13 bästa ikea lampor nånsin

13 Best IKEA Lamps for Every Space

IKEA offers many stylish and functional lamps that can light up any space, from sleek floor
lamps to space-saving table lamps, IKEA has it all. Let’s look at some of the best IKEA
lamps available and help you select the perfect lighting solutions for your home or office.

So, join us as we shed light on the best IKEA lamps!

Affordable and Stylish IKEA Table Lamps

Let’s start with table lamps. These are great for adding a cozy atmosphere to your bedroom,
living room, or any other space needing extra light. Below are some of the best IKEA table

1. Ranarp Work Lamp

First up is IKEA’s most famous Ranarp Work Lamp. This lamp has a vintage look that can
add some character to your room. It has adjustable arms and heads that make it easy to
direct the light where you need it, and the metal construction gives it a sturdy, durable feel.
The directed light it provides is perfect for reading or working on projects, giving you the
illumination you need to get the job done.

2. UPPVIND Table Lamp

The IKEA UPPVIND table lamp has a minimalist design, perfect for modern interiors. This
lamp features a slim oval shade that rests on a sturdy metal base, spreading a soft and
decorative light wherever you choose to place it. And with its touch dimmer switch, you can
effortlessly adjust the lamp’s brightness to your preferred level.

3. TÄRNABY Table Lamp

If you want something minimal yet classy to add warmth and ambiance to your room, IKEA’s
TÄRNABY Table lamp is the best pick.
This lamp features a frosted glass shade that diffuses the light, creating a soft and cozy
atmosphere in your space. The steel base with a natural finish adds texture to your decor,
giving it a modern and sophisticated look.

4. ISKÄRNA LED Table Lamp

If you want to add a fun and colorful touch to your children’s room, the ISKÄRNA LED table
lamp from IKEA is a great option!

This lamp is available in a multicolor option, so your kids can choose their favorite color or
switch the light automatically between seven colors. And the best part? The lamp has a
built-in LED light source with an impressive lifetime of approximately 25,000 hours.
This means that the lamp can last for around 20 years of use if it’s used for three hours daily,
making it a durable and energy-efficient option for any home.

Some Chic IKEA Desk Lamps

Now, let’s look at some of the finest IKEA desk lamps that can uplift the aesthetic appeal of
your workspace while illuminating it brilliantly.


The NÄVLINGE LED work lamp is among IKEA’s top sellers, and for a good reason! One
best feature of this lamp is its adjustability.

You can quickly move the lamp arm and head to direct the light precisely where needed.
This makes it an excellent option for tasks that require concentration or for anyone wanting
to create a specific ambiance in their space.

2. SVALLET Work Lamp

SVALLET is a functional and eco-friendly work lamp. It is made from recycled plastics, a
great way to contribute to the environment.

What’s even more impressive is that IKEA’s SVALLET work lamp has been recognized with
the prestigious Red Dot Award for its innovative design.
And one of the best features of this lamp is its flexibility – you can easily move it around and
adjust it to your needs.

Trendy IKEA Floor Lamps

Floor lamps add an aesthetic to your living room or bedroom. They’re also great for providing
extra light for reading or working. Below are some of the best IKEA floor lamps:

1. SIMRISHAMN Floor Lamp

If you want a statement piece for your living space, check out the SIMRISHAMN floor lamp!
This lamp has a modern and stylish design. Its chrome plating gives it a sleek and polished
look, while the opal glass beautifully diffuses the light, creating a warm and welcoming
atmosphere. Combining these materials creates a stunning piece of lighting that’s sure to
turn heads.

2. ISJAKT LED Floor Uplighter/Reading Lamp

The ISJAKT LED floor lamp is a modern-style lamp with two lights on the same strong base.
The top light is a bright uplighter that can be dimmed to create a cozy ambiance for your
space. You can use it to light up the whole room or just a corner – whatever works best for

It also features an adjustable reading lamp that is easy to direct exactly where you need it.
And the best part? You can turn each light on and off separately as required.

3. Vidja Standing Floor Lamp

The VIDJA standing floor lamp is another masterpiece. With its tube-shaped white textile
shade, this lamp creates a diffused and decorative light that spreads a soft and warm glow
throughout the room.

Whether you place it in the living room, hallway, or bedroom, this lamp will create a cozy and
inviting atmosphere you’ll love coming home to. And with its included LED bulb, you won’t
have to worry about changing it anytime soon – it’s both energy-efficient and long-lasting.

4. Tagarp Floor Uplighter

The TÅGARP floor uplighter is designed to shine upwards, creating a diffused and cozy
atmosphere perfect for any space. It is also environmentally friendly, with parts made from
recycled plastic.

So not only will you be creating a welcoming ambiance in your home, but you’ll also be doing
your part to reduce waste and support sustainable practices.
And with its unbeatable price, the TÅGARP floor uplighter is a budget-friendly option that
won’t break the bank.

5. VICKLEBY Floor Lamp

The IKEA VICKLEBY floor lamp is a unique and beautiful option you won’t want to miss!
With its handmade lampshade made from rice paper, this lamp spreads a soft and cozy light
that creates an inviting atmosphere in any room.

But that’s not all – the VICKLEBY lamp’s oval shape and neat metal legs make it a practical
choice for smaller spaces. It won’t take up too much room but will still provide the warm and
inviting light you want.

The best IKEA Ceiling Lamps

Ceiling lamps are perfect for providing overall lighting for your room. They’re also great for
adding some style to your interior. Let’s look at some of the best IKEA ceiling lamps:

1. NYMÅNE LED Ceiling Lamp

The NYMÅNE LED ceiling lamp is a really cool and timeless design. It is great for lighting
your room with bright and even light, making it perfect for any task.
Plus, it’s practical and energy-efficient, so it won’t hurt your wallet or the environment! And
the best part? It’s got attitude and can add a touch of style to any room you put it in.

2. NYMÅNE LED Pendant Lamp

The NYMÅNE LED pendant lamp offers direct lighting that is perfect for your dining or bar
table. It’s practical and stylish, providing a focused and comfortable glow. Plus, it’s easy to
dim the lighting wirelessly and adapt it to your activities.

Dimming the lighting not only changes the mood in the room but also saves energy. The
LED light source is also great for energy efficiency, consuming up to 85% less energy than
traditional incandescent bulbs.

Conclusion – Ikea lamps

IKEA has a great selection of affordable and stylish lamps that can add personality and
functionality to your home. Whether you’re looking for a table lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp, or
ceiling lamp, there’s something for everyone. Don’t hesitate to visit your nearest IKEA store
or check their website to find the perfect lamp for your space.

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