Should you use a high or low dryer setting?

Should You Use a High or Low Dryer Setting?

A Guide to clothing dryer!

Drying clothing in a dryer helps save effort and time. But whether you should use a
high or low dryer setting is confusing. Clothes can be ruined, shrunk, or creased if
the improper setting is used.

So, you must know the different dryer settings and their effective use to avoid these
issues. This article teaches about the many dryer settings and which is best for your
clothes. We will also discuss the best and most secure methods for drying your

What Are Dryer Settings?

So, when you’re using a dryer to dry your clothes, you’ve got a bunch of settings to
pick from. They usually have stuff like temperature, time, and cycle options.
Depending on your dryer model, you might have more or fewer settings to pick from.
Some of the most common dryer settings are given below.

Regular or High Heat

This top-notch, speedy setting works great for tough fabrics like cotton, denim,
towels, and bedding. Using it can zap those nasty germs and bacteria on your
clothes, but it might also make them shrink, fade, or wear out faster.

Permanent Press or Medium Heat

This chill setting works for fake fabrics like poly, nylon, rayon, and acrylic. Drying can
keep your clothes looking fresh and wrinkle-free, but be careful not to crank up the
heat too much, or you might end up with some melted fabric.

Delicate or Low Heat

This chill and easy setting works for delicate fabrics like wool, silk, lace, and lingerie,
that are more delicate and soft. Using it can keep your clothes looking good, but
drying fully takes longer.

Air Dry or Air Fluff

This setting doesn’t use any heat; it just blows air to fluff up your clothes. It’s good for
stuff that can’t handle the heat, like rubber, plastic, foam, or leather. You can also use
it to clean your clothes or eliminate fuzz and dirt.

Should You Use a High or Low Dryer Setting for Your

The best dryer setting for your clothes depends on several factors, such as:

The Fabric Type and Care Label of Your Clothes

Make sure you look at the washing care labels of your clothes before tossing them in
the dryer. They’ll tell you if your clothes can go in the dryer and what settings to use.
Don’t toss wool, linen, or silk in the dryer, or they might get messed up.

The Size and Weight of Your Load

Don’t stuff too much in your dryer, or it might not work as well and take longer to dry.
Make sure to give your clothes room to move around while drying. Group your
clothes by material and heaviness and toss them in the dryer together. This will help
you avoid drying your clothes too much or too little.

The Desired Outcome of Your Drying

You should change the dryer setting based on how you want your clothes to feel and
appear after drying. For instance, use a high heat setting with a dryer sheet or a
damp cloth perfumed with essential oil if you want your garments to be soft and fluffy.
Use a permanent press setting with a spray starch or fabric softener if you want your
garments to be wrinkle-free and crisp.

5 Amazing Dryer Setting Tips

Check out these tips to make sure you’re using your dryer settings right and saving
some energy:
1. Make sure to clean the lint filter before and after every load. This will totally
help with the airflow and avoid any fire risks.
2. If your dryer has a moisture sensor or automatic dryness control, use it! This’ll
help you know when your clothes are dry and stop the cycle on their own, and
also help you save energy and avoid over-drying or under-drying your clothes.
3. If your dryer has a cool-down or anti-wrinkle feature, use it! This’ll help cool
down your clothes at the end of the cycle and keep them tumbling until you
take them out. This will stop your clothes from getting all wrinkly and creased
4. Take off your clothes as soon as the cycle is finished! This will help avoid
wrinkles and creases from getting all settled in. If you can’t remove them
immediately, just use a wrinkle-release spray or iron to smooth them out.
5. Make sure to hang or fold your clothes nicely once they’re dry. This will help
keep them looking good.

Conclusion – clothing dryer

Drying your clothes in a dryer is pretty handy and saves time, but picking the right setting for
your clothes can be a challenge. If you use the wrong setting, you might have messed up,
tiny, or wrinkled clothes. To avoid these issues, you must know what the dryer settings mean
and how to use them right.

This article broke down the different types of dryer settings and how to pick the best one for
your clothes. We also hooked you up with some tips on how to dry your clothes safely and

Don’t forget to check your clothes’ fabric type and care label before tossing them in the dryer.
Don’t throw stuff like wool, linen, or silk in the dryer because it might mess them up. Group
your clothes by material and heaviness and toss them in the dryer with similar items. This
will help you avoid drying your clothes too much or too little.


Does drying clothes on low heat shrink them?

Drying clothes on low heat doesn’t shrink them. Instead, it’s better for some delicate fabrics.
But some heavy fabric clothes like towels need high heat.

What drying temp is best?

The best drying temperature depends on the type of fabric in the dryer. Some delicate
fabrics need lower temperatures as compared to the harder ones.

Does high temp drying dry faster?

Yes, high-temperature drying dries faster but uses more energy than low-temperature drying.

What setting is low heat on a dryer?

Low heat on a dryer is usually marked as “delicate,” “gentle,” or “air fluff.” It may have a
symbol of a feather or flower. The temperature for low heat is 125 F to 135 F.

Can you dry all clothes on low heat?

You can dry most of your clothes on low heat, but some heavy clothes need high heat.

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