Industriell inredning - bästa stil guiden nånsin

Industrial interior – How to get the style

Industrial interior is one of the beautiful and sophisticated interior design styles that has
appeared over the last years. It is known for its use of light colours, brick walls, concrete and
industrial furniture and lamps. This makes rooms really become vintage, and contemporary all at
the same time. It has become a very modern look, that combines metal, wood, and has straight
lines that highlight its industrial look. What is good about this style, is that to get this feeling you
do not have to replace your entire furniture in a room. Industrial interiors works great if you can
include some furniture pieces made of metal, or wood. You can combine them with what you
already own, replacing just a few things here and there.

Its simplistic look, yet modern and comfy is what is so unique with industrial interior. It brings
a completely different atmosphere to a room and house. It also works extremely well with some
other vintage furniture, which you can combine step by step. I will explain to you some of the
characteristics and influences behind this style.

I will also give you some tips on how to look for certain pieces to make sure you get the perfect industrial interior look.

The influence of industrial interior

The basis for this style is a factory kind of vibe that has worked incredibly well when combined
with the home. There are a few materials that define this style. Wood is very used throughout
this type of decor. Usually, it is a medium-light wood tone, but in some cases, you can also use
dark wood. Another aspect that is very common is the use of metal. Furniture made of metal is
the most common part of the whole industrial interior style. It makes you feel like you are in a
20th-century factory in a way. Leather is also very common, and usually, leather sofas are the
most popular choice for this particular style.
Another important part is that this style works amazingly well with high ceilings and rooms with
lots of light. It highlights the style in a totally different way.

Walls and floors

The walls are usually white or made of concrete or wood. These are the most typical uses for
this particular style. They create the perfect atmosphere for this style and tie everything
together. When it comes to the floor, concrete and wood are usually the most popular choices. It
brings clarity to the room and creates an environment that will look absolutely industrial.

Industrial interior sofa

The industrial inredning sofa has slick lines, and it is usually made of leather. However, some
are made of fabric depending on the style. The colors that are more popular are either dark like
black, grey, brown or dark blue. In some cases, light colors such as beige are also used.

Industrial interiors lamps

This is certainly one of the most gorgeous aspects of this style – the lamps. Forget about getting
the real industrial vintage lamps, they have skyrocketed in price over the last years. But the
good news is that some companies actually started remaking lamps in this sort of style.
Capturing the same vibe and feel for a much more affordable price. Even the lightbulbs used in
some of these decorations have been chosen because they look industrial. Some lightbulb
companies even started manufacturing vintage-looking lightbulbs to match the trend.
industrial interior furniture pieces

To achieve the best industriell look, then metal furniture is a must. It is not a very common
thing to find, although with this trend growing you can now find it online, and in many stores. It
brings a unique feel and touch that is only achieved with this type of interior design style.
When it comes to industrial interior forget about the vintage pieces they are too expensive

Find the vintage master pieces

Industrial interior is one of those that has gained so much popularity, that even the newer
designs are somewhat inspired in these. It has also become quite expensive to get some of the
vintage pieces of this style. Because so many people are trying to replicate industrial interior
style, some of the vintage lamps, and furniture have incredibly expensive prices, I mean very

Although you might be able to find some industrial style pieces, the best is to look for new ones.
There are so many companies out there that offer the same style of furniture, sofas, and lamps
but are new and the price is much cheaper. People have gone crazy over this style, and the real
vintage pieces can sell for several thousand SEK.

I hope you liked this style and that it can help you decorate your room or house with this. Its look
is timeless and brings back a sense of comfort that is unique. It is clean and fresh, without being
overly pretentious. It is one of the biggest trends, exactly because of this.

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