Top 10 bästa glamping i sverige

Top 10 Best glamping in Sweden

Time for us to list the best Glamping in Sweden! Glamping is a modern term known in the USA and means glamorous camping, i.e. camping with class and luxury. For me, who always hate caravans because they give me the creeps and terrible claustrophobia, this is a real camping boost. Glamping is often associated with luxuriously furnished larger tents, but the latest is to also glamp to drab caravans. In recent years, more and more glamping places have also popped up in Sweden. People like to go away for a weekend and hang out with their friends. A bit like luxury living in the city but in the nature of the countryside.

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Go ahead, here you get the top 10 Best glamping in Sweden where you can luxury camp like Zlatan himself would do!

Glamping in Sweden


This lovely glamping resort is located right by the sea in Gävleborg municipality. At Hölick you will find everything from glamping tents to luxurious holiday homes and cozy log cabins. As a camper at Hölick, you get a more comfortable alternative to traditional campsites. There you can spoil yourself and eat well in the restaurants, enjoy yourself in the spa or why not get a beneficial massage?


Happie camp is located in the middle of the magical Värmland forests! Happie Camp is located in three different locations in Värmland: the Vänerskärgården and near Hagfors and Arvika forest lakes. All tents are furnished with real beds and power banks.

You cook the food yourself in the outdoor kitchen, but you can also order Happie Camp’s own food box, which contains organic and plant-based foods and recipes. Ah Värmeland, you beauty!


When guests arrive at the retreat on the island of Möja in the Stockholm archipelago, they are picked up. Then taken to the tent where they will live and there awaits a luxurious bed with electrically heated mattress, bath towel, wood stove and fan. The price includes bicycles and a breakfast package delivered to the tent.

The breakfast is prepared by the owner Linda Sjöberg, who is a chef and cheese maker. Lunch and dinner are best eaten in one of Möja’s restaurants that are within cycling distance, or you can cook your own food in the outdoor kitchen.


Halland really has a lot to offer tourists in the summer! Among other things, Kroksjön’s retreat, which is about 3 km from Unnaryd in Halland. On a headland some distance away, the canvas tent “The Island Suite” stands in the middle of the greenery of the leaves. Two new tents are also open – all equipped with fluffy blankets, throws, wood stove and cozy lighting. The food is organic, locally produced and included in the price, even if you cook it yourself according to a recipe in the outdoor kitchen.


This surf glamping is located 2 miles south of Visby and is a super hot destination on Gotland. The glamping tents are exclusively furnished, all with their own electric heater, bar and power outlet. Interested in surfing? The place has surfboards so just take them down to the sea and start surfing. If you are a beginner, there are  surf instructors, for those who need it. You can also rent kayaks, SUP boards and bicycles.


Skåne has a lot to offer when it comes to food, wine and enjoying life in general! One of these places is Arilds Vingård in the northwestern part of Skåne. There are several vineyards here, but the oldest is called Arilds and offers a glamping place to stay among the vineyards.

The elegant glamping tents are furnished with bohemian double beds and a small element. When booking from the winery, the price includes a bottle of the farm’s popular Solaris wine on arrival, a tour of the vineyard and a wine tasting in the cellar. In the evening, a delicious three-course dinner with drinks is served.


At Hafsten resort there are two close to nature and luxurious glamping tents directly by the sea. The tents are adapted for a whole family and two bedrooms as well as a cozy loft. The entire tent is about 30 square meters and is perfect for those who love being close to nature and the sea.


Treat yourself to a few days in the wilderness! You get to sleep in a luxurious glamping tent with a double bed with a lake view.

You get breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to the tent by boat. You live separately and there are no neighbors who disturb you here. Get a good night’s sleep and then get morning coffee and rolls on the pier

Things to do are paddle out on the lake and find your own island. Pick blueberries, lingonberries and chanterelles. Light the fire and have a glass of wine at sunset, or cozy up in the hammock and hear the call of the great loon.


The glamping tents in Båstad camping are located at the bottom of the camping area’s quietest spot, with a view of Hallandsåsen. The tents are built on wooden decks with terraces and are tastefully decorated in different themes. Nearby there is a service building with WC, showers, kitchen and laundry room. The Bali tents have a romantic and Asian-inspired feel, made for a luxurious vacation.

Conclusion – Glamping in Sweden

Of course, the family trip in the 80s egg caravan feels a long way away when you see this glam campsite. I think it’s such a nice idea to mix luxury with mud and switch up boring Swedish to luxury camping. There is every reason to go camping in Sweden in the summer. Recharge your batteries in nature and only just!

I don’t know about you but I’ve really converted to campers….if it’s in the form of glamping that is.

Stop camping and start glamping!

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