature of the doors.








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