Trädgårdsredskap – 10 tips för nybörjare

Garden tools – 10 tools for gardening beginners

Have you bought a house with a garden and want to put the shovel in the ground as soon as possible? Do you already have a garden and feel like you want to start planting and growing or maybe take growing to the next level?

Planting, growing, harvesting and just enjoying the garden and patio is something special. Everything becomes a little extra special if you also have the right garden tools. This is where this article comes into play. Read about garden tools and get 10 tips for beginners.

1. Garden tools that you just have to have immediately

We start with the garden tools you just have to have at home in your storage or shed as a beginner. It’s about tools for the most central, that is, looking after your garden in general with lawn, bushes, trees and flower beds.

Gardening tools for green beginners:

● Lawnmower
● Spade
● Shovel
● Rake
● Broom
● Garden gloves
● Garden hose
● Water jug
● Secateurs

2. Other tools and implements for gardening

In order to take care of your garden even better and keep it in even better condition, you may need to supplement with more tools.

With a trimmer, you can groom the lawn more precisely and access difficult places better. Other smart tools for the lawn are strollers and moss scrapers. Other smart gardening tools include planting and pruning tools.

3. Tools for those who are beginners in cultivation
If you want to start gardening—whether you want to plant flowers or sow seeds for a glorious harvest of summer vegetables—you need basic tools. Here are some examples:

● Planting spade
● Small planting spade
● Grip
● Robust scissors
● Water jug
● Hand cultivator

Do I have to have lots of garden tools?

You need to have just as many garden tools as you actually use. If you’re a beginner, a fairly basic set of tools will get you far.


4. Tools for professional growers

When you want to take the next step in your cultivation and you feel that your fingers are getting greener and greener, you will find that there is a world of garden tools to invest in. Some may seem unnecessary, but it all depends on how and what you grow.

Some examples of gardening tools for the “next level” in your cultivation are: cultivator with a long handle or cultivator hoe, hoe/weed hoe, hoe and planting fork. A pressure syringe can also be good to have.

Are garden tools expensive?

A single tool does not have to cost that much. There are many manufacturers of tools for the garden and the prices are depressed. Tools that are machine driven naturally cost a bit more.

5. Growing flowers – beginners and professionals

For flowers in the flower bed, you may need some tools tailored to the task. If you are new to growing, we recommend that you get a planting iron specifically for bulbs, a dandelion iron (also works for planting) and flower shears.

For more experienced flower growers, pruning shears can also be very useful. It can be used to precisely polish plants and flowers and, of course, to harvest them.

6. Tools for trees and bushes

Do you have trees on your property? Maybe bushes and a hedge? Then you can have use for some garden tools that help you keep the vegetation in shape.

If you’re new to gardening, a knife and loppers will get you pretty far. With this combination you can handle most jobs around trees and bushes.

For slightly tougher jobs, you may need to expand your set of tools to include a hedge trimmer, a pole pruner, a pruning saw and a hacksaw. It all depends a little on how it looks in your particular garden.

Are there garden tools for children?

There are many manufacturers that produce garden tools for children. Most often, it is about the most common tools, such as planting spades, hand cultivators and rakes.

7. Tools for the patio

All patios look different, but of course there are some things that tend to repeat themselves. For example, many patios have a paving or trellis of some kind, perhaps with surrounding flower beds.

You obviously want to keep your patio in good condition. The question is, what tools do you need? If we also include machines as tools, the list could look like this:

● High pressure washing
● Cleaning knife (cleans between stone slabs)
● Piast broom
● Floor grinding
● Trolley washing
● Edge cutter (for the rebate)

8. Tools for the greenhouse

Maybe you have a greenhouse? In a greenhouse, you normally have more limited maneuvering space. So you don’t need tools with long handles. In addition, you probably grow a little more on a small scale. Here there is really no difference between beginners and more experienced.

A basic set of greenhouse tools may include a planting spade, a hand cultivator, a watering can, heavy-duty scissors, and various greenhouse tools.

9. Machines and tools for larger lands

If you have larger plots of land to farm on, the basic principle is that you need larger implements and machines. It is tricky to only have a smaller planting spade in the garden shed if you have a lot of square meters to plant on.

If you are new to farming, you may want to be a little careful with purchases, especially machinery. Start small and scale up when you feel confident with your skills.

10. Tips for storing garden tools

Last but not least, we have to talk a little about storage. These tips apply to anyone involved in cultivation and planting. There are two rules to know, namely 1) it should be easy to find the right gear, and 2) the gear should be stored safely, protected from both weather and theft.

For both beginners and professionals, the tip is to invest in a garden shed or similar, preferably with a lock and high security. With one like this, you have everything in the right place!


In our article on gardening tools with 10 tips for beginners, we have taken a closer look at which tools those new to growing can benefit from. We have also looked at what tools may be needed for the care of other places in the garden. We hope you can take something away from this article.

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