10 växthus för både små och stora trädgårdar

Greenhouse ideas for your backyard

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, one thing you should consider is getting a
växthus. The växthus is a perfect solution for our cold climate because it allows us to grow all
sorts of vegetables and fruits even during the winter.

A växthus can also be a great decor addition to your backyard, giving it more style and
personality. You may not even use your greenhouse just for gardening, but instead for several other

Let’s look at some greenhouse ideas and inspiration!!

Choose the right greenhouse color

One of the most trendy things right now with greenhouse  is to choose different colors. Some people
will always go for the traditional white, while there are some other great alternatives out there
like black, green, and even some more exotic colors. This can be a very exciting way of making
your backyard completely unique, and it might work very well with the decor you have in your
outdoor space, as well as the outdoor furniture.

Luxurious greenhouse

Creating a luxurious environment inside your greenhouse has also been a very common trend
recently. This is perfect if you want to spend some time in your greenhouse during the winter, you
can even put electricity running to it, and add some lights that will give it a completely different

Glass sliding doors

Although the traditional greenhouse tends to be static, today there are other options. One of the
most common is to use glass sliding doors, that allow you to use the växthus during the
summer, and even use it as a place to have meals with family and friends. This can be a great
solution if you plan to use your greenhouse for more than just gardening.

Wooden greenhouse

This is also a great idea if your backyard already has a lot of wooden pieces like a
pergola(LINK). It works very well, and it makes the decor fall in place together. If you do not
have any wooden structure, the wooden greenhouse might fall a little out of place. Still, it is
something to consider if you like the wooden look. You can even paint the wood in your desired

A Small greenhouse

When we think of växthus we tend to think of a large structure. However, it does not have to be
like that. There are several beautiful small växthus designs that will work very well if you do not
have a large backyard or you are not even very interested in gardening to buy such a large

Consider this if you want to get into gardening but you are not sure if you want to fully
commit to it. It is also a much cheaper alternative, while also giving your backyard a
sophisticated look.

A Round växthus

This is also another great idea. A round växthus can be a great solution since it allows you to fit
it into your outdoor space better. If you want to place your växthus inthe middle of your
backyard, this is the perfect solution. It makes it look bigger, while you can also add a little
wooden porch outside of it.

A Gym greenhouse

Are you an exercise aficionado looking for an outdoor space to work out even during the winter?
A greenhouse is the perfect solution for a gym space! You can easily put electricity running into your växthus, and put
in some gym equipment. It will be the perfect place to work out.

Just make sure you include some sliding glass windows, otherwise, it might get too hot during the summertime.

A Kitchen greenhouse

You can also use your greenhouse to create a semi-outdoor kitchen, where you can share some of
your culinary creations with friends and family. If you love to cook for friends and family, this can
be a great idea, because you can include a barbecue, or even a pizza oven. Creating the
perfect space to spend quality time with those we love, and sharing great food.

A greenhouse for kids

If you have kids why not use a växthus to make a special place for them? This is a great idea
and it encourages your kids to play outside and experience nature, while they move away from
the skins that constantly grab their attention. You can build a little playground area, where you
know they will be safe and warm even during the winter. It is also a great idea to avoid getting
the house messy.

A green afternoon tea

A växthus is also a great place to welcome friends, and to have afternoon tea. You can decor it
to be extremely cousy, while including some sofas, and pillows that match the feel of your
växthus. If you have been longing for a place where you receive your friends, and family for a
little afternoon snack this is perfect.

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