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Cute cat furniture

We all know that cats do have a tendency to attack sofas…

…but sometimes a sofa will fight back! ;)

1 cat eaten by sofa

That’s why if you have cats, it can be a good idea to buy cat furniture specifically for them. Have a look at some of these examples for cat furniture ideas:

Here is an elegant cat bed, from Cat On

3 katt filt

Sometimes a simple bed and towel is all that a cat needs to feel warm and safe.

Other cats have more royal requirements when it comes to furniture.

5 kattbord

An old table can be a perfect cat perch in the garden.

6 cat furniture

If you’re the handy type, you can make a cat bed and have it double as a scratching post.

7 kattkorg

A plain old wicker basket can be a great cat bed for kittens.

8 cat stand

While this king of the castle need a bit more space – and classy design.

9 kittens

A custom made cat chair, or simple cushion can also do the trick.

This beautiful lady – otherwise known as Pärlan – is one of Maria’s own cats. Pärlan has modest needs – she’s happy as long as she has a soft blanket to mark time on.

11 brorsan inredningsvis

And as for this guy… Here is Brorsan – the inredningsvis.se blog helper cat – doing what he does best. Upside down on the bed while we work hard on the next post for inredningsvis.

Cat furniture: Cute cats (and other animals)

Cat furniture comes in all shapes, sizes and designs. The most important thing though (as far as your cat is concerned) when it comes to shopping for or making your own cat furniture, is to find something that fits your home decor, and makes your cat feel safe and comfortable. A happy cat = a happy owner (most of the time! :)


Do you have cute cats or other animals that love furniture?

If so, send in your pictures of them to inredningsvis.se! You can email them to us HERE with a short description.

We will try to publish all high-quality, interesting, cute and funny animal and furniture pictures.

Which cute cat picture above is your favourite?

Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and amazing post with us. I really like all the Cute cat pictures and i can also have a very beautiful cat. I love to play with her.

  2. So cute kittens!!!
    I have two kittens!!!
    Lovely photos Marie!
    Your posts do’snt appears on my blog list!
    I dont know why!!!
    Have a happy weekend!!!

  3. Ahh! These are so cute! I love the lounges!

  4. Cute and hilarious!

  5. Adorable photos ! Cats are always so cute :)

  6. Oh my these pix are just to cute!!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  7. Haha this is adorable! I love how cute they all look in the pictures and very comfortable.



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