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How to find the right greenhouse decor

Are you dreaming of the perfect greenhouse? With the right chosen greenhouse decor the greenhouse can be used all year around. A greenhouse can become so much more than a glass house with plants – it can become an oasis where you find inner peace, joy of life and harmony. To transform your greenhouse into a place where you just want to sit and enjoy, you need to focus on the interior design!

Which interior should you choose for your greenhouse and what should you focus on first and foremost? To make it a little easier for you, we will come up with some useful tips along the way, as well as give you inspiration for how you can decorate your greenhouse!

When decorating your greenhouse, it is important to remember to leave space, so that you can move around without problems. Imagine you want to be able to get from one side to the other, without having to perform a lot of acrobatic dance moves. You also want to have room left over for a seating area, where you can sit and relax. You should be able to sit down without having to knock over a lot of pots every time you pull out the chair. Of course, there are also smaller greenhouses, where there is no space for chairs and tables and here you can instead focus on creating a cozy environment and a greenhouse where you can move around and sit comfortably while working with the plants.

A smart tip for greenhouses that have small areas is to have a planting table or work table. You can then move pots to the table and stand there while you work. Then you can move the pots back to their place in the greenhouse when you are done. We’ll talk more about planter tables later in this article!

Rattan – a material made for greenhouses

In the greenhouse, you want to be able to grow your crops and spices and feel the scents that create so much pleasure. But after a hard shift with the spade and planting gloves on, you need somewhere to sit. A greenhouse can have a sitting area, where you can have coffee, relax and just enjoy your greenhouse. It should not be a work table, but a place where you can display buns, coffee, juice, etc.

Rattan is a perfect material if you want chairs and tables for your greenhouse. The material can withstand the humid and warm air that is in a greenhouse and there are many small and flexible pieces of furniture to choose from if you have a greenhouse with limited space.

Ceramics – mix as you like

In a greenhouse, you can mix colors and styles exactly as you like. Of course, you can also have a more pared down and sparingly decorated greenhouse, but why not fill it with as many nice things as possible? Pots fulfill two functions in a greenhouse. You get a natural place to grow, while at the same time you get a beautiful interior for your greenhouse.

Here you can find a lot on second hand. Mix sizes and colors to create dynamism in your greenhouse and lots of life. Large pots can be placed directly on the floor, smaller pots can be placed on shelves or hung from the ceiling.

Pots can be nice to have stacked one on top of the other. You don’t have to plant something in each pot, but can, for example, use them to store tools, or as I said just leave them stacked, to create more feeling for your greenhouse.

Pots can also be placed outside the greenhouse to frame the greenhouse.

Spruce up the greenhouse with nice tools

Many people choose to put their tools away instead of leaving them at the front of the greenhouse. But have you thought about what a mood booster it is to see a shovel or a rake lying in front of the greenhouse? It helps to create a feeling that cultivation is taking place in the house. Instead of decorating the tables with porcelain and ceramics, lay out your tools and let them serve as decor.

You can also hang fine tools neatly and neatly on hangers that you attach to the walls or ceiling. Then you also don’t have to run out to the store every time you need a tool, but always have them close at hand.
Cushions for greenhouses
Cushions help to create a smart feeling in the greenhouse. If you go ahead and get rattan chairs, you can advantageously place cushions on them and thus get an even more homely feeling in your greenhouse.

Cushions also have the nice feature of adding color to your greenhouse. With a lot of ceramics, glass and green plants, it can be nice to break off with a real splash of color! Choose cushions that are visible and that add to the feeling you want to create in your greenhouse.

Planting table in the greenhouse

Greenhouses can look many different ways. But usually you have a plot of land, where you plant directly in the underlying soil. Some greenhouses only have planting tables. No matter what your greenhouse looks like, a planting table can contribute to dynamism in your greenhouse.

With a planting table, you can also work with different height levels in your greenhouse. Instead of having all the growing on ground level, you can now come up to a middle level and have plants standing in smaller pots on the table. If you plant vegetables and other things, you can often let these grow under the table. However, it depends on how much light the plants need.

Build in height with different shelves

Shelves are perfectly clean for the greenhouse. A greenhouse often has limited space and with shelves you get more space for cultivation. Here you can have pots with spices, or grow plants before you put them in the ground. It also contributes to the decor itself and you don’t have to stare at sterile glass walls in your greenhouse.

There is no right or wrong here. Dare to experiment with different types of shelves and place them at different heights. This is the beauty of greenhouses, it can look like anything. It can say things holes about noise. Only the imagination sets limits. In addition, it is as easy as possible to rearrange the furniture in a greenhouse. Experiment!

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