Kids wallpaper inspiration – 10 best tips

Kids Wallpaper Inspiration – 10 Best Tips

Bring style and class to your kid’s room with incredible and timeless wallpaper ideas. What are some of the ideas you can explore? Find out.

An easy way to transform your child’s room is by using attractive wall coverings. They quickly change a plain and basic room into a space you’ll want to spend time in. When it comes to kids’ wallpaper, the number one consideration should always be personality. Always find something that, besides adding style, also complements your kid’s personality.

For younger kids, go for a variety of colors and patterns. On the other hand, older kids will always want to express their creativity with their favorite designs. So are you looking to revamp your kid’s room? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Color Over Anything Else

Do not be afraid to experiment with bold colors and patterns. This will be particularly helpful for kids as they are attracted to colorful and bright designs. For example, you could opt for a neat geometric wallpaper design with the spectrum’s bright colors, such as blue, yellow, red, orange, etc., to sprinkle some fun and class. The colors further enhance the vibrancy of the room’s décor. On the other hand, patterns and geometric patterns add visual interest, elevating your room’s interior’s purpose.

Do not forget to throw in a bold color in the background. Incorporate cute and colorful cushions and a rug for an extra pop of interest.

Bring Nature to the Inside

Why not foster a love for nature with a forest print? Such a move offers escapism and fuels your kid’s interest in animals, plants, and outdoor exploring, not forgetting the relaxing air that nature brings to a room. Look at the walls as a chance to entertain, educate and delight your little ones.

Create a Multi-Dimensional Effect

It wouldn’t hurt to add a little texture to the walls. This goes a long way to make the room more fun and make small spaces appear bigger. Kids will undoubtedly fall in love with the tactile look. For younger kids, a colorful option would be great. Something monochrome would be appropriate for the older ones.

Liven up Things With a Cute Graffiti Wallpaper Design

Besides liberating kids’ sense of expression, art positively impacts their minds. This is the reason designers recommend cartoon art wallpapers for kids’ rooms. A good option would be a design with a soothing color scheme of white, blue, and grey. In addition, the wallpaper could feature elements such as a helicopter, flying parachute, or teddy bear. Such elements bring a dreamy aura to the room, letting your kid live in a composed environment. This idea is suitable for both girls and boys aged 6 to 14 years.

Car Wallpaper Design

If your little boy loves racing, this car wallpaper design would be an incredible choice. The vibrant wallpaper accentuates the room with its exhibit of cars of different designs and colors. It captures little boys’ admiration for cars as they grow up. The various car colors against a white backdrop add an innocent and lively vibe to a space. It also creates a positive and bright environment that helps your kid have fun in a colorful room. You can firm it up with peppy interior elements like vibrant floor rugs, bunk beds, and radiant study table decorations. The wallpaper design is suitable for a home with two sons where they can share their dreams and live in a spirited room design.

Chalkboard Room Wallpaper

Kids enjoy drawing and writing on walls. This can be a nuisance if you are constantly trying to keep your walls clean. The good news? You can allow your kids to go on their art sprees and still keep your walls sparkling clean. This is where the awesome chalkboard kid’s room wallpaper design comes in. It allows your kid to let out the little artist in them whenever they want to. The wallpaper mimics a school chalkboard with several science formulas written on it. Besides enhancing the room’s appearance with its unique design, the wallpaper also creates a studious vibe that uplifts your kid’s study sessions.

Butter-Fly Inspired Wallpaper Design

If you are looking to elevate the liveliness of your kid’s space, you might want to consider adding butterfly wallpaper design elements. The design shouts spring love! That will ensure the room stays lively and bright all day long. This idea is best suited for small kids’ rooms, especially for girls aged 7 to 15. Your princess will love growing up in this positive ambiance.

Mountain-Inspired Wallpaper Design

Nothing beats the peace and serenity brought about by a nature-inspired landscape wallpaper design for your kid’s room. The design echoes a sense of tranquility crucial for soothing your mind. You could opt for a blue and white color scheme on the wallpaper to accentuate the room’s interior design. If you choose this for your kid’s room, ensure to take a minimalistic design approach for the remaining interior set-up. Both teen boys and teen girls would love this incredible addition.

Floral Art

You can never go wrong with floral wallpaper designs. You could go for a turquoise background with colorful sunflower art to capture an innocent childhood. It gives the room an aura of liveliness–something your kid could use. Floral art wallpapers are ideal for girls that are growing up.

3D Wallpaper

3D wallpapers have a unique visual effect that creates a comfortable atmosphere and are ideal for boys’ rooms. Your kids may love abstract geometrical patterns that add character to the wall interiors. The design is best suited for grown-up kids that would appreciate the subtle artistic aspects of the 3D visual. Besides, the wallpaper design gives the room an illusion of comfort, giving your kid’s space a homier vibe.

You might also opt to go coastal with your kids’ room wallpaper decorations. Kids love the beach, and maybe you’d like to bring the coast to their room, so they daydream all their days away! The delicate coastal vibe wallpaper screams exotic and is best paired with a neutral color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Wallpaper Designs Are Best Suited for Girls?

Some of the best wallpaper design ideas for girls’ rooms include floral art, butterfly-inspired designs, and princess-themed wallpaper designs. As for colors, both warm and cool colors would serve well. So, consider combining warmer colors like orange, red, and yellow and cooler ones like green and blue.

What Wallpaper Designs Are Best Suited for Boys?

Consider neutral colors with pleasant underlying hues if you want to renovate your little man’s room. For example, you might use taupe, grey, black, white, or cream wallpaper color to complement the existing décor. Also, consider texturizing the walls and using car-themed and 3D wallpaper designs.


Decorating your room’s interior with wallpaper is easy and ideal. In addition, installing, maintaining, and replacing the wallpaper is easy. What’s more? Wallpaper brings a newer dimension to wall designs, which cannot be achieved using only wall paint. Kids are known to be playful and cause messes while at it. This is why wallpapers are perfect for kids’ rooms, as you can easily replace them if damaged. So, go ye all and brighten up your little ones’ spaces.



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