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15 Tips for a Beautiful Well-Organized Closet

There is no feeling better than having a clean and organized closet. It makes your morning routine more bearable and creates extra space to add more things. However, to achieve this, you need to be ready to adopt a robust design plan or clever use of the existing space. This article rounds up the top closet organization and decoration ideas to keep a Organized Closet all year round.

Organized Closet – 13 tips

Set Apart a Wall for Built-Ins

If you have a narrow walk-in closet, it is advisable to dedicate one of the walls to custom built-ins. You can place your clothing and accessories here. Leave the other wall bare to create a clear pathway. This way, the space does not appear so cramped. For a touch of natural light, you can go further to add a skylight.

Is Lighting Important in the Closet?

Lighting is everything, so consider bright solutions for a more custom look and improved accessibility. The good news? You can DIY your shelf lighting.

Stagger Shelf Heights

If you own a few pairs of boots, you understand how hard it can be to store them in a closet. They tend to topple over at the slightest disturbance. So, if you are designing built-in cubbies and custom shelving, keep this in mind. Consider making a special bottom shelf specifically for boots.

Repurposing the Existing Furniture

If you are not keen on building from scratch, repurposing old furniture is the way to go. For instance, you could enlist a carpenter to expand your armoire to accommodate more shoes and clothes. You can also repurpose the island by bringing in new marble toppers, paint and cabinets.

Hang Shoes and Hats on the Door

Another way to ensure your closet remains organized and beautiful all year round is by installing hang rails on the back of your door. These efforts create extra space in your closet for your hats, heels and any other collections in need of more space. Hanging your items on the rails gives your bedroom a cosier and more intimate feel.

How Do You Create More Space in a Rental Where Making Changes Is Limited?

If you have little control over the changes you can make in your closet space, try slim line hangers and acrylic shelf dividers. Besides, you can adjust the length of the hanging rods and, if possible, use lighten rods instead of standard rods.

Designer Boxes

Designer boxes are a stylish way to stash away items. For example, you can repurpose a shoe box to store your shoes or jewellery. If you are worried about fumbling through the boxes before reaching the shoe you are looking for, you can always label them for quick identification.

Use a Clothes Rack

You can tuck everything behind cabinet enclosures except the clothes you’ll need in the following few days. Mapping your outfits on a freestanding rack allows you to experiment with different combinations. Advanced outfit planning will ultimately make your morning routine easier. For some character, a vintage rack is always a good idea.

Bring in Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an awesome modern way of storing and displaying your shoes. To achieve a cohesive look in your space, consider one colour for the floating shelves, drawers and cabinet doors.

A Corner Chair Is Always a Good Idea

It won’t hurt to add a side chair to your closet space. This can be used to hang belts or ties. You can also sit down on it as you put on your favourite pairs of shoes or if you want to relax. A great idea for a farmhouse style is a classic vintage chair.

Storage Baskets

Bulky sweaters and shoes should be stored in the open, so you can easily access them. You can stash the other accessories, and off-season wear in storage baskets to attain a cleaner look in the shelving unit.

Rolling Carts

Rolling carts are yet another innovation that has made organizing closets much easier. Pack the cart with your everyday necessities to avoid rummaging through folds of clothes and disrupting the arrangement in your closet. A benefit of using the rolling cart is that you can remove it from your space whenever you want.

Keep Daily Utilities Within Reach

One of the requirements of creating a functional closet is placing things in a sensible and easy-to-navigate way. So, if you have items that you use daily, place them within your eye line and lower. As for special-occasion pieces of rarely-used accessories, it is best to store them on the overhead shelves.

Slim Hangers

If your clothes are bursting through your closet, consider space-saving velvet hangers. They guarantee a uniform look, instantly elevating your closet’s appearance. If you tend to gravitate towards wooden pieces, get slim wood hangers to complement your style.

Which Are the Best Hangers?

Because of their flocking nature, velvet hangers are an excellent choice. Slim wooden and chrome hangers are also great options.


Who needs to battle with closet doors every morning when they can incorporate curtains? Curtains are an awesome way to keep your items out of sight. This way, it is hard for someone to tell when your closet space is over-stuffed.

A Jewellery Wall

Are you tired of your jewellery constantly getting tangled? Then, you should create a wall for them. You can hang the jewellery on the wall or place them on a tray before putting them on the shelves.

Add a Dresser and Mirror

If you have a walk-in closet, bringing in a dresser and a large mirror is always a welcome idea. This automatically turns your closet into a space you can always use to get ready every morning, as everything is within reach.


Other notable ways to ensure a functional and aesthetically pleasing closet space include labels, arranging clothes by categories and using glass doors. You could also repaint your closet space with a colour that suits your style or install wallpaper. After all these efforts, your closet could become your favourite space in your home.

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