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Super sweet dummies which can be ordered with your child’s name on, from Lillemille


A smart item is this name stamp (top left) from Lillemille. You can label your children’s clothes and keep things in order at home :)

barntapeter 7


You can never have enough practical, hygenic, and cute bibs :)

barnrum 3


It’s time for children to take centre stage at inredningsvis and for parents to have a look. I have found a great Danish children’s shop called Lillemille. They have unique children’s products, which can have your child’s name printed on if you so choose.

If you have a lot of children it can be easy for World War Three to break out at home about who owns what. Lillemille has a solution, where unique children’s products can be ordered with each family member’s name on. This helps to keep to the peace at home :)

Lillemille is our webshop of the week, because they show us that children’s products can be both cute and practical.

You can get everything from labelled pasifiers to smart bibs and rain protection for prams HERE

Do you have children? What do you think about the products here?



  1. Wow!!These are so preety and cute products Maria!!!
    I’ll tell my daughter to look the link!!!She’s going to have her 3d baby!!!
    Have a lovely week!!!

    • AWWW tell your daughter Im so happy fo her:) LOVE to you both

  2. Their products are so cute and practical. I never thought of using a personalized stamp to add names to clothing and bags, that’s such a great idea.

    • Yes that very cute I think so to:) LOVE

  3. Hi Maria! Is an adorable onnline shop, everything looks so sweet and good!:) How amazing you are going to be off to France soon, hope you will have a great time then, will see the photos for sure from your blog!:) Kisses and hugs, have a nice day! xo

    • Thanks SO much Lille dear and I wish you a great weekend:) LOVE

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