Uterum & trädgård inspiration från instagram

Outdoor space inspiration from Instagram

Not many places online have as beautiful conservatories and garden inspiration as Instagram has. I myself have scrolled through countless Insta accounts with patios and garden inspiration and been amazed at how beautiful places there are. Pinterest also has beautiful patio inspiration, but Instagram is more personal so gets more fun as well.

In this post, we have gathered some of the absolutely most beautiful patios and garden inspiration from famous accounts on Instagram. We will also give 10 tips on how to get a perfect patio and garden at home.

Instagram outdoor space inspiration

This is definitely one of the nicest patios in Swedish Instagram right now! Trendy luxurious lounge style at @kagahem

Tips for getting a lounge luxury patio

Have lots of different light sources! Like light loops in the ceiling and along walls set up in a tasteful way. Have beautiful lanterns in different sizes on the floor. And preferably some candles on the tables, model low.

Have some luxurious larger palm trees in the corners of the patio, this gives an exclusive hotel feel. If you do not have such a large patio, have some other green plants, but not too many.

Have luxurious rugs made of natural materials such as. sisal.

Keep the colors neutral! To get a real lounge style, do not have too strong screaming colors. No, keep the shades in pleasant shades such as beige, gray and white.

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This is probably the garden dream for many Swedes! To be able to go into your own little greenhouse and pick sun-ripened vegetables like tomatoes mmmmm! This comes from the account @nadjaaleth

Tips for buying a greenhouse

One of the trendiest things right now with greenhouses is to choose different colors. Some people
will always go for the traditional white, while there are some other great options out there
like black, green and even a little more exotic colors. This can be a very exciting way to do it
your backyard is completely unique, and it may work very well with the decor you have in yours
patio, as well as the patio furniture.

Have sliding glass doors

Although the traditional greenhouse tends to be static, there are other alternatives today. One of
The most common is to use sliding glass doors, which allow you to use the greenhouse underneath
summer, and even use it as a place for meals with family and friends. This can be a great solution if you are planning to use your greenhouse for more than just gardening.

How beautiful and romantic pergola? You will find this and more patio and garden inspiration at the account @ljuvarum

Tips for having a pergola in the garden

Small pergola

If you do not have much space, you probably think you can not get a pergola.
Wrong! Today there are several pergolas that can work really well on a small area. Even something as simple as this pergola can be a good solution if you have a small garden.

Cover the top of the pergola

If you think that a pergola is just a summer thing, there are more possibilities. Many people add roofs to pergolas that can be made with different materials. Everything from acrylic to glass, you can add it to the top of the pergola and use it in the spring and fall.
Another common idea is to use a pergola screen. These can be laid on the side and on top of the pergola. It gives you more privacy, while creating more shade.

Metal pergola

It has also become extremely common to have a metal pergola instead of the traditional ones in wood. This makes it great for you who have a more modern design in your garden because the pergola fits better in style. They also require less maintenance than the traditional wooden pergola, making it the perfect solution.

Trendy bamboo pergola

One of the latest trends is a bamboo pergola. This has become very popular and it works even better if you have a Bali decor (LINK) for example. Since the materials and furniture you have in the house are already made of bamboo, the pergola fits in quite naturally.

It can look so nice with a raised wooden deck in the garden. This gorgeous trendy patio is from the magic account @gooisemannen

You just HAVE to check out this dream home in Holland where the crazy gay couple living with their little dog. I can easily move into their home any day :)

Tips for building a wooden deck

Are you eager to build a wooden deck yourself at home? Here are some of the most common questions you need to ask before you start building your own.

Do you need a building permit to build a wooden deck?

In short, no! A wooden deck is not an advanced construction so no hassle or building permit is required here. If, on the other hand, you are going to build a vernacular or terrace, then you must consult first. As soon as you do the construction around the house that radically changes the appearance of the ground, then a building permit is usually required before you can start.

What is needed to build a wooden deck on tiles?
Chainsaw / jigsaw, preferably with a saw table.
Screwdriver / drill, preferably with double batteries!
split saw if any board needs to be split.
Tumstock + ev. measuring tape.
Long spirit level.
Masonry cord.

What does it take to build a wooden deck directly on the lawn?

If you want to build a wooden deck like the one above in the picture, ie directly on the ground / lawn, then it is important that the ground is prepared carefully. The surface must be firm, well-drained and level. All topsoil must first be dug away, so it becomes a solid base to build on later.

What a magical perennial discount right? You can find it at the account @windsweptgardens

4 tips for an easy-care looking perennial garden

1. Do not leave surfaces empty

The best thing you can do for an easy-care flower bed is to put fast-growing perennials close together so nothing else can grow in between. Otherwise, the garden can be quickly filled with weeds if you have empty areas between the plants. An easy and quick way is to fill in these areas by sowing fast-growing summer flowers.

2. Get several water barrels

Have larger barrels a little everywhere in the garden. This means that the rainwater is easily collected and can be used to water the flowerbeds often.

3. Keep the edges grass-free

Delimit the flowerbed from the lawn to prevent the grass from finding its way into the vegetation of the flowerbed. Get stone or steel edge supports that keep the grass away and the perns in place.

4. Choose right perennials

The best thing is to invest in long-lasting and more robust perennials, then they stay nice for several years without being replaced. Also use mainly perennials that do not need to be tied up. For the really easy-care perennial bed, many plants of the same variety can be planted, preferably ground covers that effectively embed the soil and give the weeds less chance to peek out.

What a beautiful trendy wooden decorated patio we find in the Norwegian account @lullashage If you like patios in wood and natural materials then you must check out this nice account.

Another magical Norwegian patio account is @kikongo_gardendesign

Imagine sitting upstairs and having a glass of rosé on a hot summer evening! You will find even more nice photos at @interiorbyzaba

Bohemian romantic patio with idyllic allotment feel at @ home.by.liselotte

Sure are the nice patios from Instagram! You can sit for as long as you like and be inspired and seduced by all the beautiful patio and garden inspiration on Instagram right now. I hope you have taken enough inspiration from this post so you get your own little oasis and dream patio at home in the garden.

/ Maria

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