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7 decor tips for a Square Living Room

Decorating your square living room can be tricky, especially when working with limited space. However, the trick is using the right approach to create an inviting space that combines functionality and style. Whether you are going for a contemporary, traditional or rustic feel, there are several ways to spruce up your square living room to meet your needs and preferences.

This article explores some popular furniture and lighting choices for your square living room and also discusses the different colours and textures to incorporate into your living space.

Square Living Room – decor tips

Go for Furniture With Legs

Designers recommend furniture raised off of the ground. They argue that an armchair or couch that rests on raised legs brings a sense of space and light, giving an illusion of a larger space. When more floor space is visible, your room will appear larger.

What Type of Sofas Can You Use in a Square Living Room?

Sofa options for your square living room include the following:

Sectional Sofa

This option accommodates more people, making it ideal for large families or guests. Most sectionals also come with a recliner or chaise for extra comfort. Opt for a sectional that fits your room’s dimensions and arrange it in several configurations depending on your needs.

L-Shaped Sofa

This is another fantastic addition to your square living space that you can position in a corner to make the most out of floor space. Besides offering seating, an L-shaped sofa can also serve as a bed for guests and adds a feel of sophistication to any living room.

U-Shaped Sofa

This is the way to go if you have a huge square living room. A U-shaped sofa provides ample seating and can be the room’s focal point. It allows people to face each other and is ideal if you like entertaining guests. You can also use it as a room divider in a small living room.

Other sofa options for your square living room include modular and sleeper sofas.

Let There Be Light!

Lighting is another essential element of any space; unfortunately, it is often overlooked. When selecting the best lighting for your large square living room, it is always advisable to go eclectic. Consider a mix of table lamps, floor lamps and overhead lighting. You can place a floor lamp behind an accent chair or at the end of a sofa. As for table lamps, put them on mantels, shelves or side tables. Remember that the lighting should be placed at different levels to achieve proper balance. For this reason, ensure you use a wide range of fixtures throughout your space.

However, when it comes to smaller square living rooms, you can always save precious floor space with wall lights. Interior designers recommend wall-mounted lighting featuring a sleek design. This way, you achieve the desired cosy glow without worrying about rewiring.

Where Do You Place a TV in a Square Living Room?

TV placement is determined by your room’s size and other factors. Keep the following in mind:

  • Position the TV in an area of your room that isn’t affected by glare
  • Do not place your TV in high-traffic areas
  • Your TV should face your seating
  • While mounting a TV has its upside and downside, it can save lots of usable floor space when done correctly.

A Neutral Sofa

While a neutral sofa can help lighten your space, remember that neutral doesn’t have to mean ‘plain and boring’. Instead, you can opt for styles with beautiful details like buttons or curves that add character to your space without overwhelming your scheme. You can also add throws and cushions in bolder patterns and shades if your look feels too pared back. What’s more? You can always trust the magic of an accent chair to add a pop of colour, effortlessly uplifting darker spaces.

Go Dark

If you have been toying around with the idea of an all-dark living room makeover, this is your sign to go for it finally. Contrary to common belief, dark colours do not make your space feel tinier and cramped. In fact, it has the opposite effect. The result of painting the ceilings and walls of your square living room black is a cosy feel that creates an illusion of a night sky. Throw in some table lamps and candles, and you’ll be all set.

Light Wall Colours

Although dark colours are a hot trend, they can be challenging to work with in tight spaces. Therefore, consider sticking to pale tones like cream, grey and white if you have a small square living room. These give your room an airy, breezy feel and are fantastic in rooms that do not receive sufficient natural light. However, stay away from brilliant whites and go for those with a subtle taupe, grey or green tone.

Use a Gallery Wall as the Focal Point

For small square living rooms, consider creating a gallery wall to form the room’s focal point. You can frame pressed flowers, prints, photos and wallpaper samples to create something that reflects your personality. The gallery wall anchors your space and creates visual interest, distracting from the fact that the room is tiny.

Oversized Artwork

Besides a gallery wall, another way to decorate the wall behind a sofa is by hanging a large piece of artwork. The idea is to achieve a clutter-free look and feel.

How Do You Position Furniture in a Square Living Room?

The trick in a square living room is arranging furniture around a focal point. This could be a window, fireplace, TV or wall art. You can position your furniture around these points or have them directly facing the focal point to maintain a clear view.

Final Thoughts

Like any other room in your home, living rooms come in different shapes and sizes. Fortunately for you, a square living room is easy to decorate once you get the hang of what furniture, fabrics and colours you need to use. Are you looking forward to your next square living room redecoration project? The above tips will prove helpful.

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