10 valentine's day gifts for more sex and fun

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for more sex and fun

Why not make Valentine’s Day a holiday where you pamper your partner and at the same time make you have more sex? With the right gifts, you can properly ignite the spark and make sure that the moments in the bedspread are more numerous and that the romance flows!

 Here are 10 concrete tips on gifts that you can give to your partner for Valentine’s Day. Remember that you don’t just have to give a gift. Some of the gifts are quite small and may need to be supplemented with flowers and, for example, a card and a little choklad, in order for your partner to be happy.

Massage candles with lovely scent

This is an obvious tip for anyone who wants to make the relationship a little more sexy. A massage candle is a candle that you light and that spreads a lovely scent. When the light melts,it turns into a warm and comfortable massage oil that you can use to give your partner a little extra pleasure. You’ll soon notice that this is the ultimate foreplay and it won’t be long before you’re lying naked in bed.

Sexy perfumes

The sense of smell isone of the paths that can lead into the bedspread. Give away a sexy perfume that smells intense. Your partner will feel more sexy and the desire to lie down will increase. You can of course invest in a sexy perfume for yourself too to get even better effect.

Flowers – a classic that always works

Since time immemorial, flowers have been a much appreciated gift by women as well as men. Combine this gift with any other gift this item and you will strengthen your chances of ending up in bed by several hundred percent!

Sex dice

Sex dice are a sexy gift that makes it a little more exciting in bed. You roll the dice and then get instructions on what to do with your partner. It is thus chance that decides and the very fact that you yourself are no longer in control can cause the arousal to rise.

Sex Games

Sex Games is perfect for those who want to give away a gift that increases the tension of your relationship. This gift lasts a long time and can be used regularly to spice it up a little extra. There are many different sex games on the market with everything from massage theme to BDSM.

24 karat gold

Gold always works if you want to seduce your partner with a gift. Who doesn’t like to get a piece of jewelry made of real gold? Do a romanticevent where the highlight will be when your partner opens this gift.


Champagne is a romantic and sexy drink that, if served correctly, can cause the door to the bedroom to be wide open.

Romantic glasses

However, champagne should be served in the right glass! There are many nice and romantic glasses that are made for couples who want to enjoy bubbly together. Crawl into bed with lit candles and toast in champagne together.

DIY – own love letter

Do it yourself and increase your chanlooks to! Is there anything more appreciated than a gift where you know that your partner has put your soul and time into completing it? Buy some nice paper and fold your own envelopes. Write as nicely as you can and share your feelings with your partnerin a classic love letter.

DIY – sexy surprises

For those who want to take out the turns even more, you can make small packages of surprises for your partner. For example, it may say “10 minutes of massage” on one of the patches. Then it’s up to you to hour intimate you dare to be on the patches you make.

Frequently asked questions about Valentine’s Day gifts

There are many questions about Valentine’s Day gifts and here we answer some of the most common ones.

What can be done on Valentine’s Day?

Gifts in all their glory. But what can be done to celebrate Valentine’s Day? You can travel away to a romantic hotel, you can take a long walk together or go to a restaurant? Or you just lie at home and snuggle up!

What do you say on Valentine’s Day?

To his partner should not say “congratulations”. It’s not that romantic. Instead, say what you  feel about your partner and what they mean to you. If you find it difficult to express it with words, you can always express it with a gift.

How to become more intimate?

If you want to become more intimate on Valentine’s Day, in addition to giving away a sexy gift, you can do an activity that triggers the sex drive. Research shows that sports and sports make us light up a little extra. So start the day by practicing some type of sport together.

Summary – Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you want to have more sex with your partner, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to increase your chances of doing just that. But you need to put in a lot of effort and give away loving presenter, make sure you are in a romantic environment and dare to tell your partner what they mean to you.



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