75 bästa dekortips ni behöver veta

The 75 Best Decor tips you need to know

While some of us are natural-born interior designers, not all of us have the same insights. It can be difficult when trying to decorate a new place to know exactly what to do with each room.

Whether you are designing your house from scratch or just doing a renovation of one of your rooms, these tips will help you along the way.

1.   Start with the right front door

The door to your house is a statement, not only for you but for everyone that comes in. We have seen over the years, the front door getting more and more attention. Today there are plenty of designs that are both traditional and inviting, as well as some more exotic options.

It has also become common for people to renovate vintage doors, and use them because they carry so much style. Choose your front door carefully, and make sure it reflects exactly who you are.

2.   Avoid trends

This is a controversial topic, but it is important to avoid trends. Not only is it costly to keep up with every single trend, but it is also a hassle. Imagine having to move furniture around, and repaint walls every time you want to redecorate a room or your entire house.

Instead of adopting trends entirely, pick a room in your house and make it trendy. It will far easier to redecorate just one trend, and you do not run the risk of buying things that will go out of style.

3.   You need a focal point in every room

Every room in your house has a focus point, and it is important to choose it wisely. For example, in the living room, most of the focus is surrounding the sofas and coffee table. When picking your coffee table and sofa you need to be careful and choose wisely. The same applies to other rooms, like the bed in the bedroom, and the bath in the bathroom.

4.   Get more natural light

Getting natural light is absolutely important not only from a design perspective but also for our health. It is extremely important to get the right natural light in every room, and this sometimes means we need to get creative.

Perhaps replace your door with a window sliding door, or create a small window in a certain part of the house. Remember that natural light enhances whatever interior design style you have, and you want to avoid having a dark house.

5.   Show your collectibles

If you collect something why not display it? Yes, that is the right approach. Instead of stuffing your collections in boxes, or in rooms that nobody ever visits, place them on your walls, or on bookshelves.

6.   Choose the right floor

Choosing the right floor for every room is another important step you need to follow when designing interiors. Whether it is the laundry room or the living room you need to pay attention to your choices. Not only in terms of looks but also durability.

7.   Repaint your furniture

Are you tired of how your furniture looks? Why not repaint it! This is one of the easiest DIY projects that you can do, and it will be extremely rewarding. It is also a cheap solution to redecorate one room in your house or give an old furniture piece some spark back. Why not paint it in an exotic color?

8.   Your decor should reflect your personality

It is important to follow a certain style when decorating your house, but you have to remember that it should be an extension of yourself. Every little room, every little piece should reflect none other than you. For that reason, listen to the experts and take in all of the advice but at the end of the day, you need to make the choices you want.

9. Use different rugs in different areas

A simple way of bringing attention to certain areas of your house is to use different rugs on them. This way you make sure that the new area stands out, and it feels different. It is also an easy way to create contrast even if you have the same floor all over the house.

10. Use ceiling windows

Ceiling windows are one of the best ways to get creative with natural light. They create a cozy atmosphere and also bring in a lot of light. It can be a very good choice to accentuate a certain room or to make your bedroom look cozier. Imagine gazing at the stars at night through your ceiling window! It is also a good way to create more airflow in a room because you can always open the window.

11. Install new lamps

A simple way of redecorating a room is by installing new lamps. If you are not keen on spending a lot of money on a renovation, this could be a simple solution, that will make your room feel completely different.

It is a simple solution that can create a whole new atmosphere in your room without a lot of money or effort.

12. Choose unique pieces

Unique pieces are what give character to your decor, otherwise, everything just looks plain boring. Carefully selecting some of these pieces and putting them in the right place can drastically change the way a room looks.

Perhaps a vintage piece that nobody has ever seen before! This could be a great conversation starter, and it will definitely bring a unique feel to your house.

13. Use wallpaper

We all know that wallpaper is not trendy anymore, however, you can still use it! Why don’t you try using some wallpaper on a small part of your house, or in a small room? It can make your room pop up, and you can mix in different patterns and colors with what you already have.

Using wallpaper like this can also be a good way to renew your decor easily, and cheaply.

14. Use mirrors

Mirrors are extremely important when decorating your house. Not only choosing the right mirror but also putting them in the right place. Remember that it can also help you make a small space bigger if you put a mirror in the right place

15.  Don’t push your bed against the wall

Unless your room is tiny, do not ever put your bed against the wall. It will make your bedroom look clustered, and it will also be more complicated to clean and organize everything. It also gives an idea of a lack of space and makes the room feel darker.

16. Be creative with lampshades

Lampshades are also a great way to redecorate on a budget. Why not choose an exotic lampshade with a bright color? Or something with a pattern that makes it stand out. Do not overlook lampshades, as they usually tend to be big and have quite an impact on interior decor.

17. Go minimalist

More and more people are doing it and why shouldn’t you? That is right minimalism is here and we have to embrace it. We do not need a lot of things, and in fact, cluttering your house could destroy your interior decor. You probably have furniture pieces that you hardly use, and even something you could give or throw away.

Not only will it give you more space, and make your house feel lighter but you are also improving your interior decor at the same time.

18. Mix chairs

Obviously, you can use the same chairs in your dining room, but why not go one step above it, and try to mix it up. This can be a great way to improve the looks of your dining room, and it brings a lot of attention to its focus point – the dining room table.

Perhaps mixing some vintage chairs with the ones you currently own can be a great solution to look classy and trendy at the same time.

19. Build a timeless design

This is often overlooked by most people decorating their house, but it is essential to create a timeless interior design. Not only will it look good throughout the years, but it is also easier to change and redecorate whenever you want. This also falls upon not following every single trend.

20. Use corners of the room

Oftentimes the corners of the room are forgotten, but they are important. Using them can actually improve your interior design, and make your house feel cozier. Why not use a stand-up lamp or even a plant. These small changes can definitely make your house feel a lot better.

21. Use flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers!? Flowers can be a great way to make your house look fresh and more presentable, while it also gives you a certain distinctive smell. Using flowers on your coffee table, or even in your bedroom can be a great first impression for visitors, and it makes your decor stand out.

22. Only buy furniture you want to keep forever

How many times have you made this mistake? Well pretty much all of us have done it in the past. This is one of the best tips, especially when you are decorating your house from scratch. If you only buy furniture that you want to keep, it will be much easier. You do not have to constantly renovate, or change and adapt the decor in a room.

You also spend less money replacing furniture, and the hassle and time wasted that comes with it.

23. Use asymmetry

We tend to like things that look symmetrical, but one of the ways of creating a unique decor in a space is by using asymmetry. You can easily make your room stand out. Either by choosing asymmetric furniture pieces, or even the architectural design of the house.

24. Consider how many people will use each room

When designing each space, you should keep in mind how many people will actually use that room. You do not want to clutter a room that will have a lot of “foot traffic”. Instead, keep things simple, so everyone can move freely.

25. Measure carefully

When buying new furniture or planning an interior design you need to measure everything accurately. One of the mistakes people make is that they do not measure things appropriately, and they end up with a lot of problems. Either a furniture piece that does not fit, or that is too small.

Carefully measure everything and draw a little piece of paper with your room. Then draw the furniture you want and cut it with scissors. Then you can use the area of your house to put the furniture you want on top. By experimenting with different settings, you can choose the one that works best for you.

26. Use colorful lights

A simple way of changing the environment of a room is by changing just the light bulb. Experiment with some different colors, and why not put in a led lamp that gives it a completely new look.

27. Choose pieces that you can use in different rooms

When choosing furniture, always consider the possibility of using it in other rooms. This makes it versatile and easy to change or swap your furniture pieces the way you want. Easily create new interior designs with what you already have.

28. Don’t overdo it, keep it simple

When it comes to interior decor it is important not to overdo it. You need to have blank spaces, and spaces without any furniture. Just like in music, silence is important, in interior decor, the empty spaces are also crucial.

29. Use the right frames for your artwork

Choosing the right frames for your artwork can also have a great impact on your interior design. You want to make sure that they combine well with the area you are decorating, and that they will not go out of fashion anytime soon.

30. Don’t clutter rooms

One of the most common mistakes people make when decorating their house it to clutter rooms. No, you do not need that many things in a single room. Not only does it look bad but it makes it difficult to clean, and to move around. Your interior decor should flow.

31. Change your light switches

A simple way of adding some character to your house is by choosing different light switches. They can either be metallic, or with a little color, and it brings a different vibe in your interior decoration.

32. Floor pillows

Yes, floor pillows are still a thing. They look cozy and are comfortable to sit in, especially if you have kids. You can mix up different colours, or patterns, and it is a way of having a distinct look in your living room.

33. Choose the decor you love

It is far too common for people to go for designs that see in magazines and that they think it looks good but its not what they love. At the end of the day, you are the one spending the most time in your house. So choose something you love, and that resembles you.

34. Mix textures

A great way to decorate a room is to create a contrast of textures. This can be done with the walls, the furniture, and even the lamps. Doing so will create a different atmosphere, and your house will not feel boring or plain Jane.

35. Plan your lighting

When decorating your house you need to pay attention to every little detail, and plan accordingly. One of the most overlooked aspects is lighting. It is super important, and it should be planned. Consider where you will need the most light, and how you shoul design your room with that in mind.

36. Use metals

Using metals can be a great way of creating contrast, and even mixing textures. From a metal lamp, to metal in your kitchen, it should be used but not overdone. You can also do the same with furniture pieces or even a coffee table. A metallic coffee table can give a great contrast in a living room.

37. Test paints before repainting

Before you even think about buying the paint and hiring the painter, test it. This means picking a few samples and applying in an area of your house that you hardly use, like a closet or the laundry room. More often than not, paints have a certain look on the catalog, but they look completely different when you apply them.

Make sure you test before repainting the whole house, just to be disappointed in the end.

38.  Choose multipurpose furniture

A great way of not only saving money but also being able to redecorate with what you already have is choosing furniture that has different purposes. A table can be a dining table and desk for example. When you do this, it becomes easier to play around with your furniture, and easily redecorate your different rooms.

39. Take advantage of flaws in each room

Every house has its flaws, and to some extent each room is completely unique. Instead of complaining about it, remember our advice about asymmetry. Not only should you embrace it, but you can also take advantage of it and create an unique design.

40. Choose a colorful curtain

Replacing your curtains with a colourful curtain can be a great way of changing and redecorating. It can give a completely new atmosphere to a certain room, and change how it feels.

41. Use wood

Wood is an important element when it comes to interior decor. Using it in different rooms can make a house feel cozier, and warm. Although you should not overdo it, there are plenty of places where you can use wood to your advantage, and especially in the kitchen.

42. Don’t use exotic colors on your walls

Using exotic colors can be exciting, but they can also go out of style quick. Instead of painting a big wall with these exotic colors, choose a smaller wall, where it will stand out better. Remember you don’t everything to look too exotic, just a little bit here and there.

43. Avoid having your furniture against the wall

When you have furniture totally against the wall, your house can look cluttered and uninvinting. Keep your furniture a few centimeters from the wall, to make it look good, and welcoming.

44. Keep a close eye on how your colors reflect light

Not only do you have to choose the right colors for your walls and furniture, but also evaluate how light changes them. It is common for light to have a different effect on the color, and you need to make sure you achieve your desired looks.

45. Decorate your ceiling

This is not for everyone, and it should not be used in every room. However, you should consider trying to decorate your own ceiling. If you have kids, decorating their ceiling can be fun, and bring a joyful atmosphere to your interior design.

46.  Carefully choose the right curtain length

Yes, curtains are a science. Not only do you have to choose the right curtain, in terms of color and fabric but also the right length. Make sure your curtains go the floor. Using long curtains until the floor is a great way of making your room seem taller.

You should also keep in mind the function of each curtain. While you can compromise on function in the living room, do not do it on the bedroom. We all love those blackout curtains, and the peace they bring us every morning!

47.  Use tall furniture to make your ceilings look higher

Another great way to make your ceiling feel higher is by using tall furniture pieces. Not only do they look better, but it also gives a spacious impression to everyone that walks into the room.

48. Mix your pillows

Pillows can be a simple and affordable way of playing around with your interior design. Avoid having all the pillows of the same design and color. Not only is that boring, but it also makes the room seem dull. Make sure you mix in textures and colors, and who knows even some different patterns that bring life into your room.

49. Rearrange your furniture

If you have followed our advice until this point, you know have multipurpose furniture that can be used in different rooms. Why is this important? Well if you want to rearrange how your interior decor looks you do not even need to shop. Just by changing some pieces of furniture here and there, you can easily experiment with different settings, and completely redecorate your house.

50. Mix your furniture

Although most people tend to choose the same style of furniture, it may look too plain and dull. The idea is to mix in different types of wood, or even metal together. This makes your interior design look more diverse, and welcoming. Avoiding buying everything in the same style, as it can become boring very fast.

51. Make sure your living room is a place for gathering

The living room is the most important room of every house. You have to guarantee that it is a cozy and inviting area that is meant for gathering. Most of us spend most of the time in the living room, for that reason you need to decorate it in a way that brings people together.

52. Decor your fireplace

If you are not using your fireplace, why dont you decorate it? An unused fireplace can look too simple and boring, and using different candles, artwork or different pieces can really bring a light into your fireplace.

53. Cord covers to cover and organize cords

Yes, this is a must you need to do it! We all hate those wires and cords all over the place that make your house feel like an IT office. A simple way of fixing the problem is with cord coverns. Not only will they be organized but it also looks better form the outside.

54.  Swap your pillows

Swapping pillows is a simple and effective way of changin how a room looks. It is also a very cheap way of changing depending on the time of the year. Why not bring some Jul pillows during December, and having different pillows in the summer and winter.

55. Use a fake window

Although not everyone is a fan of fake windows, they can work really well in some rooms. Preferably they are ideal for offices or even bedrooms but you can also use them in the living room. They create a unique feel and look that is hardly matched by anything else.

56. Try DIY

Have you been looking to change your furniture or even your pillows? Why not try DIY! It can be a simple and fun way of spending your weekend working on something that will change your interior decor.

57. Add an exotic piece

A simple way of giving more character to a room, is by adding a unique exotic piece to it. They can also be great conversation starters when your guests ask you about it. It can be a collectible, or even an antique. Just don’t overdo it, and make sure it fits in perfectly.

58. Keep your entryway efficient

One common mistake people make is to try to overdo their entryway. You want to make sure it is efficient, and you can keep your keys and coats, without looking too pretentious. There are other rooms in the house that you can use to distinguish, keep the entryway efficient and simple.

59.  Go for big rugs

Rugs should always be big, and there is a reason for it. Not only do they make the room feel bigger, but also cozier. You should also make sure your furniture stands on top of the rug to hold in place.

60. Use plants

Plants bring an icnreadible amount of life into a room, and you should include them in your interior decorations. Make sure your living room, kitchen and even bathroom have some plants, that will make it look natural.

61. Use antiques

Antiques are a great way to create a unique look. Whether it is an antique piece of furniture, or even a wall clock, they can certainly give your room a lot of character.

62. Mix in vintage furniture

In the same way that you can use antiques, you can also mix in vintage furniture with brand new. This creates a certain contrasts that makes your interior decor really shine. All of the most influential interior designers do this, and so should you.

63. Choose the right drapes for every room

Yes not every room is the same, and not every drape should be the same. Make sure you choose them individually based on each room, to achieve the desired look.

64. Colorful wall

A simple way to draw attention and to create a certain contrast is by having a colorful wall that stands out from the rest. It can also be used to make a statement. It works well in bathrooms, or in certain parts of the hallways when you are crossing two different rooms.

65. Use books

Books are incredible tool for interior designers. You can use them as a way of filling in places and this is beyond the traditional bookshelf. Use it in the kitchen, and even in the bathroom.

66. Mount curtains high

Yes, curtains should always be high. One of the most common mistakes is hanging curtains low, which makes the room feel smaller and uninvinting. Make sure you make the most of your interior decor by hanging your curtains as high as possible.

67. Choose the right window shades

It is true that window shades are meant to be efficient, but there is nothing that says that can’t be stylish. It is all about choosing the right look for your house, and working around it. You need to choose window shades that actually match the looks of every room.

68.  Art pieces and mirrors should be at eye level

Do not hang mirror or artwork either too high or too low. This can actually destroy the look of your room. You need to make sure that when someone walks in the room, they can turn around and look at the art you have displayed, as well as the mirror.

69. Switch your coffee table

Do you want a simple way of changing how your living room looks? Just change the coffee table. Coffee tables are focus points in the living room, and changing them is not a huge change physically, but it can look completely different.

Remember that people are drawn to focus points, and if you change them it will change the atmosphere of a room.

70. Hide your radiator

We all hate how radiators look, they don’t combine with the decor you want, and they don’t match anything other than more radiators. Fortunately there is a simple way of covering them with a wooden wall cabinet. You can choose a color that matches your room, and it will make it look better.

71. If you do not know what color to choose go with white

If you are unsure what color to choose, always go with white. There is a reason for it, white works well with just about anything. And if you are unsure on the wall colors you might also be unsure on other things, and choosing white walls means it will work with all your indecisions.

72. Paint your floors

Yes exotic colors on the floors can be something! Why not choose an exoitc colour for your bathroom floor or even your laundry room. It can be a simple way of changing styles, and bringing more life in your designs.

73. Use contrast

We have mentioned contrast all throughout this tips in one way or another, and it is never too much – USE CONTRAST. You see, interior design is made of different elements, and the way these elements are combined is what makes us feel good in a certain room. Contrast is what creates this. You want to avoid having the same plane look all throughout your house, because at the end of the day it will feel boring.

74. Display your own artwork

If you are an artist why not display your own artwork and use all throughout your house. It can be a great way of making your personal statement while also having something unique in your interior decor that you created.

75. Mirror walls

Yes mirror walls are a thing, and they actually work very well in small houses. It makes it look spacious, and larger, and it is also inviting. It creates a very picturesque look that can be combined with a lot of elements. Do not overdo it, and choose a special place to put your mirror wall.


Interior decoration can have a huge impact not only on how we feel about ourselves, but on the environment around us. We hope our tips have helped you decorate or redecorate your own house, and that they provide you with value.

Always remember to keep it simple, and choose the decor you love.

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