Resa utomlands gratis - 5 bästa tips

How to travel for free – 6 best tips

Yes, you read that title right, there are ways to travel for free! Yes! there are ways of traveling and seeing the world without having to spend much money. But how is this even possible, you ask yourself?! Well, there are plenty of different ways that you can use to travel and stay in different places without having to spend money just by working.

Now you are probably thinking – great, this is another way for me to get a job and be forced to move abroad! Not that is not the case, and we will show exactly how you can start to travel the world for free or for very little money.

Here are our best ideas on how to travel the world for free or very cheaply:

1. Volunteering

One of the best ways of traveling the world, either for free or by just spending a little bit of money, is by volunteering. Yes, not only will you be traveling and meeting new people, places, and cultures, but you will also have a chance to help others during this time. There are plenty of different associations that recruit volunteers from all around the world, and
you can choose basically what you want to do. There are plenty of well-known websites you can
use to look for volunteering programs abroad.

Here are some of our favorites:

● Worldpackers
● Volunteering Solutions
● GoEco
● Projects Abroad
● International TEFL Academy
Make sure you find a volunteering program that is aligned with your beliefs, experience, and
knowledge. Using these websites, you will find plenty of opportunities to travel abroad, help
others, and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is perhaps one of the best ways to travel the world without having to spend tons of
money. Not only that, but you will get to meet tons of different hosts who can help you to have a
great time in different countries. They will be able to introduce you to the culture, show you the
best spots around, and even give you tips.

It is a great experience for anyone that is considering traveling the world for free or on a tight
budget. Couchsurfing also offers great flexibility, and you will find that in each new place, there
are tons of people available and open to receive you in their homes without asking anything for

Here are some of the best couchsurfing websites you can use to find your next home:

● Couchsurfing
● Warm Showers
● Trust Roots
● Servas
● BeWelcome

3. Hitchhike

While hitchhiking might seem like something of the past, it is still possible to travel and discover
the world, thanks to the kindness of strangers. People nowadays are a lot more cautious when it
comes to giving rides to strangers, but there are still kind-hearted individuals that are willing to
give strangers a ride.

If you are planning to travel around by hitchhiking, you need to be aware of the risks and the
best ways to get a free ride. You will also notice that in some countries, especially Asia and
South America, people are a lot more open to giving you a ride than in the US or Europe.

4. Go camping

Camping is a simple and affordable way of traveling without spending a lot of money or any
money at all on accommodation. Many adventurous travelers have chosen to travel across the
world only with a backpack and a tent, and this is a great ingenious idea to save money while
still visiting new countries.

You may even find a lot of locals in different countries that will let you stay in the land close to
their house and set up a tent there. This makes it the perfect solution because you will get to
meet a lot of different people that can help you in a new country without having to spend a lot of
money. It is also an opportunity to experience a new type o traveling and avoid all the spots
tourists usually prefer.

5. House sitting or pet sitting

Believe it, or not some people are paid to look after a house or a pet, and that may include
traveling around the world. Just imagine this, do you think rich and wealthy people leave their
houses completely unattended while they go on vacation?! No, they hire a house sitter,
someone that will look after their property while they are gone.

Not only will you be able to travel to different places to house sit or pet sit, but you will also get
paid in the meantime. What is great about this option is that there really isn’t a lot of work
involved in house-sitting or pet-sitting.

Here are a few websites you can use to find house-sitting or pet-sitting jobs:
● Nomador
● Trusted House Sitters
● Mind My House

Tips for traveling cheaply

While some of the ideas we gave you will still require you to spend some money, the cost will be
incomparably lower than traveling by plane and staying in hotels or Airbnb. For this reason, you
will still need to plan and create a budget for your travel. One of the best pieces of advice we
can give you is to go with a friend, a family member, or your lover. That will not only make your
travel more exciting, but it will also make it easier.
You will certainly find yourself in some different situations that will make you question your
decision in the first place, but you should not let that deter you from achieving your dream of
traveling and seeing the world without spending a lot of money.

Conclusion – travel for free

While it may seem impossible to travel with an extremely tight budget or even without spending
any money, there are plenty of ways of doing it. All you need is to be creative, open to new
experiences, and willing to work a little bit. Just plan your trip and your budget accordingly, and
you will have one of the most exciting experiences of your life.

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