Kul diy balkong projekt som sparar pengar

Fun DIY balcony project that saves money

Its time for some creative DIY balcony projects! So how do you decorate your balcony and equip it for spring and summer, without it costing a fortune? By sinking your teeth into various DIY projects, you can create on your own what you need for the balcony.

 DIY or do it yourself are projects that can be likened to craftsfor adults. This is both fun and economical. It is a nice feeling to put forward a piece of furniture or some interior detail to the balcony and know that you have made it yourself.

Make your own windbreak

Balconies are often located close toeach other and many choose not to use their balconies for this very reason – that it becomes too close to the neighbors. Then this project is a perfect start. With simple means, you can make your own windbreak, which also serves as a privacy shield against yourneighbors.

You can either do carpentry or buy a trellis that fits on your balcony. Then take a roller with awning fabric or similar material and attach to the back of the trellis with a simple staple gun.

This project can be carried out in many different areas and you can,for example, use timber that you have received from some other carpentry work, or you may have some other material that you can reuse.

Own table of a pot

Small balcony and a small rickety table are not a good combinationion. In a small area, you want a stable table, so that it does not start to wobble if you happen to go against it. A smart tip for a DIY project is therefore to reuse an old pot. It needs to be a large pot. Turn the pot upside down and wrap it in a canvas for outdoor use.

Here you can really let your imagination run wild and choose colors that you think fit on your balcony. The table will be stable and relatively small, which is perfectly suitable for the balcony.

The famous pallet

Pallets are commonin DIY and patios in general. For a balcony, it fits perfectly if you want to build a larger table or a stable sofa. Stack the pallets on top of each other and screw a chipboard or similar to the top. If you want you to see that it is apallet, you can avoid dressing the table or sofa.

You can also wrap the sofa or table in textile for outdoor use, and then buy for cushions. You can of course also sew these yourself! Spice it up a little extra with pillows and blankets.

Common questionsabout DIY and balcony

We see that many questions arise when it comes to DIY and what projects can be done for the balcony. Here we therefore answer some of the most common questions.

How to decorate your balcony inexpensively?

If you want to save money when decoratingyour balcony, there is nothing as effective as reusing. If you have things at home that you can reuse and thus create a piece of furniture, a flower box, etc, then you will get away very lightly when it comes to the budget.

How can you make your balcony more private?

If you feel that your balcony has too much transparency, you can easily make your own privacy cover. Remember to make it weather and wind resistant so that it does not blow away.

What do you need to have at home for DIY projects for the balkong?

To succeed with your DIY projects, there are certain things one should have at home, such as screwdrivers, saws, screws, hammers, nails, staple guns, universal glue, tape, and tape measure.

Summary – DIY balcony

Here we have launched three concrete tips on how you can make your own interior details and furniture for your balcony and how you can with simple means make your balcony more private and protect from transparency. The balcony is a lovely place to sit and welcome the first spring sun or to hang out with good friends in warm late summer night.

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