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How to chose the right carpet size at home

Carpet week continues!

Many write to me and ask what size of carpet they should have in different rooms. My rule of thumb is always, rather a little too big carpet than too small. A too small rug, for example for a sofa group in the living room, looks ridiculous. Almost like to small sized shorts.

The size of a rug can dramatically change the impression of the room. A rug that is too small can make the room feel uninviting. While a rug that is too large for the room can, paradoxically, make the room feel smaller. The right size of a rug gives the room warmth and balance and creates a perfect finish.

Here are some really good tips on how to choose the right size of rug for your home.

Chose the right size of living room carpet

Usually the manufacturer offers rugs in three or four standard sizes. Therefore, be sure to check what sizes are available when looking for rugs. Then you immediately see that the rug you want is available in exactly your desired size.

Of course, you can also have your rug tailored, then you get the luxury of making it to exactly the size you want. This is a great advantage, especially if your space has a non-standard size for carpet.

Standard size carpets in Sweden

We start by going through the most common standard sizes of rugs. They are as follows:

140x200cm 170x240cm 160-200cm 200x300cm

So what size of rug should you choose in your living room with the sofa group? Here are two really good picture examples of how to place the carpet there.

Too small carpet = No.

Here above you can see a classic result, how ridiculous it can look if you have chosen too small a rug in your living room. The feeling is like when you wash a larger sweater that then shrinks.

The perfect carpet size

Here above you see the difference! A perfect choice with 240 × 340 cm in this room. The room immediately looks bigger and the carpet gives a luxurious inviting impression.

Choosing the right dining room carpet

I have been asked many times, what size rug should I have for my dining group? My number one rule of thumb here is: Always have so much carpet that the chairs can stand on the carpet even when you have pulled them out fully.

Too small carpet

Here the carpet just looks small and ridic! It is just as good not to have a rug at all with the food group, than to have one that is too small.

Perfect size for dining furnitures

Here you see a perfect choice of matte size for the dining furnitures! The chairs can be pulled out whole but still they should remain on the carpet, then it is the right size. See how luxurious and inviting the dining room became with the larger rug.

Choose the right rug for the living room furniture

It is often recommended to determine an appropriate size of rug based on your furniture placement and your furniture, not based on the specific room size. Some layouts look better with a certain part of the floor visible around the edge of the room. So the most important guideline for determining the best carpet size is to always consider the furniture placement over the room size. This “rule” applies especially to placing a rug in a larger room such as a living room, dining room or bedroom.

See here how beautiful the rooms become with large luxurious, fluffy carpets!

Use the tape trick

If you have trouble visualizing what a rug will look like in a room. Here is a trick to help. Before you buy the carpet, measure out a floor space based on the size you think you need for the carpet, according to the standard sizes above. Then use masking tape or similar that does not damage the floor and tape the area you just measured. You will then be able to see the outline of where the rug would be, which will help you see how the size of a rug fits into your room. Once you are happy with the size of your taped area, well then you are ready to shop your dream rug.

Final thoughts

Finally, there is one last rule for determining the size of a rug: Rules are there to be broken! These are just guidelines, and only YOU can decide what is best for your home because YOU live there. The most important thing is to take the time to make the rug decision, as it is a huge expense to invest in a good quality rug. Your home should reflect your taste, so if you feel like breaking any of the matte rules go for it!

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