Så kan du inreda uteplatsen vår fin - 6 tips

How to decorate your patio spring ready – 6 tips

Is there anything more wonderful than when spring comes and we feel the warmth of the sun for the first time? Then it’s also time to spice up the patio and make the patio homely and equipped for the summer. Here you will find 6 awesome tips on how to decorate your outdoorspace!

All patios look different and have different conditions. Some are big, some are small. But no matter what your particular patio looks like, these tips will be useful to you.

Divide the patio into sections

A good tip for those who want to give more life to your patio is to try to create different rooms or sections. The rooms can be delimited by small simple means, such as by placing flower pots on the terrace. If you create a seating area with a table and chairs, you don’t need anything else to markera out the room.

Decorate different types of rooms to make your patio as optimal as possible. For example, you can  have a simpler seating area with  café tables and chairs to have a little coffee, while you have a part with cozy sofas and infrared heating for the late summer nights. If you like to cultivate, you can have a corner where you grow spices. Or why not build an outdoor kitchen and move the cooking outdoors?

Don’t forget about the lighting

Light is super important if you want to get the right mood on your patio. There are many stylish lamps that are specially designed for outdoor use. If you have flower boxes and flower beds, you can advantageously stick down LED lamps that charge themselves with solar cells during the day. This is both easy to care for, environmentally friendly and super cozy.

Spruce up with pillows and blankets

Pillows and blankets don’t necessarily just have to be indoors. It can do a lot for the feeling of coziness on the patio, for example, if you spruce up your sofa with some fluffy pillows or hang a comfortable and warming blanket over the armrest of the sofa. However, it is important that there will be a little extra work to take everything in the evening or if the rain comes. Many people choose to have a storage box on the patio so that you can easily pick out and remove blankets and pillows.

Plants give life to the patio

If youfeel that your patio lacks life and coziness, plants may be exactly what is needed to remedy the problem. You will be amazed at what a difference a small tree in a pot can make if placed in a central place on your patio or patio. As we discussed earlier, you can advantageously use plants to create different rooms on your patio. Choose easy-care plants if you don’t have much interest in gardening. For plants need to be cared for to feel good and to spread life to your treeyard.

Use shelves

A common tip when talking about decorating patios is that you should try to think in the same way as when decorating indoors. Of course, you cannot have the  same types of furniture outdoors as indoors, for the simple reason that the furnitureusually does not withstand the weather and wind.


However, you can embrace many other things, such as the use of shelves! If you have the opportunity to use shelves or display cabinets on your patio, it can contribute to a much more cozy feeling to your patio. Fill theshelves with porcelain or glass so you can easily set the table for dinner in the spring sun!


Carpets increase the feeling of coziness

There are special rugs for outdoor use that work wonders for the décor of your patio. When decorating, it is importantto think about all levels – bird, fish and in between. But carpets make it easy to make a difference at floor level and it will also be more comfortable for the feet to step on a carpet than on decking or stone.

Frequently asked questions about decorating a patio

Many questions arise when thinking about decorating the patio and how to go about decorating your particular terrace. Here we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions.

How to make a cozy patio?

If you want to raise the cosiness factor on the patio, there are somesimple and relatively cheap tricks to use. Buy blankets and pillows and spruce up the sofa and chairs. They will immediately feel cozier. You can also invest in an outdoor lamp to get some cozy lighting when the sun goes down.

How to furnish large terrace?

If you have a large terrace, it’s easy for the décor to feel a bit cluttered. A good tip here is to use flower pots to divide the patio and create different sections. Many times, it takes as little as a flower pot centrally placed on amare’s terrace, to make it immediately feel less cluttered.

How to decorate a veranda?

A veranda can be furnished with chairs and tables, but also with flower pots that you hang over the railing on the fence. To create dynamics in a rather limited space can also work with hanging flower pots and even pots that you put directly on thefloor.

Summary – Furnishing patio

Now we have gone through some smart tips on how to decorate a patio in the best way. When spring comes, you want to sit outside and then you want it to be a pleasant environment. It does not have to cost a lot of money tospice up your patio and many times you get far just by thinking about the actual furnishing of the terrace. Where to put chairs and tables, flower pots and lamps.



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