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Time for some travel inspiration cause now I’m really freaking tired of this crappy grey weather that Sweden has in January / February :( We Swedes are masters at lying that everything is so Ok all the time. But the thing is crystal clear (where the sky is not is it) that the weather this time of year is not nice in any way.

No, I’m missing colors, sun-warmed sea, nature and birdie birds’ sweet song. Soooo now time for a beautiful travel advice and this time we travel to incredible beautiful island of Aruba ….. soooo escape boring Sweden and hang with me in Paradise :)



Getting around in Aruba:

There is a local bus from the hotels to Oranjestad several times an hour. Ticket costs around US $ 1-2 depending on the course and how far you’re going. There are several bus stops outside the Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. At night, please do not take a taxi, which costs around 11-16 USD depending on time of day.

Boat Tied to Dock

Nightlife and Bars:
There are a dozen bars in the capital, if you get tired of hanging out in one of the hotel bars. There are also eleven casinos on the island. The younger crowd who want to meet young locals hanging at the beach bar Moomba in the evenings.

Oranjestad – shopping and city life:

Oranjestad town has a centered core with a good range of small local shops and international brand stores. How cheap it is to go loose among valuables depends on how strong the crown is comparable with the dollar, for to shop primarily with US dollars. However, it is generally cheaper to buy than at home, especially American brands such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

restips dyka

Food The Aruba style:

There are great restaurants in Aruba, with cuisines from around the world. If you are on an island with pink sunsets as you enjoy your dinner by the sea. A hot tip then Pinchos Grill & Bar. The restaurant is set out on a pontoon in the water to get to via a bridge. You sit outside and eat overlooking the water. The menu consists of an international mix of both fish and meat from the grill, as well as vegetarian.

Luxury white beaches:

In Aruba, there are lots of beautiful shimmering white beaches, but the finest is undoubtedly Eagle Beach. It has among other things been voted the Caribbean’s most beautiful beach of USA Today. It is several kilometers long and has a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Just the connection is fine little Mancebo Beach, located beneath the island’s oldest resort of the same name. Palm Beach is as beautiful as Eagle Beach, but with more life and movement. Here ongoing water activities and there are several restaurants and hotels nearby.

Travel advice wedding:

A dream honeymoon it will be guaranteed on Aruba that has everything a wistful brides dream about. White beaches kisses magically beautiful sunset ala the movies and food of the highest quality.

Romantic question: Ving is organizing good all incl. trips for all those who go thinking about getting married and want to do it in the paradise of Aruba.

resor inspiration

I was influenced to write this particular question of Swedish yoga girl who moved from Sweden to Aruba and I can happily move with her (right now anyway :)

Aruba is called One Happy Island and it is hardly Dett questions for anyone who witnessed the environment. Epicurean The mecca is this and Aruba is located north of Venezuela. The beaches have sand composed of fine coral holding a cool temperature, regardless of how much sun is. The water is beyond perfect turquoise and the weak breeze by the sea makes it always feels comfortable in the air, even though the sun is hot as 30 degrees.

It is also neat and clean everywhere and you can empty. drink the tap water. Aruba is a relatively small island with a multicultural charm. Aruba has a Dutch heritage, but also the Spanish influences are strong. The island has its own language “Papiamento”, which is a mixture of seven languages, including German and Spanish. You can go to Aruba year and why not say yes to your sweetheart at sunset with the sparkling turquoise sea as the perfect backdrop :)

I have love-hate relationship to Sweden as much as I love our country in the summer I hate the winter. Then it’s lucky that charters are available so you get a temporary break in the gray and actually remember how the sun LOOK :)

Hope you gone running in this years first exotic travel tips.


Travel on hotties :)


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