Världens bästa stränder för sex och romantik

The best beaches for sex and romance

Is there anything more romantic than lying close to each other on a remote beach, listening to the waves and just enjoying each other’s company? Maybe take a walk through a romantic forest, come back for some cocktails and then watch the sunset together. Here we list some of the best beaches in the world, when it comes to chances for intimacy, in seclusion and under the open sky.

Romantic cities in all their glory, but nothing beats a romantic beach where you can be with each other without anyone watching. There are many romantic beaches in the world, but many of these are densely populated and do not offer any chance for alone time. Therefore, here we list three beaches where you can easily slip away and, kiss, caress and even have sex!

A private beach in the Maldives

The Maldives offers not just one beach, but a huge number of beaches, spread over 1200 islands. Here are some of the most romantic concepts that you can find in the world. You can live in a bungalow and have your very own beach. Enjoy all inclusive where you can be served drinks on a conveyor belt and just relax together.

It is quite expensive to travel to the Maldives and if you want your own beach with your own bungalow, it costs even more. But it’s worth every penny! You will have memories for a lifetime. For those of you who want to make love on the beach, there are good chances for this, as you can get a private beach and where no other people are in sight. But of course someone can come walking along the beach. Maybe this tension can spice up the evening a little extra?

The Baths – Virgin Gorda

In the Virgin Islands of the West Indies we find this immeasurably romantic beach, located on the southern part of the island of Virgin Gorda. Many couples come here to celebrate their honeymoon. The island is famous for its many volcanic rocks, which conveniently offer discreet and private places for couples who want to take the romance to its peak.

The landscape and the shapes of the sea make the sunsets here magical. Here you can sit and hold each other and talk about life, the future and what dreams you have together. It is the perfect setting for those of you who want to end the evening by making love on the beach. No one will be watching, except the moon and the stars.

Reduit Beach – Saint Lucia

On the island of Saint Lucia there is one of the world’s most romantic beaches, namely Reduit Beach. The beach stretches far along the coast and consists of magical white sand and wonderfully clean and clear water in the sea. Here there are many relaxing bars that are located along the beach and that do not offer any crazy party life, but romance, quiet music and beautiful views.

Here you can sit and sip a cocktail and talk about everything! Behind the beach there are paths and forests, if you want to take a walk and experience more of nature. Then you can come back to the beach and relax. This whole place completely breathes romance and here you can spend days without the slightest hint of homesickness.
Frequently asked questions about romantic beaches
There are many of us who want to get away from cold and gloomy Sweden and experience magical beaches, with romantic, good food, beautiful views and maybe even sex under the open sky! There are many questions on this topic and here we answer some of the most common.

Can you have sex on a beach?

Not everywhere! The law looks very different from country to country. In fact, in some countries you can even go to jail if you are caught making love on the beach. Check what applies in the country you are visiting and make sure to be discreet!
Where are the world’s most romantic beaches?

The Caribbean and the West Indies are full of romantic paradise beaches where there is a good chance of finding beaches that are secluded, which is a prerequisite for it to be truly romantic.

How to find romantic beaches?

Romantic beaches are intensively marketed by many travel companies. But keep in mind that these beaches are often crowded, which can take away the feeling of seclusion. Therefore, look for romantic areas and try to find smaller hotels, alternatively bungalows.

Summary – beaches for romance and sex

Who doesn’t want to get away to a romantic beach where you can lie in privacy and cuddle with the one you like? There are many romantic beaches in the world, but not as many that offer exactly seclusion. In this article we have listed three examples of some of the most romantic beaches in the world and where all beaches have one thing in common – they are set up for intimacy, romance and if you are lucky, even sex!

Remember that sex in public, as exciting and romantic as it may be, is often not legal and can lead to fines or, at worst, jail time. The absolute safest way is to book a bungalow on the beach and cozy up there, or you can of course have some foreplay on the beach and then move to the hotel room.

Good luck with your adventure and let romance

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