Diy shabby chic inredning inspiration

DIY shabby chic interior inspiration

Shabby Chic interior has been a growing trend during the last few years. The combination of
used chic furniture and designs has been very popular among designers from all parts of the
world. Shabby Chic interior is described as a mixture of French, Rococo, and rustic style all
combined into one. In a room, you will see simple white color on the walls, and then some
pieces of furniture that use more exotic colors that make it pop out. Don’t be scared if you see
some of the furniture pieces that appear to be very old, and used. It is all bout the inspiration of
shabby chic interior. They bring you a romantic nostalgia with a French relaxed vibe that
works very well in every home.

Shabby Chic interior with a rustic influence

Part of what makes shabby chic so characteristic is the rustic country style feel that it gives. It is
contemporary and modern but at the same time, it brings out a certain rustic oldstyle feeling that is
incredible. Some of the most used colors are pink and white. It uses extensive pastel colors and
clear tones, that bring tranquility to the whole decor. Some of the materials used include metal,
and wood. This combination is perfect to achieve the right shabby chic inredning style.

How to make your own shabby chic furniture

One of the aspects of shabby chic is the furniture usually shows some signs of wear. They use a
distressed finish that really brings the style altogether. This you can do it yourself. Although you
can buy some of these furniture pieces ready, you are also able to do it with a small budget. You
just need enough space and some TLC – time, love, and care

Start by choosing the right furniture piece

Try visiting a vintage furniture shop, or a used furniture shop. There you will find several
furniture pieces that are old enough to fit this exact style. Bring them home and prepare to start

Let’s change colors

You can remove all of the paint on this furniture piece with a paint remover or you can just use
the base color. Then you can choose whatever color you want your new piece to be and paint it
over. Make sure you choose a good wood paint that will last and give a good look. White is often
very used in shabby chic, but you can also use different pastel colors that would be a better
match with your vision.

Get the shabby chic look

Once you get the furniture in the color you want, apply a little bit of the paint remover on your
furniture edges. This will distress them and show part of the wood underneath. This is how you
achieve the perfect shabby chic interior look on furniture. You can do this on multiple furniture
pieces, and with a little money and effort, you can transform your interior decor.

Here is a DIY shabby chic interior video to watch and copy

This video shows the incredible results you can get with a simple process that takes a little bit of
work. The most amazing part about the shabby chic inredning look is that it is easy to achieve
with a very low budget. It may take some time, and some work, but in the end, it will be worth it.
I must say it is one of the most amazing designs I have ever seen for a very very affordable
price. There is no reason to not have amazing decor even with a low budget.

I hope this article helped to get some DIY shabby chic interior inspiration :)


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