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10 tips how to decorate the basement

Transforming the basement into home theatres, gyms and even play areas is a common practice. While making these decisions, it is essential to factor in your room’s flow and style. With the correct modifications, your basement may become the best room in your home, and it is essential that it looks its best.

The good news? Several basement ideas combine the three crucial design requirements–simplicity, affordability and aesthetics. This article outlines some of the most brilliant how to decorate the basement ideas. No matter which ideas draw your interest, one thing is certain: the right touches can transform your basement.

Decorate the basement – 10 tips

Decorate basement walls

Choice of Colour

For an airy and inviting feel, go for bright neutrals like tans, white and light greys. Why? The basement is the room on the lowest level and typically doesn’t have doorways or windows to let in natural light. The bright neutrals establish a solid foundation to add pops of colour through textiles, pillows, art etc.

Besides, they are classic and timeless. They instantly transform a dark room into a brighter, lighter version. To pull this off, ensure your large furniture pieces are also of neutral colours. This way, you don’t have to acquire new furniture every time you alter the colour accents in your basement.

Can You Also Use Blue Palettes for Your Basement?

Rich blues with a hint of green are also a hot trend. To create an air of calm, consider pairing them up with earthy colours like deep pinks, browns and beiges. They add character to your space and coordinate well with neutral décor and wooden fixtures.

Art Never Lies!

Another way to spruce up your basement is by using large art pieces to cover your room’s expansive walls. One thing you need to remember when it comes to large art is that it doesn’t have to be costly. You can work within your budget to create a gallery wall using pictures or wall art you already have. Alternatively, you can shop for cheap frames in your local thrift store. You can then paint them to match the colour of the other frames. Are you feeling explorative? Fill up those empty spaces with maps.

Divide the Space

If you have a huge basement, consider sectioning off different areas. This way, you can meet the diverse needs of your space. You can have a sitting area to watch TV and a bar for parties and gatherings. You can also bring in a pool table and create a game room where you and your friends can wind out after a long day. Separate spaces restrict different activities to different areas, helping give your basement space a more purposeful and cohesive feel.

Use Curtains

Okay, hear me out! Do most basements have windows? Of course not. Is installing curtains in the basement, therefore, a dumb idea? A big yes. However, curtains can serve as temporary room dividers.

Furthermore, if you have unfinished cement block walls, curtains can help conceal them, creating a sense of warmth in your room. What’s more? They are a very affordable option.

What Types of Curtains Should You Use in the Basement?

Basements are usually damp and cold all year round. Therefore, consider curtains made from heavy and thick fabrics. The material helps prevent cold air from entering, creating a cosier space. This way, you don’t need to use the furnace and therefore end up saving on energy bills. Also, longer is always better. Long curtains create the illusion of a bigger space.

Give the Ceiling Some Character

Decorating a basement often means working around house infrastructure such as pipes, electrical cables and ducts. These are a sight sore to the eye, and bringing the ceiling doesn’t just to conceal them isn’t worth the effort.

Interior designers argue that this infrastructure shouldn’t be viewed as an obstacle. Instead, consider them an opportunity to incorporate lovely details into your basement décor. Consider building soffits around ductwork and creating an inset ceiling design in the void between them. You can also hang wood slats in exciting patterns or bring in elegant lighting fixtures.

Design an Attractive Staircase

While stairs are necessary for every basement, their purpose need not be purely utilitarian. Provided the dimensions meet the building code standards, you can redesign the landing and steps using various colours and materials to match your décor. If you desire a bigger statement piece, consider shifting the railing to the opposite side and replacing the existing bannister and wall sing a decorative dividing panel.

Even if you do not wish to alter your stairs, you can put the underneath space to great use. Add storage cabinets or transform it into a kids’ play area.

Carpet Tiles

Because of its absorbent abilities and difficulty in cleaning, wall-to-wall carpeting isn’t the best flooring idea for your basement. So, if you are keen on having a soft floor that provides a warm underfoot, go for carpet piles. This option gives you all the comfort you want without high maintenance costs. You can opt for mix-and-match patterns if you are going for a unique style. For an artsy mosaic look, lots of colour in the same shade range would be ideal.

Cosy Fireplaces

Nothing comes close to the allure the fireplace brings. And even better, newer technologies have made it possible for you to enjoy the fireplace’s warmth without worrying about the soot or smoke. If you want real flames, go for an ethanol fireplace. You can mount it on an existing fireplace or opt for a wall-mounted option. If your household has no pets or kids, it is safe to get a tabletop version. On the other hand, an electric fireplace would be ideal if you want warmth and real flames without the fire hazard.

What Are Some Outdated Basement Trends You Should Avoid?

If you want a timeless space, avoid these outdated trends:

  • Massive stone fireplaces
  • Using supporting columns as accents
  • Lines on walls

Final Thoughts

Are you considering a basement renovation? The ideas above will prove helpful. However, remember that it is vital that you’ll still love your basement several years down the line. Therefore, go for styles that appeal to you. Also, consider your budget and needs.



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