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How to live in a camper all year

If your dream has always been to live in a camper all year then you’re at the right place. Today
we will guide you through all the steps and things you need to consider before you decide to
move out of your house and into your new camper.

While living in your camper all year round can be a fun and exciting experience that allows
traveling around at a low price, there are a lot of things that need to be considered before you
actually make this decision. Let us guide you through the steps and tips we have to offer if
you’re thinking of living in your camper!

How to create a budget to live in a camper

First of all, you need to consider how much money you will be spending when you are living in
your camper. If you don’t have a camper yet, you will have to consider the costs of acquiring
and maintaining a camper. Additionally, you will also have to factor in the costs of moving
around and additional expenses that you will eventually incur. Here are some of the expenses
that you will have to account for:

Get an insurance

Insurance will be absolutely essential if you are thinking of living all year in your camper.
Imagine something horrible happening to your camper, it would be the same as if it happened to
your house. Therefore you need to make sure that you have an insurance plan that covers
anything that may happen to your camper and ensures that if it does happen, you will be

Travel plans

You will probably be traveling around in your camper, and this is another thing you need to
consider and budget for. If you are planning long trips, you need to consider the added
expenses with gas and increased maintenance costs.

Campsite expenses

Another expense that is often overlooked is campsite expenses. Anytime you park your camper
or RV in a campsite you will be charged a fee, and in order for you to live full-time and all year in
your camper, you need to consider this expense.

Especially if you are traveling around to
famous places, you will find that the prices will be higher, and while you may park your RV or
camper in free places, it might not be so easy or safe to do it.

Food and supplies

In a camper, you are somewhat limited in terms of the food and supplies that you have available
to you. You may not be able to get the cheapest groceries or even the things you like, and this is
another thing you need to budget for.

Camper upgrades

As you become more used to your new camper life, you will see that there are several upgrades
that you would like to do to your camper. Remember, we are used to living in houses, but as we
become more accustomed to life in a camper, we like to change and modify a few things.
Camper upgrades can be expensive, so our advice is to save some money in case you want to
do a few upgrades here and there.


Every car or camper requires maintenance, but when if you are planning on living full-time in
your camper, maintenance has to be one of your priorities. It will be as important as maintaining
any house, except this one is on wheels. Maintenance for campers can be expensive,
depending on the model and how recent it is. Therefore you should always make sure your
camper is in good condition and routinely check it with a trustworthy mechanic. If you can learn
how to maintain your camper, this will be a tremendous money-saving skill.

5 Tips for living in your camper all year

1. Storage planning

Campers have limited storage, and therefore you need to plan ahead exactly what you will need
to live all year in your camper. Our advice is for you to start embracing the minimalist lifestyle,
and consider downgrading. This will free up space and make your life in your camper a lot
easier and more organized.

2. Solar panels

If you are planning to travel to a sunny place, solar panels can be one of the greatest
investments you can make. It will make it easy for you to generate additional electricity and help
you save additional money.

3. Prepare for the unexpected

Having a medical kit for example will be absolutely crucial, as well as some candles in case your
power goes out. Small details like this can help you prevent big problems and disappointments
during your camping life.

4. Meet other campers

This is perhaps one of the single most important pieces of advice for those looking to live
permanently in their campers. Meeting people with a similar lifestyle will allow you to connect
and even get additional tips from people that live the life you know have chosen. Additionally, in
case something happens you will have people by your side who understand your struggles.

Remember that living in a camper, especially alone can be isolating, and forming social bonds
with others will be important for you.

5. Become a minimalist

Trust us one of the most important tips on this list is exactly this. You see we are used to living in
large houses with tons of things and clutter. The reality in a camper is a lot different, and unless
you start downsizing your clutter, you will have a hard time moving inside your camper with so
many things. Bring what you need into this new lifestyle but leave useless things at home.

Conclusion – live in a camper

Living all year in a camper and traveling around can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but
before you jump into it and make any mistake, you need to consider all the pros and cons, as
well as the steps to take. With careful planning and research, you will be able to take the first
step and finally move into your camper.

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