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Travel Stockholm – Lady Hamilton a historic hotel

A while ago I was on a visit to Stockholm to receive acupuncture for my bad back, I then stayed at the Lady Hamilton hotel in the old town. I who love history and a decor mix of old and new almost fainted when I saw the fantastic old apartment.

I will let these images speak their own natural décor language :)

Travel Stokholm

lady hamilton

The apartment I stayed in was amazing decorated in classic Swedish decor mixed with a modern twist. It also had a breathtaking wall painting that I never viewed in any holiday apartment before. The hotel has a prime and central location in the Old Town ….the best part of Stockholm.

This is the starting position to everything worth visiting in the capital. Cozy cafes, restaurants, sightseeing, Royal Palace and much more. The panoramic view over Stockholm on the waterfront is not to play with, or host to miss the shoot :)

hotell i stockholm

A classic Swedish royal decor at its best :)

semester lägenheter stockholm

hotell stockholm

lägenhet semester stockholm

The kitchen in the apartment has everything you would want on a vacation and then some. Modern fresh and made to cook a dinner for two. I like better apartment than hotel rooms when you then can control more of the food (and your wallet :)

after noon tea stockholm

Lady Hamilton Double Room

All hotel rooms at Lady Hamilton hotel has a Swedish Mora clock !


Miss Inredningsvis loved this place like a fish in water and I give ten thumbs up to the fabulous historic decor :)

I did not catch a glimpse of Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson’s ghosts, certainly for they were too busy with each other :)

restips stockholm

hotell hamilton stockholm

lady hamilton hotell (2)

Travel Stockholm

Lady Hamilton Hotel is truly a hotel in history. It is named after Lady Hamilton who was the mistress of the in history known Lord Nelson. I got two guided tours with some of the hotels’ management who told us a little exciting story and that they own a total of three hotels, restaurants and two bars. It is a very familiar hotel chain consisting of the three hotels Lady Hamilton, Lord Nelson and the newest luxurious Victory. The first two hotels have a strong connection to the love relation ala Romeo and Juliet between the Lady and Lord which is so romantic :)

Common to this hotel chain is also their great collections of antiquities. The wife of the founder and owner of the hotel Lady Hamilton used his private collections of antique objects that adorn the very first hotel with. When I saw the rooms and the lobby, I understood why, when it was the old odd objects all over. Even the genuine Swedish folk feeling runs like a red thread through the Lady Hamilton Hotel. Location is the best possible in the middle of the old town and also where is our Swedish history ever present.

I enjoyed every minut and I recommend everyone who wants to stay in a historic hotel with a visit to Lady Hamilton!

I hope you liked my travel Stockholm special !


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