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Top 6 Ikea furniture made for small homes

More and more new homes are built in Sweden and especially a lot more small homes. Never have there been so many small apartments in Stockholm and Gothenburg for students [...]
Måla ikea möbler - så här gör ni

How To Paint Ikea Furniture – best tips

Can you paint Ikea furniture? Thats a question many readers ask, and the question is yes! IKEA furniture pieces are budget-friendly, chic, and sturdy, adding a personal touch to your [...]
4 bästa ikea barnstol favoriter

4 Best IKEA High Chairs

Discover the practicality and style of 4 IKEA’s high chairs. Offering comfort, safety, and design in one package, these chairs revolutionise mealtime for your little ones. IKEA’s high chairs are [...]
10 bästa ikea badrumsskåp nånsin

8 Best IKEA Bathroom Cabinets

Create a functional and stylish bathroom with IKEA’s range of bathroom cabinets. These cabinets maximize the storage space of bathrooms. You can easily find your desired bathroom cabinet of various [...]
10 bästa ikea barnmöbler någonsin

10 Best Ikea Children’s Furniture Ever

Ikea is known for making valuable household goods and a wide range of children’s products. Their innovative line includes cribs, toys, feeding equipment, and accessories. Ikea’s children’s furniture is amazing. [...]
Ikea pax hack- 6 fantastiska förvandlingar

Best Ikea Closet Decor Ever  

Ikea closets offer endless possibilities for customization, allowing you to create a closet that not only fits your storage needs but also reflects your personal style. Some of the most [...]

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