Iphone 12: is it worth to buy?

iPhone 12: Is It Worth to buy?

Who would not love to own an iPhone? However, if you also dream of owning one, you still have
a good opportunity. The iPhone 12 is one of the most popular iPhone models worldwide and is
still sold by Apple at discounted rates.

Apple launched iPhone 12 on 13th October 2020. However, Apple soon released iPhone 13 and
iPhone 14 after iPhone 12 in the following years. Fortunately, you can still find iPhone 12 at a
discounted price at physical stores and online. iPhone 12 is available in three variations: iPhone
12 Mini, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro. Although Apple still sells iPhone 12, the company has
discontinued iPhone 12 Mini.

iPhone 12 – Features

iPhone 12 has several features that make the device unique and worthwhile even today. Some
of these features are listed below.

1. Display and Design

Compared to iPhone 11, the display of the iPhone 12 is way beyond imagination. Apple
introduced an OLED display across all versions of the iPhone 12. As a result, the quality of
brightness and contrast improved considerably. In addition, the display is a Super Retina XDR
panel and comes with a ceramic shield. This improves the durability of the screen. iPhone 12 is
also 11% thinner and 15% smaller in volume compared to its predecessor.

2. Camera

iPhone 12 has a dual camera setup. It has a highly capable Smart HDR feature, and the lenses
can easily capture a wide and ultra-wide form of clicking photos. Additionally, the improved Night
Mode lets you click photos even in the dark. The dual cameras are both 12 megapixels. Do you
love to click selfies? Apple has improved the quality of the selfie camera for the iPhone 12.

3. Available Colors

Apple dropped its all-white policy a long time back. As a result, Modern-day iPhones, including
iPhone 12, are available in different colors. For example, some color options for the iPhone 12
include black, blue, green, and red.

4. Storage Space Options

iPhone 12 is available in three different storage space options. These are 64GB, 128GB, and
256 GB. If you do not use your phone much, you may choose the one with 64GB storage space.
However, if you store a lot of data on your phone, you should opt for the 256GB option.

5. Face ID

Apple introduced Face ID with iPhone 12. This technology helps to open a locked phone without
having to press any pin. If you hold the device in front, it will read your Face ID and open
automatically. This feature saves a lot of time and effort for users. It is also helpful in opening
various apps on your iPhone 12.

6. Water and Dust Resistant

iPhone 12 comes with an IP68 rating that proves it is capable of withstanding water up to a
depth of 6 meters or 19.7 feet for a maximum of half an hour. Although the iPhone 11 also came
with a similar rating, it could only withstand water up to a depth of 4 meters for half an hour. Its
successor is designed to withstand water at a greater depth. The IP68 rating also proves that
iPhone 12 can resist dust, dirt, and other particles.

iPhone 12: Pros

There are several useful advantages of the iPhone 12.
● Great Camera
The camera quality of the iPhone 12 is awesome. Whether you want to click photos in the dark
or click a wide-angled image, iPhone 12 can capture moments in the highest quality. You can
also record videos in 4K on this phone, making the video quality stand out from its competitors.
● Stylish Design
iPhone 12 comes in a stylish design, which was never seen before in the older iPhone models.
It has a flat face design with curved edges. All the future iPhone models also adopted a similar
● Powerful Chip
iPhone 12 has a powerful A14 Bionic chip that enables the phone to multitask easily. In addition,
this processor allows the phone to have a 50% faster CPU, with an overall improvement of 20%
compared to the A13 processor. This powerful chip is also the reason behind the incredible
photography and videography.

iPhone 12 Cons

● Low Refresh Rate
The refresh rate of the iPhone 12 is 60Hz, which is unacceptable. Playing high-level games will
be a bad experience for users at such a low refresh rate. Likewise, watching some
action-packed movies on the phone may also be a bad idea.
● Low Battery Life
The battery life of the iPhone 12 is lower than iPhone 11. This is a big surprise because iPhone
12 is costlier than iPhone 11. With such a high-resolution display, a powerful processor, and
efficient cameras, the phone demands a bigger battery.
● Face ID Does Not Work With A Mask On
Although the Face ID feature of the iPhone 12 is useful in many aspects, it has its drawback.
The device fails to recognize your face if you have a mask on. This is a major drawback
because many people wear masks after the recent pandemic.


The iPhone 12 costs $599 for 64GB storage and the price increases as they go for more
storage options.

Is It Worth Buying It?

The battery of the iPhone 12 isn’t impressive compared to iPhone 11. Nonetheless, it is better
than most of the old-generation iPhones. If you love to click high-quality photos on your
smartphone, then buying iPhone 12 makes sense. Buying the phone also makes sense if you
want to own an iPhone but have a tight budget since iPhone 12 is available at discounted rates
in the market.


Apple has added some major improvements to iPhone 12. If you compare it with most of the
older generation iPhones, you will notice that iPhone 12 has an excellent camera and display. It
also comes with an A14 processor making it a powerful device. However, like most other
electronic gadgets, iPhone 12 has its drawbacks.

The battery quality of the phone is unimpressive, and the refresh rate is also a major setback.
Nonetheless, for those who wish to own an iPhone without spending a lot, buying an iPhone 12
makes sense.

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