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9 tips for a Eco-Friendly Children’s Room

Your childrens one’s room is perfect for experimenting with environment-friendly décor. This is because every parent wants their kid to have a toxic-free environment and therefore tends to favour natural materials. Your kid’s room is also one of the places you can use second-hand décor and furniture to cut costs. As you go about with the decorations, ensure you involve your children and explain why you gravitate towards a certain type of décor. Doing so starts them on the path of an eco-conscious life.

So how do you balance environmental consciousness and your kid’s dream bedroom? Here are 9 tips for a Eco-Friendly Children’s Room!

Eco friendly Children’s Room tips

Pay the Thrift Store a Visit

The local thrift store is a great place to start in your bid for a non-toxic environment. Here, you will find several amazing and affordable furniture pieces.

What Factors Should You Consider When Shopping at the Thrift Store?

Although paying your local thrift store is a welcome idea, here are things to consider when shopping:

  • Decide on Furniture Quality: If you are a DIY enthusiast, you won’t have to obtain top-notch pieces. Most times, thrift stores stock up on pieces that require upcycling before they can be incorporated into a room. However, if you are a creative and artsy person, you’ll only perform minor modifications, and your pieces will spring back to life.
  • Stay Away From Plastic: Avoid plastic at all costs. Instead, opt for wooden pieces. While you may find wooden furniture prices a bit on the higher end, they guarantee longevity. Besides, you can easily modify them by painting to complement the style in your kid’s room.
  • Go For Quality Fabric: Consider getting some good fabrics to add colour to your thrift furniture. From upcycled blankets to throwaway pillows, this is the home of interesting, high-quality fabrics.

Go For Natural Materials

Using natural materials is a great way to ensure an eco-friendly room. You can easily find them in your local store. Bamboo fabrics and furniture are always welcome ideas. Also, all-natural wood furniture is recommended for its durability and ease of replacement. Other choices include non-toxic fabrics like linen, cotton and muslin. Your kid’s clothes and bedding can be made of these materials to ensure their rooms are as close to nature as possible.

The products you use to clean these materials should also be natural. For example, consider vinegar, baking soda and orange peels.

Choose Wallpaper and Paint Carefully

Paint and wallpaper can harm the environment and your kid’s health. While these decorations may be fun and colourful, they often contain ink laden with chemicals like metals and PVC. Some even have flame retardants.

How Do You Select Wallpaper?

If you are keen on installing wallpaper in your kid’s room, there are some things to remember when searching for a trustworthy brand. First, go for a brand that uses water-based and non-toxic inks. Second, ensure the inks are free of metals, PVC, VOCs and flame retardants. The same applies to wall paint. Finally, the safest options are those with mostly natural ingredients. Ingredients like citrus, clay and milk are good for your kid’s health and the environment.

LED Lights

Non-LED lighting bulbs have a shorter life expectancy and often use more electricity. This means higher energy bills and environmental pollution. This is why a shift from conventional lights to LED lights is recommended. They cut energy costs and save you money. Remember that LED lights can be installed in every room in your home. Replace the old lights with these lighting systems to save money and improve your ecological footprint.

Plants as Décor

Another way to ensure an eco-friendly kid’s room is by using plants are décor. Plants are affordable, and as natural purifiers, they help improve indoor air quality. Air-purifying plants you should consider include peace lily, spider plants, snake plans and rubber plants.

Why Are Plants a Great Addition to Your Kid’s Room?

Your child’s room can benefit from plants in many ways.

  • They expel oxygen and help filter the air in the room
  • They are fairly cheap and give the indoors a feel of Mother Nature
  • Plants are a great way to instil responsibility in your kids as they will be able to take care of them

Choose the Toys Wisely

While decorating your young one’s bedroom, only fill it with toys made from renewable materials. Most toys in the market are made from plastic and synthetic materials owing to their convenience and affordability for manufacturing companies. So limit the number of plastic toys you buy for your kids. Instead, opt for wooden toys or those produced from sustainable materials.

Natural Flooring Materials

While flooring is quite durable, it may need changing sometimes. Ditch synthetic materials such as laminate for parquet from sustainable woods. Such efforts aid in reducing plastic waste. Although laminate is a cheaper alternative, parquet has a longer lifespan, proving cheaper in the long run.

Replace the Windows

Insulation could be the issue if your home is older and experiences temperature fluctuations throughout the different seasons. A window or door upgrade will come at a hefty price but will be worth the effort. For starters, improving insulation in your home stabilises the internal temperatures, saving energy costs. Furthermore, insulation has a noise-cancelling effect. It ensures you have an uninterrupted sleep and significantly reduces noise pollution.

Eco-Friendly Decor

Instead of purchasing decorations for your kid’s room, get materials that you can easily turn into fun projects. Consider rope, thread, glass beads, dyes and natural fabrics. You can find these materials at your local thrift store. Then, work on the DIY project with your kid to get time to interact with them and teach them the importance of eco-friendly projects.


There are many ways to ensure your little one’s room is safe for them and the environment. Besides selecting natural and sustainable materials, teaching your kids the benefits of leading a sustainable lifestyle is important. Also, educate them on why they need to keep the planet toxins-free.

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