6 heta höstskor trender 2023

Shoe Trends 2024 – these shoes are trending

As we move into the start of 2024, the days begin to get brighter and winter thaws. At this time of year we often throw our big coats back into the wardrobe and bring out our spring-summer style. There are a number of footwear trends this year that you might recognise, and we can’t wait to bring back these retro looks. Let’s take a closer look at what is popular in 2024:

Top Shoes in 2024

  • Micro Heels – Short heels are back in style!
  • Platform Shoes – Embrace the extra height in these showstoppers.
  • Open-toe Heels – Show off your new manicure in this design.
  • Ballet Flats – A beautiful and classic design popular with all ages.
  • High Boots – A sexy shoe choice for instant confidence.

Micro Heels

2024 is bringing back the kitten heels trend from the 1990s. This is great news for those who hate wearing high stilettos and a much more comfortable option. A slight heel on these types of shoe mean that you get a little extra height and it adds a touch of elegance to your outfit. We love wearing this type of heel to work, or with jeans and a smart top for a lovely dinner date.

Platform Shoes

If micro heels aren’t your thing and you prefer your shoes to give you extra height then platforms are the way to go. Platform shoes have a chunkier heel and sole that makes high heels a little more comfortable. This type of heel can appear on a number of different shoe designs from sneakers to Mary Janes – so you can find a platform for any occasion.

Open-Toed Shoes

As the warmer weather comes in during the springtime, we will see a resurgence of the open-toed shoe. From sandals to open-toe boots, there are a number of different styles that share this feature. This makes your shoes more breathable and adds an extra detail that can make any outfit look smarter – just make sure that your nails are nice and polished!

Ballet Flats

Another 90s fashion icon making a comeback is the classic ballet flat. Perfect for both comfort and elegance, ballet flats are a classic style. Wearing ballet flats instead of sneakers with casual outfits makes them look more put together and elegant. They go perfectly with a number of different clothing choices from summer dresses to jeans.

High Boots

We love a boot – and even in the springtime, boots are still a great style choice. Knee high boots paired with dresses or skirts are a sexy, yet classy look. This style is adored by many a celebrity including the likes of Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. We love classic black boots, or earthy brown tones as these shades match most outfits. Choose from a range of heel options – thick, thin or kitten to find the right look for you.

The Take Away

There are lots of shoe trends that are coming back in style for 2024 and we can’t wait! We hope our article gives you some shoe inspiration for your fashion choices this year. Another great place to look is social media such as Pinterest and Instagram for some great shoe choices and how to wear them. What is most important is that you feel comfortable and confident in the shoes that you wear so that you are ready to take on the new year!


How can I style micro heels for a casual day out?

As micro heels are not super high, they can be worn with more casual looks. They pair very well with casual summer dresses or jeans but won’t make you look to smart for the occasion.

Are platform shoes comfortable for all-day wear?

A: Absolutely! Platform styles have a sturdy base and good support compared to other shoes. Platform sneakers and sandals are not only on-trend but also comfortable for those long spring walks.

Are ballet flats suitable for formal occasions?

Ballet flats are perfect for all occasions. They are great to throw on with a casual outfit to look put together but can also be worn as an alternative to heels. If you want to be comfortable for a formal event there are a number of smart ballet flats that pair well with dresses.




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