How to convert a van into a camper step-by-step

How to convert a van into a camper step-by-step

If your dream has always been to travel the world in a camper, but you don’t have money to buy
one, there is a solution – converting a van into a camper! This has slowly become one of the
most popular things for those who aspire to live full-time in their camper but do not have the
money to buy an expensive RV.

However, this is not just one of those simple DIY projects you can learn by watching a whole youtube video, there’s a lot that you need to know and do before you can successfully transform a van into a camper. This is why with our help and tips, our guide will help you step-by-step on what you need to do.

Here is 7 Steps to convert a van into a camper!

Convert a van into a camper

1. Do some major research

It all starts with research, that’s right! When it comes to converting your van into a camper, you
need to know exactly how you will have to do things and exactly what you need. Remember, a
van is a vehicle designed to carry things or people, and it needs to be converted to actually be
able to live.

This is to ensure that your camper will have all the amenities and conditions for you to live there
peacefully, without having a hard time. During the research process, you will also need to
establish exactly which features and minimum requirements you want from your camper.
If you really need to have a kitchen, then you will have to plan your camper based on that, and
the same goes for a bathroom, for example. Remember that there will always be upgrades you
can do once the basic project has been completed, but some things need to be researched and
planned beforehand.

2. The planning

When it comes to planning your van conversion into a camper, there are a few key aspects that
you will have to consider:
● Insulation: Insulation is absolutely crucial because you need to prevent heat from going
out of your camper in the winter and heat from coming in during the summer.
Additionally, if you plan to live full-time in your camper and travel across busy areas,
sound insulation can also be important to make sure you get good sleep.
● Ventilation: Your camper will also need ventilation for the air to make it easier to control
the temperature and control humidity levels and even to install heating.
● Heating: If you are planning on traveling during the winter months, your camper will
most likely require heating. This is the only way for you to ensure that you keep the
inside of your camper nice and warm.
● Cooling: Cooling can also be important during the Summer to avoid overheating inside,
so cooling is also something that needs to be considered when planning your van
conversion into a camper.
● Electricity: You will also need to consider what appliances you need and how much
power they will require. You can also consider setting up a few solar panels to power
your camper.
● Storage: This is also absolutely crucial to consider before starting your van makeover
into a camper. Especially if you are planning on living full-time in your camper and
traveling across multiple countries, storage will be absolutely essential, and you will need
a lot of it to be able to bring home some souvenirs.
● Kitchen and bathroom: If you plan to use your camper for long travels, you will
definitely require a kitchen and bathroom. This will obviously increase the costs of
remodeling your van, and it will also require you to plan it a lot more carefully.

3. do a budget

Budgeting your van makeover is also a key step you need to define before you start buying all
the required supplies and getting to work. Make sure you decide whether or not your budget is
flexible and if you want to convert your camper with the highest quality materials or you just
want something that works.

You should also have a flexible budget because some things may end up costing more money
than what you initially expected. Therefore, you need to account for this. Consider buying some
of the supplies second-hand because you will end up saving more money in your camper

4. Buy the materials

Now it is finally time to go shopping and get all the materials and tools you will need for this
project. Don’t forget to check the prices online beforehand to make sure you get the lowest
prices possible. Even if that means ordering things online and having to wait, it will pay off
because you can save a lot of money.

5. Start the project

Once you have everything you need, it is now time to put your plan into action and start working
on your project. You should also set up some goals along the way, like this week you will finish
this part, and next week another part. This will keep you motivated and on schedule, making
sure you actually finish the project.

6. Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends, family members, or acquaintances. Most of the time,
they will have some tools you need or even materials, or they can just give you a hand in some
areas that might require 2 people to work on.

7. Add a personal touch

Finally, you have completed your project it is now time to add some personal touches. This
includes decorating the interior of your new home on wheels in a way that makes it feel like your
home. Some of these final touches can be DIY projects like painting, pillows, or even some
accessories to add a splash of color to your camper.

Conclusion – convert a van into a camper

If your dream has ever been to own a camper, but you can’t find the money to buy a new or
used one, the best option you have is to convert a van. While this project may seem intimidating
at first, our steps will ensure that you are able to plan and execute it to perfection. Whether you
want a camper to spend the weekend away, or to travel the world on wheels, make sure you
make it as much as your home as possible, and have fun doing it.

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