Kitchen utensils and decor details from Matilde & Co

Today is the Swedish celebration of light, called Lucia, but I’m not going to give you saffron bun recipes this year. Instead, I’d like to let you know about a webshop that offers something out of the ordinary when it comes to kitchen utensils. Matilde & Co sell decor details with a taste of the French and English country life.

This favourite boutique is class all the way. Matilde & Co have well-known brands such as Tine K, Linum and Cabbages & Roses. Visiting this beautiful webshop makes it easy to get lost in i wonderland of never-ending lovely, and who knows, you might never return :)

Decor details and kitchen utensils

Wonderful decor details like cushions, furs, and luxurious mats from Matilde & Co.





It is so important to have all the kitchen utensils you need at Christmas and New Year. Matilde & Co have everything you need for a completely new set of kitchenware. Why not make Mum happy and give her a wonderful set of baking scales as a Xmas present :)



Ljusstakar Munka_matildeco

Beautiful candlestick holders make every table setting a New Year feast :)





Wonderful modern cushions and mats from Chatwal-Jonson.


Matilde & Co: Decor with style and class

If you’re only going to visit one webshop for your Christmas shopping, then Matilde & Co is the one, as they have everything you need for house and home. They buy in carefully chosen decor details, primarily from Sweden and Denmark, but also France and England. Matilde & Co want to help create beautiful and harmonious homes, in lught shades. Their webshop is, in their own words:

A place where beauty and function are one

This is my personal favourite online boutique right now and the style of decor matches the feeling I want to portray at Inredningsvis. If you’ve visited Matilde & Co once, you’ll never want to leave due to all the eye candy :) Now it’s your turn to check out Matilde & Co.

Have a cosy Lucia day and advent weekend! :)


matilde och co

  1. Anything blue and white gets my vote and I love jugs too so guess what I want. Lovely post.

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