Top 8 home decor styles: a guide

Top 8 Home Decor Styles: A Guide

Today we’ve collected a list of the top 8 most popular home decor styles and presented them to you as a mini decor guide. Enjoy!

Top 8 Decor Styles

lantlig inredning

1. Country cottage

Country style, or cottage home decor, is characterized by rustic themes, white painted wood, and one or two accent colours in fabrics and accessories. Floral and check patterns are always popular in country cottage home decor. Natural materials, such as cotton, wrought iron, wood, and pottery are often found in this style.


scandinavian decor

2. Scandinavian

Minimalistic, clean, simple, clutter-free. Classic white interiors, a little black, and perhaps one accent colour are all hallmarks of the Scandinavian home decor style.


modern inredning

3. Contemporary

Bold, contrasting colours, and modern, hip designers are always found in contemporary home decor. Furniture and other decor details tend to be more fun than functional – image is everything in the contemporary home. Large posters and abstract shapes complete the look.


retro inredning

4. Retro

Old becomes new. Nothing is as hot as retro decor right now. To get the authentic retro look, reuse and recycle older materials.



5. Maritime / nautical

Blue highlights on a clean, white background are what maritime home decor is all about. Decor details reminiscent of the ocean, such as ropes, ships wheels, and anchors add to the nautical effect. Think fresh ocean air.


organisk inredning

6. Modern organic

In the modern, organic decor style, natural materials are what matter most. Wood and stone are key building blocks, with straw, plants, and other natural details as highlights. Organic curves occuring in nature are favoured, instead of sharp angles and manmade shapes.


hollywood glam decor

7. Hollywood glam

An overdose of colour and luxury, with a mix of other decor styles is common in Hollywood glam decor. It can feel very authentic with the right designer. But in some cases, the effect can be too contrived. Every detail oozes wealth in Holywood glam decor – nevermind that all the credit cards have been maxed out :)


art nouveau

8. Art nouveau

The early 20th Century’s answer to modern glam decor. Luxury, class, quality and elegance are important here, and preferably with some valuable real antiques and decor items from exotic lands.

Which is your favourite decor style?
Are there some popular decor styles that we left out?
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  1. What a beautiful selection of decor! I think I am so in love with the Hollywood Glam look! So over the top and I love it!


  2. Hi Maria,
    Love your Swedish Design blog. Great layout and posts. I will be back.
    I especially liked that I didn’t have to ask my Swedish husband to come read it for me because I was able to click onto the English version. I found you because of your “check out my blog…” note on RUE. Now you have to check out my American Design Blog too…Lol:-)

  3. Contemporary, nautical and modern are definitely my choices!:) Happy weekend! xo

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