Historien bakom dyson dammsugare

The history behind the Dyson vacuum cleaner

There are a few stories that can show us how much life is important like the history behind
Dyson vacuum cleaner. James Dyson, the man behind this iconic appliance and vacuum cleaner
brand, was not always as successful as he is now. It is interesting how people tend to judge
successful people, based on the success they have achieved but not in their past.

The inventor of Dyson vacuum cleaner – James Dyson

Today James Dyson is a well-known billionaire and known as the founder of Dyson. However,
this has not always been the case, and in fact, many periods of his life display how much he had
to sacrifice and persist in order to achieve the point in life where he is today.

A struggling inventor, James Dyson always had a creative mind. Picking up ideas, and creating
prototypes was and remain one of his biggest passions. During the 1970s he invented several
products and remained struggling to make ends meet. During this time he has always wanted to
create a premium and improved version of the vacuum cleaner.

Reinventing the vacuum cleaner

James Dyson was not only an inventor but also a very detailed individual. He realized that
conventional dammsugare had challenges that could be improved upon. One of them is the fact
that they easily got filled up, and required you to change the bag.

Another challenge was the fact that common vaccum cleaners would easily lose suction as it was
easy to get clogged. This forced people to stop, and unclog the vacuum cleaner, or even give up
on vacuuming altogether.

This made him realize that he could eventually design, build and commercialize a much better
product, which would later be known as the Dyson dammsugare.

The revolutionary Dyson vacuum cleaner

Dyson understood that to improve the conventional vacuum cleaner design, he would have to
change it entirely. This meant that you would no longer use bags to store all the dust. Making it
difficult and annoying to replace the bag. Instead, he would use a water deposit, that would filter
the dust particles. This way you could easily, take the recipient and clean it in a sink.

James Dyson understood not only the importance of this system in a household setting but also
at a large scale. He understood that some companies were extremely dependent on using
vacuum cleaners every day to operate. He knew that someday everyone would be using Dyson

Creating the first Dyson vacuum cleaner

Being a perfectionist, he did not want to release his Dyson dammsugare, without making sure
that the product had an appealing design, worked great, and offered value to its customers.
In the 1980’s, and after 5,126 failed prototypes, James Dyson was able to create the prototype
of what would later become the Dyson G-force. This marks the beginning of Dyson
dammsugare and the start of his company’s success.

But creating the Dyson dammsugare was the easy part so to say. Now James Dyson had to sell
the product. While manufacturing and commercializing the product was simply too complicated.
Due to the amount of staff, he would need, as well as industrial capabilities to manufacture the
product, and a sales team that would actually sell it, James Dyson decided to go with another
approach. His idea was to license the Dyson dammsugare to other dammsugare manufacturers.
This way he would earn a royalty on each sale, and it would not require that much money.

Facing rejection

Not only was it hard enough to come up with 5,127 prototypes, but James Dyson faced even
more challenges to try and sell its product. After all of the companies involved in the
dammsugare were much more concerned with sales, than actually making their customers

Most of them rejected Dyson’s idea because it would render vacuum bags useless. Companies
like Hoover did not want to give up this additional product. Because not only did they make
money when they sold the vacuum cleaner, but once you need to buy new bags they would also
make money.

Stealing Dyson’s designs

Not only was James Dyson faced with rejection, but most of these companies also started
developing their own versions of the Dyson dammsugare. This certainly made James Dyson
furious, and at times he might have felt like giving up but he didn’t.
However, James Dyson had patents on his invention and he was able to sue the companies
trying to copy his Dyson dammsugare.

Japan, a door opens

Oddly enough, James Dyson was of British origin, so no wonder most of the companies he
initially approached were European and American. However, he was lucky in a far more distant
place – Japan. A company in Japan, by the name of Apex, decided to license the Dyson
dammsugare in 1985. Soon after he also found another company interested in licensing his

In America

It was not until 1991 that James Dyson was finally able to incorporate his company – Dyson.
Since most of the licensing contracts that Dyson established with these companies included a
period in which Dyson would not be able to market its products direct to consumers in those
regions. It was not until 2001 that the contracts expired, and James Dyson was finally able to
sell its products directly to his beloved consumers.

Dyson today

Today Dyson is much more than just Dyson dammsugare. In fact, the company manufactures
not only home appliances but has also delved into building an electric car in the past. However,
this project has been put aside.
James Dyson has not only created a unique product, but also a unique product. Leaving
customers satisfied and happy is their main goal, and it seems like it should continue into the

Summary – Dyson vacuum cleaner

Although this might seem like a simple story of a struggling genius, and his inventions it is much
more than that. James Dyson’s story teaches us lots of things about life. How we should never
give up, and should always persist no matter the hardships we face. That no matter how many
times we get rejected we cannot feel pity for ourselves. Instead, focus all those emotions and
energy on working harder, and proving to everyone around you that they were wrong.
An inspiring tale that will live on for many years to come. A way to show everyone how important
it is to never give up, no matter what.

I sincerely hope this story helps to inspire you in any endeavor that you might choose to pursue.
May you learn from James Dyson’s experience, and may you use his life story as an inspiration
when bad times knock on your door.

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