10 ställen att placera hyllor på hemma

10 places to place shelves at home

With a shelf, you can create more space almost anywhere at home. Books, things you use in everyday life, decorative things – with extra shelves here and there, you can fit more and make maximum use of the walls. Extra space is especially valuable if you live small!

In this article, you get tips on 10 places to place shelves at home. Some of the tips may seem obvious, while others are a little more unexpected. See the list as inspiration!

Shelves above the desk

If you have an office at home, or at least a dedicated place where you work, study or just pay bills, you need space for storage. The natural place is of course above the desk.

With a simple shelf on one or two levels, you can get rid of papers and books so you can keep your desk clean. A hurt on the floor might also be an idea.

How deep should a bookshelf be?

If you want to fit normal-sized books, your shelf needs to be about 25 cm deep. The height between the planes needs to be at least 30 cm.

Every corner is an unused storage space!

Every room in your home has four corners. In some rooms, for example kitchens and bathrooms, several of the corners are already occupied. In other rooms, furniture can be freely arranged for smart storage.

With a corner shelf you can create lots of space for storage. The corner shelf can also be a nice interior detail in itself. Of course, you choose how you choose to “furnish” your corner shelf!

Place shelf above door

If you need smart storage, the tip of placing shelves above doors is one of the best. However, it all depends on the distance between the door and the ceiling. If you have a low ceiling, you can probably choose from our other tips.

If you have room for a shelf above the door, you can stow away things you want to have in front of you but may not need every day. It can be a perfect solution if you live small.

What types of wall shelves are there?

There are many varieties of shelves for walls. The classic one with brackets and bracket is perhaps the most common. Other variants are floating wall shelves without visible fittings, cube-shaped storage systems with or without modules and narrow strips for photos, paintings and decorative objects.

Furnish with shelves in the bathroom

In the bathroom, you are guaranteed to already have a lot of benches, cupboards, moldings and other things for what you need. However, more space can always be needed both from a practical perspective and to provide a more cozy and homely atmosphere.

For example, a shelf by the bathtub can be perfect if you like to bathe with lit candles. A ladder or wall shelf can be a nice and practical detail for the corners of the room. The possibilities are many.

The stairwell is a forgotten place

In many houses and homes, the stairwell is a somewhat forgotten place. It is a way of transporting oneself between the floors, nothing else. It’s a bit of a shame as the stairwell offers loads of space.

A couple of shelves on the stairs can provide space for both more practical things and decorative elements. For example, a list of photographs and books can really make a difference. It can also be a bit extra elegant with shelves at different heights.

Can I have a wooden shelf in my bathroom?

You can absolutely have a wooden shelf in the bathroom. A prerequisite is that it is treated to withstand wet rooms. The material should also be heavy and hard. The shelf should also not be placed near the shower or bathtub.

The living room offers many possibilities

The living room is the most natural place for an extra shelf or two. It is the largest room in your home and you spend a lot of time there. Here you have many possibilities and many places for shelves.

If you have a TV, the space above the TV can be perfect for a shelf. A row of shelves above the sofa, where you place, for example, books and decorative items, can also be an idea. Another tip is to place a bookshelf shaped like a ladder in a corner of the room.

Tips for the living room:

● Wall shelf in individual planes
● Wall mount
● Bookshelf on the wall or on the floor
● Shelf system in modules

Above the bed – good tips for small living spaces

If you do not have a headboard of the larger format, you have plenty of space above the bed. There is room for a shelf here, especially if you live small and need every extra square meter for storage.

You have many options if you want to create more space above the bed. You can choose from everything from a simple shelf to entire storage systems. It’s just a matter of you feeling safe with a shelf above your head!

Along the roof you have a lot of space

There is plenty of space along the wall towards the ceiling! It’s an unused space in most homes, a space that you can use for both.

There are some shelf types that are better than others for overhead storage. 

● Floating plane (hidden fittings)
● Shelves with small brackets
● Picture shelf
● Table list

Create more space in the hall

The hall is often the place in the house that we care about the least. There are often opportunities for improvement here, not least through more (and more practical!) storage space for the things you need every day.

A shelf above the door might be an idea? A couple of small moldings on the sides of the hall mirror as well? With a few small tricks, you can organize your hall in a better way.

Optimize storage and garages

For many, the warehouse is a mourning child. It’s not very organized and a lot of it is full of noise. The garage is often another place where organization is not at its best. Smartly placed shelves are a solution.

With a wall shelf, you make optimal use of the wall. You can also use shelving units against the walls. They should be a little more robust, especially in the garage.


A shelf automatically provides more space wherever you place it. It’s almost like magic! In this article, you will find ten tips on how you can decorate for more space with shelves. As you can see, it is possible to be creative. Now it’s just for you to think about what possibilities you have at home and what changes you want to make.

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