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12 Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Whether single or married, one thing is for sure: you will always look forward to unwinding in the bedroom of your dreams. This article has borrowed ideas from different bedroom spaces that share several important attributes: well-thought-out colour choices, lack of clutter and pieces that stand out. Various design styles are at play in these spaces, ranging from neutral to boho to traditional. Each has a romantic vibe, beckoning you to snuggle in, whether with your pet, partner or a good read. Keep reading to explore the different romantic bedroom Ideas that can bring “sexy” back to your bedroom.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Get Moody

A very romantic sleeping space could use the perfect backdrop of moody black walls. If you have second thoughts, remember that a floor rug can always help bring in vibrant brighter hues. Also, accents like a blanket and candles help set the mood for a cosy night-in.

Don’t Be Stingy With the Lighting!

Great lighting is the way to go if you want to add some intrigue to your space. Having only a single light in your bedroom is no way to create a romantic environment. Consider soft light sources like candles and ad in a few lamps. A lovely chandelier could also make for a stunning statement. Another important thing to note is that overly bright lighting doesn’t help.

Dreamy Headboard

When it comes to the headboard, ditch basic and instead opt for a fun and flirty design. For instance, you could select a wicker number that gives your bedroom a bohemian feel. Whether you want to go the modern or vintage way, nothing beats having a bedroom that doesn’t resemble everyone else’s.

Go Tropical

Nothing screams ‘romantic’ than decorating your space to resemble your favourite vacation spit. The beach, for instance, is one of those places for most people. You could add palm leaf wallpaper on the headboard wall to bring this nautical look to your space. You can go further and add a cane bed frame. Remember that your bedroom doesn’t have to blend with the rest of the rooms. So, if a certain style fascinates you, go for it!

Can You Use Wallpaper on the Bedroom Ceiling?

Unfortunately, during decoration, most people are keen on the floor and walls and forget the ceiling. If you want to give your ceiling a touch-up, you can wallpaper or paint it to compliment the overall style of your room.

Four-Poster Bed

A classic four-poster bed gives off high-end hotel vibes, and nothing could feel more romantic. However, if you’re concerned about too much formality, don’t be. You can always soften the space by throwing in a boucle bench and stripped bedding. This suggests that sleeping, as well as lounging, is highly welcome.

Go Natural

It wouldn’t hurt to pay homage to Mother Nature. One way to bring the outdoors in is by using a cloud-themed mural. You can also steam things up by bringing in a hanging bed with faux vines winding up the support ropes. This setup is perfect if you love a lazy hammock day and want to reconnect with nature.

Stay Cool

Another effortless way to bring romance to the bedroom is by using soothing colours and delicate details. Cool blues are the most preferred for a calm sleeping space. While feminine details go well with more neutral greys, simple touches like freshly-cut flowers on the nightstand make your room appear extra warm and peaceful.

Incorporate Some Accents

Adding a throw or a bench with colourful fabric hues is a quick way to make your bedroom feel more romantic. But, of course, you can never go wrong with soft oranges and pinks, thanks to their sweet touch.

Interior Perfume

Something as simple as bringing in your favourite scents will create that romantic feel in your bathroom in no time. There are several oil diffusers that will help supply your room with endless quantities of your fragrance. You can also opt for scented candles to get both pleasant soft lighting and a nice smell. However, be careful, as some candle varieties are known for their hypnotizing effects.

Mirrored Furniture and Art

Mirrored furniture exudes glamour and romance. So, ensure your bedroom has a piece or two. For additions, consider a velvet headboard and a classy leopard print. Also, it never hurts to hang a piece of your favourite art.

How Do You Select Art for the Bedroom?

Because the bedroom should be where you relax and unwind, the pieces of art you use here shouldn’t be too overwhelming in hue or design. Go for natural colours and blue tones. Soft abstracts and landscapes are always a good idea for this room.

Keep the Colour Palette Light

While throwing in pops of colour can give your bedroom the romantic feel you are aiming for, try as much as possible not to compete with the interior. Doing so can kill the entire mood. Instead, always keep the colour palette light. You can opt for common combinations or experiment with other tones.

With lighter colours in the background, you can incorporate darker shades in the foreground for a dreamy room. This way, your accessory options are unlimited as long as they help set the romantic mood in your space.

Feminine Touches

Feminine touches go a long way to add a relaxing vibe to your bedroom. Consider elegant tassel hardware for your nightstand. Also, subdued beige hues backed with soft pink pops are just what your bedroom has been missing.

Which Are the Most Romantic Colours for the Bedroom?

The bedroom’s most romantic colours bring a sense of calm and warmth to its occupants. While most people naturally gravitate towards quitter shade combinations for the bedroom, darker shades are also surprisingly great for romantic spaces. They create a perception of depth and give your room a snuggly feel.

Conclusion Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Transforming your bedroom into a romantic getaway is no mean feat. From selecting a style you want to lean towards to picking furniture pieces that complement the space, this home improvement will require you to invest time and effort. However, with the above tips, the heavy lifting has already been done for you. All the best on your next project!

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