The best ikea furniture legs tips

The Best Ikea Furniture legs tips

Are you an Ikea lover looking to make your Ikea furniture more stylish and trendy? One of the
simplest ways to do it is by switching Ikea Furniture legs

This post shares the top Ikea leg options that can update the look of your furniture and add a refreshing touch to your room. We will also share tips to choose the best legs for Ikea furniture and the top online places to buy them.

We have compiled a selection of best-rated legs (with design specifications) to suit a range of Ikea furniture pieces. All these pieces are a perfect blend of quality, affordability, and design. Designed with adjustable feet, they allow your furniture to stand steady on uneven floors, making it a safe addition to your home.

The Best Ikea Furniture legs


Simple yet stirring and fresh, these legs are among the easiest ways to redefine the style of
interior decor. They have a great shape and an adjustable height feature that allows your
furniture to stand level even on an unleveled floor.

With a width of 4 ¼ “, a height of 2 ¼ “, a length of 27 ¾ “, and a steel composition, this
multi-purpose furniture leg can perfectly increase the height or add a contemporary touch to
your furniture.


These legs are ideal for storage solutions such as TV benches, units, wider frames, and
more. They render a light, airy look and elevate your BESTA combination from the floor. It
makes it easy to clean the floor under the furniture.

These legs are made with solid wood and acrylic paint that ensures stability and longer life
for your furniture. They come with a width and height of 1 3/4 ” and 3 7/8 “, respectively. The
pack comes with a connection plate that you can use to connect two frames, giving a tidier
and less cluttered look to your furniture.


Whether you wish to highlight an appearance or a style in your kitchen base cabinet with
visible legs or prefer hiding the legs behind a toe kick, Sektion legs are a must-have to
redesign any wardrobe and high-cabinet needs in your house.
Made from polystyrene and polypropylene, the legs are built to last long. The legs have a
height and diameter of 4 1/2 ” and 2 “, respectively, and a maximum load per leg of 276 lb.

4. Kallax Cabinet Leg

Want to give your storage unit an elegant and airier look? Kallax cabinet legs are perfect for
DIY furniture projects. Available in black and white, these beautiful, slender products can
transform your old cabinets into gorgeous ones.

Kallax Cabinet legs come with a height of 7 1/8 “, are sturdy, and allow for solid support.
Besides being easy to assemble, their thicker size makes it easier to adapt perfectly to any
unit. Moreover, these steel legs allow for adjustable heights and render a slender look to
your furniture.


They are great replacement legs for your kitchen cabinets. You can attach them to a range of
kitchen furniture units easily.

With a height of 4 1/2 “, capita legs impart a visible and airy expression to your room. They
have a great shape and come with adjustable feet to offer added stability and protection
against humidity from the floor.

Their adjustable height feature allows your kitchen cabinet to remain stable and flattened
even on an unlevelled floor, making it a safe addition to your kitchen.


These stainless-steel legs are rounder, shorter, and more angled, offering perfect fitting to a
range of storage Ikea furniture. Available in wood and metal color, these trendy and elegant
legs instantly add style to your usual furniture piece, giving it more grandeur and height.

Available in height and width of 1/8 ” and 3 7/8 “, respectively, correctly align with the
functionality of the furniture. The easy installation steps let you change any piece of Ikea
furniture into a modern classic look. You only need to unscrew the old legs and fix the new


Are you looking for a new kitchen solution to make your kitchen look appealing? Enhet legs
come with high frames and an open base, creating an airy feel and a detail to the design.

Available in stunning anthracite and white colors, these steel legs are well-suited to renovate
a simple kitchen unit into something elegant. Worthy of any room, this fantastic product
makes your kitchen furniture units glamorous.


Are you looking for a sturdy leg for heavy things? With Besta supporting legs, you get an
even more steady storage solution capable of handling almost anything. They are available
in a height of 3 7/8 ” and black color.

Hard to detect, these heavy-duty steel legs are durable and suit various applications.
Besides the ease of installation, the perfect fitting and heightened stability they offer to the
furniture makes them a perfect choice.


If contemporary-styled legs are what your heart desires, then these steel legs will best suit
your needs. Their chic and sleek appearance distinguishes them from your
conventional-style wooden Ikea furniture legs.

The ample practical storage and the legs’ substantial working area enable you to do several
important things. Available in white color and with a height range of 26 1/4 ” to 33 1/8 “,
these steel legs are ideal for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other humid home spaces.
You can set up a workspace by combining BOAXEL legs and tabletop and install it onto any
storage solution.


These legs impart a rich look and a sense of quality with their natural expression. Made with
pure and untreated solid wood, they are sturdy to carry the weight of almost all types of Ikea
furniture. ULARP legs are in-demand among Ikea lovers in the market for minimal material
cost and elegant style.

Not to mention their rich wooden look that adds a little bling and glam transformation to your
ordinary furniture piece. Furthermore, these adjustable elements add some height to your

Ikea legs FAQs

1. What are the best places to find legs for IKEA furniture?
Instead of spending a lot of money to buy unique and superior-quality IKEA furniture,
redesigning it with new hardware or accents is way cheaper.

Made with genuine, solid, and untreated materials, the Ikea furniture legs come in varying
shapes and materials that give character and style to your furniture. You can fit these
versatile pieces anywhere, such as the kitchen, bathroom, outdoors, hallway, living room,
dining area, bedroom, and more.

Several top online retailers bring you a wide selection of replacement furniture feet that gives
a creative new look and lease of life to your current IKEA furniture. Some of these include:

Pretty pegs
Norse Interior

2. What type of Ikea furniture can you customize?

Fitting well-designed legs to your existing furniture is a simple way to elevate it to a new
level. Choose between varying materials and heights based on the expression and look you
want to give your furniture.
Several companies specialize in offering timeless, functional, and long-lasting custom-made
replacement furniture legs for a range of IKEA furniture, including:

● Bed frame,
● Armchair,
● Sofa,
● Table,
● Footstool
● Standing furniture like lightweight and small storage units such as wardrobes, cabinets,
closets, etc.
● Sideboards,
● Media consoles,
● Dressers,
● Nightstands

By customizing the design and color of your sturdy furniture with these, you can upcycle your
old furniture base to create personalized furniture.
3. How to select the best legs for your IKEA furniture?
Need help picking the perfect type of legs for your room decor? We have a few handy tips to
help you decide:
1. Think about what you need to update on your existing furniture
It could be the color, height, material, or anything else. Answering this question will help
narrow your list of options and make the selection easier.
2. Identify the style you are looking for
Metal legs are an ideal option to add a contemporary touch to your IKEA furniture. Light
wooden legs would be a better bet for a more minimalist look.
3. Consider the other hardware in the room where you want to place the furniture
It will help you choose the right color and style of IKEA furniture, complementing your room
decor. For example, to find the legs for the bedroom table, look for the ones that go well with
the handles of your bedroom cabinet.
4. Look at the weight of your furniture
If it is heavy, I prefer solid legs offering more support. Choose legs with a broader tip to
better distribute the furniture’s weight.
5. To add legs to cabinets, ensure that once you have fixed the legs, the cabinet is
steady and doesn’t fall
Screwing furniture to the wall helps prevent any risk of accidents.

4. What are the best Adjustable Vanity Legs for Ikea

Here are the the best adjustable based on different factors:
● Best Overall: Hankun Adjustable Vanity Leg
● Ideal With Shelf: Ikea Adjustable Vanity Leg
● Perfect For High-Quality Legs: Ikea Back Vanity Support Foot
● Ideal With Good Service: Antrader Adjustable Vanity Leg
● Ideal For Weight Limit: Huayy Adjustable Vanity Leg
● Ideal For Load Bearing: Doublelife Furniture Legs Adjustable Vanity Leg

5. What materials are Ikea legs made of?

Ikea furniture legs come in an array of colors, shapes, and materials to suit everyone’s taste.
Usually, metal and bamboo are used to manufacture Ikea furniture legs for a more traditional
or modern feel.


Adding different legs to your Ikea furniture is an inexpensive way to customize and redefine
its look. It is a really simple Ikea hack that anyone can do.
We hope these trendy leg options and ideas will get your creative juices flowing. Try any of
these to transform your basic Ikea piece into beautiful and classy new furniture piece.

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