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Green interior inspiration – Green decor tips


Time for some green interior design inspiration! Green interior design and green color have grown incredibly in popularity in recent years. We see green both in decor and also in the world of fashion. According to Feng Shui, green color is very calming for our overstimulated senses. Thus, green can be good to have at home to relax from the otherwise chaotic world around.

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Decorating in green also has endless possibilities. The color green has countless variations, ranging from soft pastels to deep moody dark green shades and blends easily with almost any other shade. Paint all the walls green or have only occasional green accent colors through green interior details, it’s a matter of taste.

Here you get green interior design inspiration and tips on how you can decorate nicely with green shades at home.

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Green accent wall

Painting a green accent wall introduces depth and personality to any neutral living room. Wooden furniture, light carpets and natural textures blend in beautifully with the earthy green color. Painting the rest of the walls, ceiling and interiors in it white helps maintain a bright, open look.

Paint the walls green

Unique objects imbue a home with warmth and character, so choose colors that let them shine. In this dining room, fern-colored walls contrast beautifully with a collection of antique wooden furniture. The mid-tone green color matches the intensity of the reddish wood tones and makes them pop. A neutral carpet and canvas keeps the focus on the interior.

Green in the kitchen

Try green in the kitchen for a fresh, inviting look. Try for example to paint the kitchen cabinets in light sage green, which blends perfectly with the creamy white and wood tones in the rest of the kitchen interior. Combining green with natural materials, such as a jute rug and worktops in wood and natural colors, creates a kitchen in harmony.

How nice is a green kitchen? Photo: Nordic kitchens

Decorated with green wallpaper

Green wallpaper can add both depth and calm to any room. Test yourself and ask for samples of different green wallpapers before you decide. There are hundreds of different shades of green, so don’t rush your choice. Break up the green walls with trendy wooden material and beige/white shades in general.

Paint green roof

Most people think of white when it comes to ceiling color. But you can also try painting the ceiling in a different and darker color. Having a green painted ceiling and then having light shades in the rest of the room can give an exciting expression. Just remember that painting the ceiling in darker colors gives a “lowering” feeling in the room. That is, the rocket can look lower than it really is.

Light colors enlarge and heighten, dark colors reduce and lower.


Paint hall & entrance green

Painting doors in the entrance hall green gives the home an exciting first impression. A green front door also gives guests a calming impression. Or why not have green walls in the hall? You can put spotlights in the ceiling that are directed towards the walls, this gives a brightening effect on dark colored walls.

Green tiles in bathroom & kitchen

Choosing a green tile in the kitchen and bathroom gives a delicious effect. It is also nice to match the green tile with white and gray shades. As well as having details in brass and gold, breaks luxuriously against the green shades.

Play with dark green shades

Forest green walls give a living room a cozy feeling. Match the green with wooden furniture and light textiles. A dark leather sofa, faux fur cushions and throws, woven baskets and metal fixtures provide an interesting mix of textures and finishes.

Furnished with green details

If you don’t want to go all the way and have all the rooms in green. Yes, then you can have accents in shades of green. Like details and green decorative pillows and throws. Or why not have light walls and have green curtains? This means that you can easily change to another color if you get tired of green.

Soothing green bedroom

In this bedroom, pea green walls add interest to an already architecturally stunning room. The white wall panels and ceiling highlight the exposed beams and intricate woodwork, without competing for attention. Subtle accents create elements of interest around the room. The dark wooden sleigh bed and the desk break up the space in a nice, stylish way.

Green color according to Feng Shui

According to the thousand-year-old Chinese Feng Shui, green is connected to the wood element, which is about compassion, flexibility, healing and growth. In Feng shui, something called the Feng shui bagua map is used. The bagua is one of many feng shui tools one can use to see how our lives correspond to our homes. Feng Shui firmly believes that different colors have different influences on our senses, more than we think

Why is green the color of happiness?

Since the beginning of time, green has meant growth, rebirth and fertility. In pagan times there was “the green man” – a symbol of fertility. In Muslim


Bottom line: Green interior design inspiration

Green is a timeless color that will always appeal to our senses with calm and harmony. This, of course, stems from the fact that the nature where we come from is green. I mean who doesn’t get calm from a long walk in the woods or in a green park? Green color has the same effect if we paint the home in it.




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