Iphone 14 – nya funktioner men håller den måttet?

iphone 14 reviews – worth to buy or not?

The long-awaited iPhone 14 has finally been released, with an improved camera, a series of
new functions, and an improved battery. Not only are the main features of the phone compared
with the previous model, but apple also decided to keep the same pricing for the different
models of the iPhone 14.

Let’s look at all the new features the iPhone 14 offers, so we can help you decide if this model is
worth upgrading to or not. Improved Battery Life and the most important question, is iphone 14 worth to buy?

The battery life of your phone has soon become one of the most important features. Sure, it is
great to have a very advanced camera, and tons of cool new features. But what if you can’t
use your phone for a long time due to its battery?
Well the iPhone 14 has a new and upgraded battery, and even despite all the improvements in
the hardware, and the camera, the truth is that how long the battery lasts is still in an important
part of choosing the right iPhone.

There are some bad news for Apple and the iPhone 14, at least for the standard version – it
lasts longer than the standard iPhone 13. In fact, according to Laptop Mag, the new standard
iPhone 14 only lasts about 9 hours, while the iPhone 13 lasted for around 9 hours and 40
minutes. The test was conducted just by using the web browser on the phone, and if you are
really concerned about the battery and you want to get the iPhone 14, the best option will be to
go for the Plus version.

The improvement is noticeable, since the iPhone 14 Plus can last for around 12 hours, which is
more than enough for some people for 2 days. In case you are an heavy user, or you play a lot
of movies, it may last just one or one and a half days.

If the battery is an important thing you look at when choosing a phone, you should consider the
iPhone 14 Plus or Pro version which has a better battery than the smaller standard version,
even despite having a larger screen or improved hardware.
Additionally, the Pro models also offer an improved battery life compared with the standard and
the Plus version, but the prices are also a lot more expensive. The Pro versions also come with
an improved processor, making them slightly faster than the standard and Plus version.

iPhone 14 Models

Model Battery Screen size Price
iPhone 14 20 hours 6.1 inches Starts at 11,995 SEK
iPhone 14 Plus 26 hours 6.7 inches Starts at 13,495 SEK
iPhone 14 Pro 29 hours 6.1 inches Starts at 14,995 SEK
iPhone 14 Pro Max 29 hours 6.7 inches Starts at 16,495 SEK

The new Colors

As with every new iPhone model released the new colors are always an exciting thing for Apple
fans. While most of the colours of the iPhone 13 were somewhat simple, and and pale, the new
iPhone 14 offers some stunningly different colours, that will certainly make Apple fans very

iPhone 14 colors:

● Midnight
● Star shine
● Product red
● Purple
● Blue

iphone 14 Camera

As with all the iPhone models, the camera has been upgraded from the previous model. One of
the areas where phones in general struggle are low-light pictures, and the new iPhone 14 takes
better shots in low light settings than the previous models, and comes with a new upgraded
technology – Apple’s photonic engine.
Apple’s photonic engine is a combination of hardware, and software to offer one of the best
smartphone camera experiences ever.

The differences in the photos taken with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 in medium and low light
settings are worlds apart, and finally it seems like Apple finally fixed one of the biggest
challenges for smartphone cameras. While these improvements are noticeable both on the back
and the front camera, the wide angle shots have improved the most.

For video lovers, Apple has improved the stabilization of the videos shot, with a new and
improved action video setting. Allowing you to record outstanding videos whether you are
running or jumping around.
New eSIM

Another change that seems to mark a new point for iPhones and phones, in general, is the
eSIM. No longer will you be forced to have a sim card in your phone, and worry about changing
it if you need to use a different number. The new eSIM can be easily set up through your phone
service provider.

Conclusion – is it worth a buy?

While some of the die-hard hardcore Apple fans have been somewhat disapointed with the
release of the new iPhone 14, due to the lack of innovative features, and the lower battery
performance on the standard model, the fact is that for photography and video aficionados,
there have been plenty of improvements.
Tech companies such as Apple are always pressured to deliver the best phones, and to pack as
many new features as possible, and this is always a double edge sword. The more features,
and powerful hardware and software they release into a phone, the more battery it will
consume, and for that reason, it is always difficult to keep iPhone models small and compact,
while also adding a lot of features that will eventually use up the battery.

Is the iPhone 14 the best and most exciting iPhone model ever released? Probably not, and in
fact, according to the public it has been one of the least exciting model releases ever. But if you want a really great iphone camera and a battery with a long running time, then iphone 14 is definitely worth to buy.

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