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How to chose the right livingroom furniture

In this post we gonna put full on focus on living room furniture and how to chose the right furnitures. Everyone says the kitchen is the heart of every home, but deep down, they know it is the living room. This is the room where you chill out, watch TV and even work from home. This is why when selecting furniture for your living room, go for stylish options that combine functionality and aesthetics but, above all, are durable and within your budgetary constraints.

This comprehensive guide covers the different types of living rooms–small, narrow, rectangular and square–and the furniture options that suit each of them.

Livingroom furniture

Small Living Rooms

The best furniture pieces for a small living room are those that do not bring too much visual bulkiness to the room. You want to steer clear of furniture that breaks up the space and interrupts the line of sight.

Here are some decor ideas:

Go for Multi-Functional Pieces

Purchasing multi-functional furniture pieces means you only need to create room for one piece instead of more. For instance, consider coffee tables incorporating storage such as drawers or shelves. Alternatively, you can ditch the coffee table for an ottoman that can serve as a coffee table, storage solution and extra seating. Another great idea is nested tables. You can bring them out when you need additional surface space and stash them away once you are done. In addition, slimline console tables would make for fantastic small living room furniture owing to their versatility. You can use them as your workstation and place your TV on them to save space.

Consider Visually Light Pieces

The trick to making a tiny space feel bigger is to ensure more floor space is visible. You can also achieve this by letting in as much natural light as possible. This is the reason you should consider getting a visually light furniture piece. Such a piece features a slimline frame and rests on legs far off the ground. This design means the furniture doesn’t break up the space, so the room feels more airy and breezy. The same applies to the coffee table; go for one with tall legs and a simple design.

Which Is the Best Sofa for a Small Living Room?

Most comfy sofas are bulky. So instead of opting for a small couch with foam filling and tapered legs, consider getting love seats. Besides taking up very little space, this kind of seat offers comfort.

Long Narrow Living Rooms

When positioning furniture in a narrow living room, one is faced with two dilemmas: how do you fit all your furniture pieces in? And how do you prevent your space from feeling claustrophobic?

However, with a few tweaks, you can rise to the challenge of this configuration. Here are some helpful tips:

Go for Circular Pieces

In a long, narrow living room, avoid falling victim to the ‘only sharp, clean lines’ trap. Instead, consider a mix of crisp and curved. So, ensure you opt for a few oval or circular pieces with soft rounded edges, as they can help eliminate long horizontal lines. Here are some clever ways you can achieve this:

  • Place a circular ottoman or coffee table in the middle of the seating area
  • Position small circular side tables close to the sofa and chairs
  • Use bulbous or rounded lampshades and light fixtures
  • Add round artwork and mirrors to the walls to distract from straight lines

In addition to round furniture, go for upholstery with circular patterns. You can also throw in round area rugs that shift focus to the floor.

L-Shaped and Corner Sofas

Corner sofas will help break the length of a slim, rectangular living room. You can use them to cover one of the longer walls and a part of the shorter ones without a hassle. Also, because they conveniently tuck into the corner, they provide ample seating without encroaching much on floor space.

What Types of Tables Can You Use for a Narrow Living Room?

If you elect to bring tables into your narrow living room, keep in mind that they should be slim. Slim tables are visually weighty and less obtrusive, so your room will feel bigger. You are welcome to position a slender end table at the sofa’s sides. As for the armchair, consider shorter side tables.

Wall-Mounted Furniture

Break up an expanse of long horizontal space by making the most out of the vertical space. This can be achieved using a tall bookshelf or armoire. You can further draw the eye higher by installing art pieces or creating a gallery wall close to the ceiling.

Round Living Rooms

A round room’s gentle curvature gives you limitless freedom. When the start and ending of walls are blurry, the result is an easy flow.

While its unique lines make it hard to find suitable furniture pieces, here are some tips to consider when getting furniture for a round living room:

  • Stay away from orthogonal pieces
  • Get unique rounded sofas and tables
  • Put comfy chairs on swivel bases

Square Living Rooms

Consider the following furniture pieces for your square living room:

  • A sectional sofa: It takes up less usable floor space, and you can arrange it in different configurations depending on your needs.
  • Armchairs positioned in the corner
  • A square or round table to create symmetry and balance the space

Which Is the Best Furniture for a Rectangular Living Room?

Here are some furniture ideas for your rectangular living room:

  • A sectional sofa with storage
  • A day bed with storage
  • Multi-functional pieces like an entertainment unit with a study corner
  • Furniture pieces with legs

Vintage Furniture: A Buying Guide

Purchasing vintage furniture is a simple way to get high-quality furniture for much less. In addition, these pieces are environmentally friendly, and you will be doing your part to reduce the pollution footprint by getting them.

So, how do you find good pieces that will look good in your home? Here are buying tips for vintage furniture:

  • Identify various stores that stock vintage furniture and pay them frequent visits. This way, you obtain more information about the pieces offered.
  • Opt for gently used furniture as opposed to pieces that have been trashed
  • Consider pieces with good bones. For example, drawers should slide out easily.
  • Do not constrain yourself to reputable brands, as goods from less-known brands might just be as good.
  • Steer clear of furniture with poor workmanship and inferior materials
  • Surface scratches shouldn’t scare you as they can be easily fixed
  • Consider the size of your space

Final Thoughts – livingroom furniture

Contrary to common belief, the living room hosts most activities in the home. Therefore it is only fair that you reward it with sturdy, stylish furniture pieces. The good news? Space isn’t a hindrance anymore. Whether you have a square, rectangular or round living room, there is always something for everyone.





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