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13 cozy livingroom tips for fall & Winter

Its time for some cozy livingroom tips for fall & winter! Your living room doesnt need to look dreary and cold during winter. Conjuring an other-worldly feel using an artistically designed ethereal scheme, lustrous metallics, and delicately drifting fabrics goes a long way to give your seasonal space a touch of magic. Just repainting a single furniture piece or reupholstering it in a luxury-looking material could instantly alter the mood in your living during winter, giving it a welcoming snuggly feel. So, if you’re searching for living room winter inspiration, this article will help.

Cozy livingroom tips

Experiment With Colour, Pattern and Texture

If you have a love for the interiors, one essential skill you need to master is knowing how to play around with colour, patterns and textural elements in a room. You should be able to achieve a balance of colour and pattern for a winter living room’s success. As you combine different patterns, remember to use different scales. Doing so gives each pattern room to breathe instead of competing with the surroundings.

Also, layering textures helps add depth. It gives your interiors an overall texture that defines your space’s look and feel.

Fall Foliage for the Mantel

The Christmas wreath isn’t the only item that can use fall foliage. Placing in-season foliage above the fireplace helps elevate the living room and creates an interesting statement piece on the mantel. In addition, it highlights the gorgeous season. According to florists, evergreen branches are usually abundant during this time of the year. They are sturdy during winter and can last for many days indoors.

Rearrange Furniture Around the Fireplace

For most winter living rooms, the fireplace is the focal point. This is where the family congregates each evening to unwind. It beckons you with its light and warmth during the year’s coldest months. With the winter season imminent, it is time to rearrange furniture around the fireplace. Arrange the chairs in a set-up that enables conversation and interactions. The fireplace should be the centre of focus, so ensure no furniture piece or any other item in the room overwhelms it. Add layers of cushions, blankets, and throw pillows on a sofa for added comfort and warmth.

Do Furs, Sheepskin and Sherpa Make Your Space Warmer?

Yes, the texture and natural warmth of fur throws and sheepskins come in handy during winter. You can lay a sheepskin or faux at your bed foot or drape them over an armchair for a relaxing feel.

How Do You Create a Warm Underfoot?

One way to ensure a warm underfoot is by using layered rugs. While sisal may be ideal for summer, winter rugs should be shaggy or woollen fabrics. This way, you can comfortably stay barefoot.

Try Hanging a Festive Wreath

For a Christmas look, you can never go wrong with exquisite greenery. A classic wreath is often considered too lovely to be left outside, so if you plan to bring it indoors, ensure it coordinates with your interiors. A wreath would make the perfect focal point for your home’s darker corners.

Dark Colour Palettes

You shouldn’t be afraid to use dark tones in a gloomy, tiny living room. Select rich hues and watch as your space transforms before your eyes. Interior designers argue that north-facing rooms should be painted in strong or dark colours like black and brown. This makes them more cocooning. On the other hand, South-facing rooms should be painted in lighter tones. The concept here is those dark areas could use some warmth and colour.

Do Not Forget the Lighting

Because of the delicate interaction between form and function in a winter living room, it could greatly benefit from a well-thought-out lighting scheme. When deciding where to strategically position lights for the most impact, keep in mind the changes in the lighting during the day. Also, think about flexibility. For instance, a floor light with a swivel arm is perfect as a reading lamp behind a sofa. Finally, remember that the shades you use can impact your room’s overall mood, so for more ambience, go for darker tones as they feel cosier and moodier.

Maximise Lighting in Dim Spaces

One trick to achieve this is to use mirrors. Mirrors project the sun throughout the room, giving the illusion of a larger space.

Hang a Mural

Bringing in a scenic mural helps add interest to dark living rooms. The biggest decoration trends during winter are landscape murals, thanks to their evocative and atmospheric nature. Go for stunning designs to capture the imagination. A great idea would be a mural that combines textural and watercolour grasscloth for a timeless feel. Complement this with furnishings in sky blues, faded blue-greens and terracotta. For the rest of the colour scheme, keep it dark and moody for a cosy feel.

Set the Mood With Candlelight

Turn down the lights a notch as the darkness approaches for softer lighting. Suppose you have a fire; the better. Use it to give your space a cosy glow. However, candlelight will do if you do not have a real fire. So whether you place them on the mantel or coffee table, ensure they are the focal point. Clustering candles together to form a centralised candlelight is an idea you can go with.

Seasonal Blooms and Berries

While colourful flowers can lift a room, summery blooms could look out of place in a winter living room. So instead, go for seasonal stems like dried eucalyptus, clematis or Christmas roses.

Add Pops of Plaid

If you want to give your living room a highland feel, it won’t hurt to throw in pops of plaid. Certain prints and patterns exude warmth and comfort. Wool plaid is one such print. For your footstool or armchair, try checked fabric. One thing that designers advise on when using bold patterns on your upholstery is keeping the cushions plain.

Bring In Chunky Knits

Do not limit chunky knits to your wardrobe, as they can adorn your living room too. Select chunky knit throw pillows and blankets to give your living room a warm and cosy feel.

Wooden Furniture

Ditch white surfaces and opt for timber, as it has a warm and homely feel. In the spirit of embracing wooden furniture, bring a wooden bureau to the sitting room to act as a workstation. The beauty of this element is that you can easily fold and stash it away when you aren’t using it.

What Are Some of the Winter Decoration Tips After Christmas?

Here are tips to help transition your décor from Christmas to winter:

  • Clear all the red
  • Declutter
  • Make a wintery centrepiece for your coffee table

Conclusion – cozy livingroom tips 

Winter is gloomy, but you shouldn’t let this engulf your space. From handing festive wreaths to decorating the fireplace mantel, there is a lot you can do to ensure your living room feels cosy even on the coldest days.



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