Nintendo switch: Är det värt köpa?

Nintendo Switch: Is It Worth It?

Do you love to play video games? Many people love to play games on PlayStations or Xboxes. However, some love to play video games on a Nintendo Switch. It is a hybrid gaming console manufactured by Nintendo and released worldwide in 2017. If you think no gaming console can give you a similar experience playing video games as a PlayStation or Xbox, you have not tried using a Nintendo Switch.

The gaming console features

Using an old gaming console in this modern era makes no sense. This is why Nintendo developed Nintendo Switch. It is loaded with features and is made to give you a real gaming experience.

1. Three Modes in One

Nintendo Switch can easily transform itself from a portable system to a home console. There are
three modes available in the gaming device. You can enjoy the TV Mode by docking your
system and enjoying an HD game on your television. Nintendo Switch also has a Tabletop Mode
that lets you play multiplayer games by sharing your screen with your co-players. Do you love to
play video games alone? Then you will love the Handheld Mode. It lets you use the Joy-Con
controllers attached to the 7-inch OLED display.

2. Try a New Gaming Experience

The IR Motion Camera and the HD Rumble lets you enjoy a unique gaming experience while
playing games using the Nintendo Switch. In addition, you can always be in the game with your
physical feedback feature.

3. Play Multiplayer Games Anyway You Like

Do you love to play multiplayer games with your family members or friends? Nintendo Switch
lets you play multiplayer games using different options. You can invite your friends to your place
and play games together on the television.

If you love playing games with your family, you can use the local wireless at home and connect up to eight Nintendo Switch devices simultaneously. You can also play multiplayer games with people in some other countries online.

4. More Than 5000 Games to Play

There are more than 5000 video games to play on Nintendo Switch. If you love playing games,
you will fall in love with the console. Some of the gaming genres include action, fighting,
adventure, board games, puzzle, first-person, racing, strategy, and multiplayer. The number of
available games will increase with time.

5. Use the Controller Anyway You Want

Although there are two controllers available with Nintendo Switch, you can decide whether you
want to use one or both controllers while playing. You also have the liberty of choosing the way
you want to hold the controllers. For instance, you may either hold them vertically or sideways.
At the same time, it is also up to you whether you want to play with the controllers attached to
the console or detached.

Nintendo Switch: Pros

The Nintendo Switch gaming console has made gamers feel completely in control of their
games. However, it has several advantages you should know about.
· Very Flexible
Nintendo Switch is made so that it can easily transform from a portable gaming system to a
home console and vice versa. This transformation takes a second, enabling you to continue
playing without any disturbance.
· Feels Good In Your Hand
Although using the Nintendo Switch as an attached gaming console gives you a better feel, you
can still hold it for long hours without discomfort. It is designed in an oblong shape that takes a
few minutes for you to get used to it. However, the joystick controllers feel better in portable
· Games Load Very Fast
Have you played on a PS4 or Xbox One? If you have, then you will know how long it takes for
these gaming consoles to load a new game. This is because these gaming consoles must copy
a new game to its hard drive before you can play it. However, loading a new game with
Nintendo Switch hardly takes a second. All you need to do is plug in the cartridge of a new
game, and it is ready to run.
· Compact Design
Nintendo Switch has a compact design. This means it will not take up much space in your
entertainment center. The Switch needs very little space to sit compared to others like
PlayStations and Xboxes. This helps the device blend with other components in the
entertainment center, and you can also carry it everywhere you go.

Nintendo Switch: Cons

There are some disadvantages of the Nintendo Switch that you should also know about.

· Poor Battery Life
A major disadvantage of the Nintendo Switch is its poor battery life. If you are playing a big
game on your Switch, you are soon going to need an external power source. Although this is
acceptable for casual gamers, hardcore gamers get frustrated with this disadvantage.
· Problem with a Glaring Display
If you plan to carry your Nintendo Switch with you on your next trip, you must be sure of your
closest light source. One major concern is the glaring display of the Switch. Due to this problem,
playing a game on the Switch under the sun is impossible. Although indoors, you can still
manage to play; it all depends on your lighting layout at home.
· Small Internal Memory
Like the console itself, the internal memory of the Switch is also limited. This can be a major
headache if you plan to download most of your games and store them in internal memory.

The price

The Nintendo Switch OLED comes at the cost of $349.99, whereas the Nintendo Switch
console itself costs $299.

Is Nintendo Switch Worth Buying?

Due to the large game library and its dedicated first-party support, buying Nintendo Switch is
worth the buy. Nintendo does not have any plans of replacing the Switch anytime soon. Thus,
there is no risk of the console getting obsolete after a few years. Despite its numerous
limitations, the Switch is still a great portable gaming console for gamers.


Nintendo Switch will be a great investment if you love to play games. It has a massive gaming
library, and the compact console design enables you to carry it anywhere. The Switch also lets
you play alone on the console or television with others.

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