Iphone 13 - nya funktioner och varför den är bäst

iPhone 13 – All you must know and why its the best

The iPhone 13 has recently been released, and it comes with an improved design, camera, a longer-lasting battery, and improved performance. When we compare with the older models, this one has one larger difference. You can choose between the regular version, the mini, and the max. Allowing different types of users to choose the version that best suits them. With so many options, it is difficult sometimes to understand the differences between each model. It is also important for those on a budget to compare these new iPhone 13 versions with the older model.

To see if it is really worth the higher price tag. Let’s look at some of the new features and how it stands in comparison with the older iPhone versions.

iPhone 13 battery

This is certainly the most important improvement for most of us. We can hardly part ways with
our mobile devices, and one of the most frustrating aspects is the battery. What is the point of
having a flagship iPhone if we have to charge it every 5 or 6 hours? Apple noticed this and
made a huge improvement on the battery.
The iPhone 13 battery can take 50% more usage before you need to charge it. This is a great
improvement for all of us. There are only two downsides to this. One is that Apple was not able
to improve the charging time, which still stands at 1h and 40 minutes before it completes a full
charge. Another consequence of the improved battery life on the iPhone 13 is that the phone is
a little thicker. This is normal, due to the larger size of the battery.

iPhone 13 AWESOME speakers

This is one of the best improvements of the iPhone 13 when compared with iPhone 12. I know
not everyone is crazy about their speakers as most of us use AirPods. However, for music
lovers, this is certainly one of the greatest improvements.
Not only are the speakers on the new iPhone 13 louder, but they also have a lot more clarity
than its predecessor iPhone 12.

The Macro lens

We all know that iPhone has the best camera on a smartphone that money can buy. However,
some close-up shots do not have the same quality as a professional camera. Apple has known
this for a while, and the new iPhone 13 comes with a macro lens. When you use the camera
you will notice that the focus when you get up close changes.
So the iPhone 13 uses this lens to capture more up-close details that will make a huge
difference in your detailed close-up photos.

Night mode photos are improved

This is another improvement that Apple has introduced with the iPhone 13. The quality of the
night photos has greatly improved when compared with other models. No longer do you get
these blurry images that cannot be posted on social media. This is definitely a major
improvement for all of us that love taking pictures at night.

Cinematic mode

This is for the Tik Tok lovers! The new cinematic video mode on the iPhone 13 is nothing short
of amazing. It is incredible how you can record a simple video on a mobile device that looks like
you have a professional video crew with you. This has become one of the most loved features
of this new model. For anyone that likes to record YouTube or Tik Tok videos, this feature is a

Replace old cards with New eSIM

The new iPhone allows users to use an eSIM. For years we always had to carry a Simcard on
our phones. However, with this new technological improvement, we can simply contact our
carrier and use our phones without a physical SIM card. IT is not a life-changing improvement
but it is something worth considering, a very convenient improvement.

iPhone 13 120Hz screen

This is certainly one of the most exciting features of the new iPhone that will make every gamer
get this phone. For years gamers have always praised high refresh rate screens. This is
because it actually gives them an edge when playing online video games. Apple noticed this
and decided to include a 120Hz screen on its normal model and the pro version. This is one of
the best improvements of the new iPhone 13, especially for gamers who can now use their
mobile devices to play games in a competitive way.

Apple iPhone 13 package goes green

Although this is not a technical improvement, it is still important to mention. As most of us are
now well aware of the importance of recykling, so is Apple. They decided to change the way
their iPhones are packed. No longer are they covered in plastic. The new iPhone 13 box comes
with a paper-made box, that can be opened and it is much better for the environment. A great
improvement to make the world better.

iPhone 13 New colors

The new iPhone 13 comes in 4 different colors that you can choose from, for the Pro and the
Pro Max version. These are Silver, Graphite, Gold, and Sierra Blue. When it comes to the standard model and the mini version there are some more exotic colors to choose from. Including Blue, Pink, Starlight, Midnight, and Product Red.

Our favorite is the new pink Iphone 13 you simply MUST check it out!

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