From food to design and travel, Instagram is a bottomless pool of inspiration. You can easily get lost in the many accounts. So to make things easier for you, we have curated a list of interior design Instagram pages with a huge following. Whether you are aiming for a minimalist, contemporary, bohemian or rustic style, these accounts will offer much-needed inspiration. They allow you to explore the world of interior design and discover what you like.

1.    Arch Daily (@archdaily)

You got to give it up for @archdaily when it comes to consistency. With over 3.4 million followers, the Instagram account boosts a huge following. The account also posts architecture images fans send via the #archdaily hashtag. Through their highlights, interior designers can stay up-to-date with the latest trends. A sneak peek into their account will reveal the different ways to design and apps that you’ll find helpful. Be their fan, and who knows, you may be the winner of one of their AD awards.

What’s more? Arch Daily sure know how to keep their audience engaged. They do so by posting AD quizzes and topics. It is undoubtedly the right place to draw inspiration if you want your followers to stay entertained.

2.    Justina Blakeney (@justinblakaney)

With over 541,000 Instagram followers, Justina Blakeney is hard not to notice. Additionally, she is a New York Times bestselling author and owner of @thejungalow, an Instagram account with a 1.6 million following. Her work “Cool & Collected Homes” in 2015 saw her rise to fame as one of NYT’s bestsellers. In the book, Justina teaches people how to achieve the bohemian style in their homes. In addition to this, she has written two other books that are popular among interior design enthusiasts.

@justinablakeney showcases Blakeney’s best works, and her iconic jungalow style is one to be reckoned with. She often posts reels of her ongoing projects and occasionally provides tips on creating your own posts. She offers tutorials on how she creates her reels, posts and videos using an app. On her reels, she also gives tips on overcoming creative blocks and how she uses her artistic talent.

3.    Emily Henderson (@em_hendrson)

Henderson’s interiors are elegant yet playful. Her spaces are often filled with statement furniture and bright colours. Once in a while, she throws in a few unexpected elements. This is the reason her projects are known for their cheerfulness and liveliness. Her juxtaposition skills are also out of this world, and her chic décor selections can instantly transform even the dullest spaces.

Her Instagram page has over 500,000 followers and offers brilliant interior design recommendations. Through her reels, she shows everything from sofas to ornate-sized mirrors and lets you know what is trending in the interior design world.

4.    Sasha Bikoff (@sashabikoff)

What attributes can set you apart from millions of other interior designers on Instagram? Well, Sasha Bikoff has got this answered for you. Her eccentric and unique modern décor saw her secure a feature in Elle’s Décor A-List. A New York resident, Bikoff is known for her colourful and bold designs that emphasise how the sleek modern era has come to an end and has been replaced with maximalist designs.

Are you looking to explore fun and new ideas? @sashabikoff is the account to jump on. You’ll be surprised at how she uses unique colour palettes so beautifully.

5.    Rich and Sara Coms (@thejoshuatreehouse)

Sara combs is an author, artist and interior designer residing in Joshua Tree with her spouse Rich Combs. The couple owns properties that they rent out for vacations and post their interiors. It turns out this is a thing by the looks of their Instagram following of 301,000. Sara’s interior designs have seen her featured in magazines like Freda Salvador and The Refined Woman.

6.    Sara Gilbane (@saragilbaneinteriors)

If you just started an interiors Instagram account and have no idea where to begin, you can always find inspiration from Sara Gilbane’s account. She posts everything from furniture and wallpaper. Gilbane’s Instagram account also features daily updates on her work and behind-the-scene shots.

Her signature is a fusion of elegance and eclecticism and has received recognition and praise from Elle Décor and New York Times. She believes that bringing unique pieces into your space can instantly transform it. On her Instagram, you’ll find a link to her website, where she showcases her portfolio. There, you’ll see her ongoing projects and her much-talked-about furniture line.

7.    Kelly Wearstler (@kellywearstler)

A Los Angeles-based interior designer, Kelly Wearstler formed her own company called Kelly Wearstler Interior Design in 1995. The company has since flourished into a leading global lifestyle brand in contemporary design. In all her creations, Wearstler incorporates her personal style; therefore, it is no surprise that her works have received worldwide applause.

On her Instagram account, she showcases her works, from interior design to galleries. She also shows the awards and accolades she has won in recognition of her innovations. If there is one thing that her Instagram page should teach you, it is that having a signature style makes you stand out.

8.    Lauren Geremia (@geremia_design)

While she may not have a vast following, Geremia has an impressive portfolio of interior design projects. If you live in the bay area, you might want to start following her on Instagram, thanks to the innovative designs that she has achieved fame for.

Geremia has been featured severally in Architectural Digest and even made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list. She values hand-crafted items dearly, and to her, quality is everything. Her Instagram gives glimpses of previous works, and occasionally, she lets her audience into her personal life.

9.    The Spruce (@thespruceofficial)

Practical, inviting and not fussy–these are words that best describe The Spruce’s Instagram page. Here, interior decoration fanatics can get ideas and inspiration to suit their preferences and budget.

10. Jane Ledger (@janeledgerinteriors)

Jane Ledger’s images show how layered and rich neutral colour palettes can be. While she uses minimal bright tones, Ledger provides several ways to make earthy naturals stand out through layering, well-thought-out styling and beautiful patterns.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a fantastic platform that can help you maximise your potential. For this reason, newbies can always benefit from learning the ropes from the pros. Check out the above interior design Instagram accounts and be inspired!















































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