15 tips att renovera kök med liten budget

Tips to renovate a kitchen on a budget

We all know how expensive it can be to completely remodel your kitchen if you don’t want to
spend a lot of money. It can be difficult since the price of cabinets, and other materials will easily
add up to a large sum.

However, there are several ways of doing the perfect kitchen remodel without spending a lot of
money. All it takes is a little bit of creativity, and some effort combined with DIY and love.

Here are our best 15 tips to renovate a kitchen on a budget!

Renovate a kitchen

1. Paint your kitchen cabinets

Are you tired of how your kitchen cabinets look or you simply do not want them in your new
decor? Then the perfect solution is to repaint your kitchen cabinets! It does not cost a lot of
money but it requires some work. All you need to do is sand down the color, or remove it with
paint remover and pick your new color for your kitchen cabinets.
Remember to always test the color first to see if it works with the new decor you are planning.
You also want to make sure that you buy quality paint that will last a long time. Avoid cheap
paint because it can easily start scrapping off in a matter of a few years.

2. Buy used kitchen cabinets

If you are still keen on changing your kitchen cabinets but do not want the hassle of having to
repaint them, there is a solution! This will not only save you a lot of money. One of the best ways
to get affordable kitchen cabinets is to look for used ones. You can easily pay one-third of the
price of new kitchen cabinets by buying them used.
Look for ads on Blocket, you will find that sometimes there are people renovating a vacation
home kitchen that did not get a lot of use. These kitchen cabinets are perfect because they are
nearly new, and do not cost nearly half as much as new ones.

Another creative idea is to go to kitchen stores and ask for display kitchen cabinets. Usually,
stores that sell kitchens will have display models on the store, where customers can come in
and see how it looks. The good thing is that stores often sell these display cabinets for a lower
price than a new one. This is another creative way of saving money in your kitchen cabinets.
Just remember to always measure your kitchen carefully and the cabinets you want to
buy. Make sure everything will fit!

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3. Wooden wall

A simple way of creating a new style for your kitchen is to add some wood. This is also another
fun DIY project that requires more time and effort than actual money. You can buy some wooden
slabs, and put them across your kitchen. Creating a wooden wall is a simple way of giving a
kitchen a cozy feel and look.

4. Vertical garden for spices

Are you a big fan of herbs, and greens? Why not create your own vertical garden within your
kitchen with all of those herbs you love! This is a useful, and environment-friendly way of
changing and improving the decor of your kitchen. It is also a very cheap solution, and you will
not have to spend a lot of money.
You will also save a lot of money because you do not need to buy those herbs in the

5. Don’t change the layout of your kitchen

If you want to renovate your kitchen on a budget you should steer clear of changing the layout
of the kitchen. This is where most problems can arise. Changing the layout of the kitchen
requires a lot of work, and it is not a simple DIY project. If anything goes wrong, you might have
to call a contractor and it will make your kitchen renovation cost.

6. Wallpaper on parts of your kitchen walls

Using wallpaper in your kitchen can be another simple way of creating contrast and bringing
attention to one wall. It is also easy to apply, and extremely cheap. A simple way of changing
how your kitchen walls look without breaking the bank.

7. Get creative with kitchen cabinet handles

There are simple touches that you can make when renovating a kitchen that can make a big
difference and one of them is changing or renovating your cabinet handles! You can either buy
some funky or new cabinet handles that match your new colored cabinets or even repaint the
old ones. This is another simple way of creating a new look for your kitchen cabinets that do not
cost a lot of money, and there is not a lot of work involved.

8. Wooden table

Why not renovate your kitchen table, with a completely new wooden table. One of the ways of
doing this is by building it yourself as a fun DIY project. This may not be for everyone because
building a wooden table is not such an easy project. If you are not able to build it yourself, you
can always look at antique fairs, or even some antique shops that sell vintage wooden tables.
You can always take the table and repaint it in a color that matches your new kitchen decor.

9. Reuse instead of replacing

When renovating a kitchen on a budget you should try to reuse what you already have instead
of replacing it. Just think about it, replacing means you need to buy new things. Sometimes all
you need is a can of paint, and it completely changes the looks.

10. DIY lamps

If you are planning on changing the lighting in your kitchen renovation, then why not experiment
with some DIY lamps?! This is a great and fun way to create the lamps you really want in your
kitchen. Lamps are easy to build, and you can even create them yourself or buy a prepared DIY
lamp set that brings everything you need.
A simple and effective way to change the lighting in your kitchen without having to spend a lot of
money buying new lamps.

11. Add some greens

You would be impressed with the difference a few plants in a room can make. It is one of the
most simple and effective ways to change the decor of any room, especially the living room and
the kitchen. Just make sure you place your plants in a sunny part of the kitchen, and that you
buy plants that do not require a lot of care.

12. Install racks and hangers

Racks and hangers are more of a functional improvement than visual, but they can also help
remodel the way your kitchen looks. Consider installing ceiling racks for your kitchen
accessories like pots or even glasses. These are cheap and can make a big difference in how
the kitchen looks.
Another idea is to put some hangers on top of the stove and place some pots there. It gives
your kitchen a cozy and inviting feel.

13. Put up some art

If you want to improve the walls during your kitchen renovation, one of the ways to do it is to put
up some art. Why not use some paintings, or even better some vintage food ads. You can also
mess around with some posters, and this is a super cheap way of changing how your kitchen
walls look.
Perhaps you want to put up a chalkboard so you can have your shopping list, or divide all the
chores up.

14. Repaint the walls

If you really want to change how your kitchen walls look the best way to do it is to repaint them.
Just carefully pick the color to make sure it matches your kitchen cabinets and appliances. You
always want to ask for some wall paint samples and test them in a small area to make sure you
like the looks when the paint dries.

15. Reorganize your pantry

Our final tip to renovate your kitchen on a budget is by reorganizing your pantry, with some
hangers, and shelves. You can always include some containers and dispensers in your kitchen
for those foods you use all the time. Not only will it improve your kitchen decor but also the
organization of your kitchen.


As we have seen there are tons of ways of renovating your kitchen without having to spend a lot
of money. You have to remember that some of these tips require you to put in some TLC (Time
love and care).

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