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Interior Design and Fashion: Do They Influence Each Other?

An undeniable link has always existed between interior design and runway fashion. However, over the years, the two have merged to a point where they influence each other. There is more to fashion than just our clothes and the outfits we put together. From the places we stay to the automobiles we drive, fashion makes up much of our daily lives. Fashion trends seemingly govern everything.

Fashion has been particularly pervasive in homes. Today, it is common to sit on Ralph Lauren chairs and have Gucci bedding. Since the 1980s, it has been common practice for designers to put their names on homeware. Still, it is only recently that their designs have had more accessibility, with more high-profile designers like Armani adding home lines to their runway collections.

These lines translate their couture details and techniques into wallpaper and upholstery. Consequently, interior design firms have expanded to accommodate a fashion component. Some work closely with fashion designers to offer tailored services to clients.

Interior design draws inspiration from the fashion world, with many furniture stores reflecting the fashion trends in the latest seasons. Equally, fashion houses borrow from the interior world. For instance, Yung Wong admits to having idolised Zara Hadid, which saw her replicate her style with geometric mosaics in his designs.

Similarities fashion V.s interiors

Interior designers and fashion designers have striking similarities. Both share a playground for studying trends, designing, choosing colour schemes and fabrics and experimenting with different material and colour combinations. In addition, there is always a fascinating connection between the materials and the story designers try to create.

Trends Setting Trends

While fashion trends result from historical, social and economic outputs, trends in the interiors world are usually a result of fashion trends. Runways, to a large, extend always define the next trend in interior design. This could be a pattern like floral or a combination of fabrics. Because of fashion’s impulsive nature and high demand, hopping on fashion trends is an excellent way to provide for people’s home needs. For example, earthy tones and neutral hues are the trends in 2022 interior design colours. Likewise, these are the colours you’ll find in high-end fashion.

What Interior Design Trends Should You Expect in 2023?

Some of the trends that were the highlight of the 2022 interior design trends include earthy and light tones, timeless styles and the use of sustainable materials. These trends are here to stay; you can expect to see them in 2023 and the following years.

Similar Materials

Clothes design and furniture design are very similar. Furthermore, pulling an outfit is like designing the interiors of a house. Fashion centres around combining patterns, colours and textures. Interior design follows the exact route.

Expression of Self

Both interior design and fashion are the best way for a person to communicate themselves. When it comes to empowerment, nothing beats donning garments that express who you are as a person. Interior design is the same, just that instead of feeling great in your own skin, you’ll feel good in your lovely home.

How Do You Ensure Your Home Reflects Your Style?

You can achieve this by buying evergreen basics that you’ll always adore. This could be an armchair or tartan-patterned leather couch. Then, of course, you could top this up with antiques, lamps and souvenirs that speak your style.

Metallic Details

Another thing that fashion and interior design have in common is the use of metallic details. A golden zip on clothes is no different from a brass sconce. In both worlds, golden fixtures are practical and provide aesthetics. In addition, metallics like gold and brass help accentuate focal pieces or give your space a feel of glamour.

Nature as an Inspiration

From feathered dresses to tropic decor, nature scenes and sights play a significant role in fashion and interior decor trends. To bring back this trend, you could use tropical wallpaper and liven up your wardrobe with an evergreen floral dress.

Environmental Friendliness

The fashion industry is amongst the biggest contributors to pollution. However, campaigns from consumers are making the industry more eco-friendly. Although interior design is more eco-friendly, the industry is also experiencing changes.

Both industries are continuously changing their values and the services they offer. It isn’t uncommon to come across upcycled furniture and clothes. Even fast fashion has become greener since mainstream clothing brands offer products from recycled materials. Similarly, consumers now have stocked vintage items in their wardrobes. In fact, the largest e-commerce platforms offer pre-owned clothing, and the same applies to furniture. In interior design and fashion, the value of iconic designs and high-quality items has equally garnered popularity.

What Are the Must-Have Pieces for the Living Room?

The anchor piece in a living room is undoubtedly a good sofa. You can accessorise with other furniture pieces, artwork and great lighting.

Fashion Trends to Inspire Your Next Interior Design Project

Here are some of the trends causing waves in the fashion and interior design world that could inspire your next revamp project:

Photo: Douglas Friedman

Chic Neutrals

Summer and spring are the best times to give your home and wardrobe a taste of neutral shades. Nothing beats a palette consisting of beige, taupe, cream and white on bright light days. Designers go for muted tones and lighter shades as the temperatures increase.

The Natural Look

Most people go for lighter, looser materials for their summer wardrobe. This natural look is perfect for your wardrobe and home, especially when sustainability is crucial. Natural materials are used for most clothing, furniture and home accessories. You can spice up your living space with materials like bamboo, jute and linen.


Vintage is among the most exciting interior design and fashion trends. Getting vintage clothes and accessories and filling your home with age-old treasure pieces is a great way to reduce wastage whilst experimenting with different looks.


What is your wardrobe’s predominant colour? And what about your house? Once you’ve figured out the types of clothes that make you feel comfortable and the furniture pieces in your home that stand out, you will realise there is a connection between the two. Fashion and interior décor, while they may have a few differences, have a lot in common.


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