Inredningstrender 2023 - 10 största nya trender

Interior trends 2023 – 10 biggest trends the new year

It’s time for the most read post of the year! Namely Interior trends 2023 the big trend scouting for the whole next year. Unfortunately, we are moving towards poorer times and it also shows in the interior design. There will be trends such as micro luxury, luxury on a small scale. Durability decor is still on the wallpaper and even the good old 70s are back. Futuristic furniture is also hot in 2023. And large odd statement lamps that give the rooms that WOW factor.

Here you now get 10 biggest interior design trends in 2023 and we know you will love them. Time to look forward to next year and a Happy New Year of interior design!

1 Japandi – Japan meets Scandinavia

This interior design style has started to grow big already in 2022. It is the style that combines two minimalist favorite interior design styles, Japan and Scandinavian style.

The style is an exciting mix between minimalism and efficiency. Japandi is a more minimalist approach to a home, without it feeling like a clinically sterile show home. It also fits well in this age of sustainability, when you can easily transform old wooden furniture into new ones.

The Nordic part of Japandi style is metal, straight lines mixed with the coziness that comes with a desire for warmth in the home (otherwise known as “hygge”). The Japanese elements that come in are materials like rattan and bamboo. Warm materials such as wood are mixed with colder ones such as metal and stone. Japandi is a mix of the best in modern interior design, we can say.

Japandi – colors

The style has a discreet color scheme, with light, neutral colours. We also see furniture in untreated wood and occasional pastel shades that brighten things up. The Japanese part of the style has dark wood, black and airy, unfurnished surfaces in the home are complemented with more rustic Scandinavian details.

2. Mix wood in different shades

Interior design in wood is still the biggest trend! We’ve seen wooden furniture paired with beige and green plants in countless homes on Instagram over the past year. This new year we will see even more wood but in new combinations. Mixing light woods with darker shades such as ash and oak give an exciting impression and make the room more alive. Mix with some bubble furniture and you have found your home in the new modern interior style.


  • Bamboo
  • Cork
  • rattan
  • Aluminum
  • Stone material
  • Wood

We will see more environmentally friendly materials in the new year. The old year had a lot in bamboo and wood. Cork and aluminum are now gaining momentum in interior design. Interior designers and consumers are looking together for ways to design and counter global waste.

Everything from rattan, bamboo and linen, yes there are plenty of materials that are considered environmentally friendly. The materials cork and aluminum will become increasingly popular in households in 2023 and beyond.

Unlike its polished counterparts, cork is a readily available material. Its natural brown color gives it an earthy, earthy feel. The material’s robust bark appearance provides texture, warmth and coziness.”

Aluminum itself is infinitely recyclable, making it one of the most environmentally friendly metals you can use in your home.

NOTE DO NOT use aluminum in pots when you cook, as it is a strong cancer-causing agent. Also try aluminum-free deodorant available at health food stores.

3. Futuristic furniture

Futuristic furniture is furniture with odd shapes. They can almost look a bit “spacious” and give the feeling of the future and newness. The style has its origins in the 70s and we all know that the 70s are hot right now. If you are interested in this particularly different style, don’t miss some tips that will help you adapt it perfectly in your home. The style also gives vibes from science fiction films in the 70s and 80s.

4. Micro luxury (Micro luxury)

This trend comes from the US and reflects that the world is moving towards poor times. We cannot afford to fully indulge in super luxury throughout the home. But we still want the feeling of luxury somewhere at home. In this way, the term “Micro luxury” emerged. This means that you are luxurious enough and have a room with luxury or just a few luxurious details.

5. A large statement lamp

The new year 2023 is in the sign of lighting. We will see Japanese inspired lamps and above all the statement lamp will be big. That is, a larger lamp in the room, which stands out that little bit extra. Lamps in natural materials such as bamboo is trending big in the new year. Here we offer some really stylish, but still cheap lamps. They are real Micro lux lamps quite simply.

6. Armchairs in cheeky shapes

This goes a little hand in hand with the statement lamp! We will furnish with furniture and lighting that stand out and make a big statement in the room. Even when it comes to the armchair, our dear everyday hero. We will see more armchairs with cheeky shapes throughout the next year. Bubble shapes, angular shapes and Cocoon look are trending in the USA.

7. The string shelf in new variants

Is there any piece of furniture that is more design classic than the ring shelf? Hardly! And in the new year, the String shelf will be bigger than ever. Especially to decorate with the shelf in new vintages. Here above, we see how to decorate with the thong shelf on an entire wall.

8. Durable wool rugs

The wool rug was already big last season and in the new year it is trending even bigger. We realized that viscose was one of the worst materials ever and thus the viscose trend ended. Then the wool trend started to take over completely. We saw more and more people decorating with stylish wool rugs on Instagram. And the wool rugs are also right up to date with durable materials. All reason to go woll in the new year, then!

9. Sofas in odd shapes

Gone are the classic divans and Howard sofas! In any case, if you have to think in terms of modern trends. The new year brings with it new sofas and above all new models and shapes of the sofas. We see everything from the bulk sofas in round shapes, to sofas with wooden details and natural materials in the construction. An exciting couch year awaits!

10. BEDROOM TREND – French country living bedroom style

We have seen some hints this year that the French country style is coming. Think romantic beds with fluttering cotton curtains and a big, big, romantic headboard. The colors should be soft and neutral, not garish and patterned. Avoid bold colors and prints and bright pops of color, instead choose decor that falls into the light and airy categories. A French style bedroom must avoid being stuffy and distracting and instead be warm and inviting.

Summary – Interior design trends 2023

These interior design trends sum up the new year 2023! We started in modern times and ended with history, these are exciting contrasts. The new interior is a modern mix of sustainable materials, futuristic shapes, French history and natural color shades. The trend term Cocoon says it all, that we want to come home and feel like we are in a warm cocoon of security, when the world outside is cold and hard. We hope you liked our trendspan and soon we will come up with trendy colors for 2023 as well as which patio trends apply for the new year.

  • Japandi with Skandi and Japan in one.
    Futuristic shapes and furniture
    Light neutral beige/grey, shades of green and warm earthy tones such as burnt red.
    Environmentally friendly materials such as cork, bamboo and aluminium
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