The World’s Worst Airline Companies

It has been a long-held belief that air travel is the safest mode of transportation. This is especially true when you consider the number of passengers against the number of total personal injuries and fatalities. Compared to car travel and other modes on the ground, you are less likely to suffer by traveling via plane. Despite how much media coverage is devoted to plane crashes when they happen.

There are always exceptions to the rule. This article might not be for you if you already fear flying, also known as aerophobia or aviophobia. However, if you want a bit of honesty and want to know the airlines you should try and avoid if they are options, read on. Here is the worlds worst airlines where you are more sure to end up dead then on a vacation!

SCAT Airlines

SCAT Airlines may sound a little disgusting, but that’s not the only problem with the Kazakhstan-based airline. It means Special Cargo Air Transport, but the issue is that the name is not the only thing that is wrong with this airline. Since it started providing domestic flights in 1997, one of its planes suffered a fatal crash that might not sound particularly startling.

It gets better, though, depending on how you see things. The EC (European Commission) blacklisted the airline. This was because there was a general lack of confidence in the regulatory processes of the airline. This has also affected other airlines in the country. So, if you plan on flying to Kazakhstan or find yourself there and want to make a less risky choice, Air Astana is safer.

Tara Air

Based in Nepal, Tara Air has a very low profile on the international stage. While there has only been one fatal crash involving a domestic flight, the main issue with this airline is how long it has been in operation. Any airline that has only been flying for not much more than six years is one that you need to consider carefully.

Although, in general, this airline is easy enough to avoid. It\ss flights only operate in the most rural locations of Nepal. If you want to experience the Himalayas and do not want to take the by-land journey from Kathmandu, you may find yourself flying by Tara Air.

Kam Air

The good news about Kam Air is that it is not open to the general public. The airline that operates in Afghanistan has only been in business for around a decade. It has had several fatal accidents that have resulted in the death of well over 100 passengers.

Nepal Airlines

Nepal is a dangerous place to go to and from, given that the Himalayas and Mount Everest are based there. There are some planes that luck is just not on the side of. Unfortunately, when it comes to airlines that operate in that region of the world, the harsh reality is that Nepal Airlines is one of the most unsafe in the world.

Considering that its flight schedule is relatively modest compared to other airlines, there have been around a dozen fatal air accidents in the last three decades since it first opened for business., an impartial site, has given Nepal Airlines 1 out of 7 possible stars.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this airline’s inclusion in this list is that it doesn’t fly to or from Lukla. This Himalayan airport is considered by many to be the most dangerous in the world and is a crucial stop if you are heading to Everest Base Camp.

Lion Air

Lion Air might sound like a brave and majestic airline, but trust us, it’s not. When you think that Indonesia has already suffered a lot of backlash because of AirAsia and the infamous and horrific QZ8501 crash in 2014, it is not the most dangerous airline from that country. This is saying a lot as AirAsia has appalling safety ratings that make it impossible to fly to and from the European Union or the United States. This ban has been extended to other Indonesian domestic carriers like Srivijaya Air, KALstar Aviation, and Garuda Indonesia.

Lion Air trumps a bad lot because of the number of hull losses it has suffered during the relatively short time it’s been in operation. Only one of these ever really made the headlines. How do they get passengers despite all the risks? They have some of the lowest fares possible, which makes them dangerous enough because you might find it hard to resist flying with them.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article does not put you off flying for good. It helps you understand the risks you might take if your travel plans involve any of the above airlines. Air travel, when you choose carefully, can be financially the best choice, safe and convenient. Just take care when taking to the skies.


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