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How to create a Cozy Outdoor Living Space

Everyone loves spending time outdoors during summer, but this doesn’t mean you should abandon your gardens during the cooler seasons. Using some interesting furniture pieces and accessories, you can transform your outdoor living space to make it look cosy and more inviting.

From moody lighting to gorgeous fire pits, this article outlines some tips to bring the cosy factor into your outdoor space.

Cozy Outdoor Living – 10 tips

Light It Up!

Installing patio lights in your outdoor space is simple and quick. And the result? A welcoming glow whenever darkness sets in. for maximum effect, consider layering up different styles whilst keeping the brightness low and warm.

Are you going for a laid-back look? Festoon lights are the way to go. You can string them between trees or along fences. You can also position lanterns of varying sizes on the ground or occasional tables.

In addition, uplights are always a welcome addition. They are a lovely way to display foliage at nightfall. Another brilliant option is wall lights. Ensure you go for a style that goes well with your home’s exterior.

You Can Never Go Wrong With a Fire Sculpture

Do you want to achieve that sense of warmth, safety and home? A fire pit will come in handy. A living flame’s beauty precedes it. It is powerful and aesthetically pleasing and would make for a fantastic patio centrepiece. What’s more? Fire pits come in various styles. However, if you want to make a statement, select something more sculptural. Besides wowing your guests, this fantastic design will keep the mood merrier.

Bring in an Outdoor Spa

Do you want to give your outdoor space a little touch of luxury? Why not go all out with a private hot tub? Yes, this is bold, and we love it. The good news? You can always find a hot tub that suits your personal needs and preferences. You can select from inflatable styles to more costly wooden-clad designs.

What Are Some Outdoor Spa Ideas You Can Try?

Here are some clever ideas you can explore for your outdoor spa:

  • Build an indoor-outdoor structure for the tub
  • Go for a tub that illuminates, so it lights up in darkness
  • Consider a vertical garden fence for privacy
  • Go for a large-sized spa if you are thinking of hosting friends
  • Create a relaxing seating area
  • Sink it into the decking
  • Light candles for a fairy-tale feel

Throw in a Cocoon Chair

Did someone say cosy? Well, the cocoon chair is the mother of cosy. It is the ultimate retreat spot during all seasons. Besides, they are stylish and will complement a modern scheme. You can style them with comfy cushions, pillows and blankets to achieve your desired look. You can snuggle in at night with your favourite bottle of wine or a book.

Here are other seating options to consider for your outdoor space:

  • Create a multi-functional bench
  • Get a beautiful daybed
  • Buy a chic corner sofa
  • Bring in a doze of Zen with a covered relaxation zone
  • Hop on the hanging chair craze
  • Opt for a classic bistro set

What Do You Consider When Purchasing Outdoor Seating?

When buying outdoor seating, there are the factors to consider:

  • How you intend to use your outdoor space
  • Sustainability
  • Brands (consider brands that use recycled plastic to make furniture)

Perfect Planting

Planters brimming with primulas, ornamental cabbages and pansies are the perfect way to add seasonal interest and colour and bring instant life. Consider taller containers with perennials like conifers. They are contemporary and shelter you from harsh weather. You can also try the Italian Cypress. It is stylish, and you can leave it in the container for long.

Practise postscaping–arranging numerous containers together to form a pleasant-looking feature. Bring in natural materials like cork and bark. Garden specialists argue that pots can look gorgeous when set together, even with no plants inside.

Add Some Colour

On that gloomy day when you need some cheering, it helps that your patio has some colour. Here are some simple ways to add some colour pop to your outdoor living space:

  • Go for Colourful Outdoor Furniture: Tables and sitting areas are often the focal points in a space, making them great places to add colour. You can ditch cushions in dull colours and go for those in brighter hues. Alternatively, you can incorporate pillows in eye-catching colours.
  • Get Colourful Pots: Consider bringing in containers in shades of purple, red, orange or blue. This is the perfect opportunity to create a striking colour variation.
  • Bring in a Rug: Never underestimate the power of a rug with a pleasing design and shades. It adds interest to your space, instantly elevating it.
  • Paint the Walls in Eye-Catching Color: A few coats of paint may be just what you need to transform your space. When choosing a paint colour, go for one that complements the surroundings, including plants and furniture.
  • Paint a Mural: A mural adds interest and colour to an outdoor wall.

Cosy It Up With Outdoor Textiles

You will most likely want to snuggle up on your outdoor furniture and gaze at the star-filled sky. So, you must invest in great outdoor textiles.

Here are some favourites:

  • Cushions: These are the best textiles to use to inject colour into your outdoor space. You can easily coordinate their colours to match the bench seat cushions.
  • Rugs: if your garden has concrete flooring or paving slabs, rugs are a terrific way of softening your space and adding a colour pop.
  • Bean Bags: they are comfy to snuggle in, and once it starts raining, you can easily bring them indoors.

What Do You Do With Your Outdoor Textiles When It Starts Raining?

This question shouldn’t trouble you, as many garden products are made for inclement weather. When you have shower-proof cushions, you can leave them outdoors when it starts to pour without having to worry about damage.

Final Thoughts – cozy outdoor space

Creating a cosy backyard patio can be a hassle, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. However, with these tips, you can create an inviting space that you and your loved ones will love. Are you looking forward to your next outdoor space renovation project? You will find the above tips helpful.









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